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Pizza shop gunman says he regrets how he handled situation

Jonathan Drew and Tom Foreman Jr., Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 8th - 10:32am

The man accused of firing an assault rifle inside a Washington restaurant said he regrets how he handled the situation but refused to completely dismiss the false online claims involving a child sex ring that brought him there.

Egyptian state TV says death toll from blast at main Coptic Christian cathedral in Cairo rises to 22

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 11th - 2:40am

Egyptian state TV says death toll from blast at main Coptic Christian cathedral in Cairo rises to 22.

Egypt's state-run news agency says blast at Cairo's main Coptic Christian cathedral kills 5 people

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 11th - 2:10am

Egypt's state-run news agency says blast at Cairo's main Coptic Christian cathedral kills 5 people.

US defense secretary arrives in Iraq to assess Mosul fight

Robert Burns, Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 10th - 11:50pm

U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter has arrived in Baghdad to meet with American commanders and Iraqi leaders and to assess progress in the fight to retake the northern city of Mosul from the Islamic State group.

Activist objects to bath mats with image of Hindu deity

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 10th - 2:51pm

A Hindu activist is calling on Boston-based online retailer Wayfair to stop selling bath mats carrying the image of the Hindu deity Ganesha.

Chapel of Love lost to fire that ravaged city in Smokies

Jonathan Mattise, Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 10th - 8:50am

The wildfires that killed 14 people and tore through Gatlinburg also stole an iconic venue from this city at the foot of the Great Smoky Mountains whose nickname is "the wedding capital of the South."

Assad relies on foreign fighters in push to retake Aleppo

Bassem Mroue, Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 10th - 12:30am

Syria's President Bashar Assad is on the verge of recapturing all of Aleppo from rebels, but the victory won't be his alone. The battle for Syria's largest city has attracted thousands of foreign forces backing Assad — including Russian soldiers and Shiite fighters from Iran, Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Latest: Feds: Disband police in polygamous towns

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 9th - 6:11pm

The Latest on a federal case against two polygamous towns(all times local):

Lynch to visit mosque amid spike in anti-Muslim hate crimes

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 9th - 3:10pm

Attorney General Loretta Lynch is visiting a mosque in Virginia next week amid a sharp increase in hate crimes targeting Muslims.

Churches vow to offer sanctuary to people in US illegally

Denise Lavoie, Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 9th - 1:30pm

Hundreds of houses of worship are offering sanctuary to people who could face deportation if President-elect Donald Trump follows through on his campaign pledge to remove millions of immigrants living in the country illegally.

Vatican nativity scene includes quake-damaged church spire

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 9th - 11:00am

The Vatican's Christmas nativity scene has an unusual addition this year: a spire from one of the dozens of churches and basilicas that were damaged or destroyed in this year's central Italy earthquakes.

Diplomats call for aid access to troubled Myanmar state

Esther Htusan, Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 9th - 7:52am

Foreign diplomatic missions in Myanmar urged its government on Friday to allow "full and unfettered" humanitarian access to troubled Rakhine state, where operations by aid agencies have been curtailed while the army carries out counterinsurgency operations.

Populist lawmaker Wilders convicted of anti-Moroccan chants

Mike Corder, Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 9th - 6:40am

Populist anti-Islam lawmaker Geert Wilders was found guilty Friday of insulting and inciting discrimination against Moroccans, a conviction he immediately slammed as a "shameful" attack on free speech and an attempt to "neutralize" him.

Pope taps Allentown, Pa bishop for Rockville Centre

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 9th - 5:40am

Pope Francis has named a new bishop for Rockville Centre, New York, tapping the bishop of Allentown, Pennsylvania whose diocese is one of six undergoing a statewide grand jury investigation into clerical sex abuse.

New Krakow archbishop named to replace former top papal aide

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 8th - 12:40pm

Archbishop Marek Jedraszewski from the central Polish city of Lodz will be the new archbishop of Krakow, succeeding the retiring Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz, Catholic church authorities in Poland announced Thursday.

Ellison says he'll resign from Congress if elected DNC head

Lisa Lerer, Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 8th - 11:50am

Aides and supporters of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are searching for an alternative to Rep. Keith Ellison, the early favorite to become the next leader of the Democratic National Committee, amid resistance to the Minnesota liberal's bid from key parts of the party's base.

IS calls for attacks on US bases in uneasy island of Bahrain

Jon Gambrell, Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 8th - 10:20am

The Islamic State group is calling on its followers to launch attacks in Bahrain and to target American military personnel stationed on the tiny island ahead of a visit by the U.S. defense secretary.

UN scrambling for land to shelter displaced outside Mosul

Michael Astor, Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 8th - 9:21am

The U.N. is scrambling to find enough land to shelter those displaced by the fighting to retake Mosul from the Islamic State group as humanitarians brace for the exodus of as many as 700,000 people from the city, an official said.

Pope recalls poor families as Rome holiday shopping begins

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 8th - 9:10am

Pope Francis has recalled struggling families, the jobless and those forced to take "undignified" work as Rome's holiday season begins.