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The Latest: Vienna orchestra to buy home for 4 families

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 30th - 12:50pm

The latest on the mass movement of asylum-seekers and others seeking refuge in Europe. All times local:

Pope: There are bigger issues than condoms and HIV

Nicole Winfield, Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 30th - 12:31pm

Pope Francis has dismissed a question about whether condoms can be condoned in the fight against AIDS by saying there are more important issues confronting the world, like malnutrition, environmental exploitation and the lack of safe drinking water.

Pope outlines Mexico trip with four stops, including Juarez

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 30th - 12:22pm

Pope Francis says he hopes to add the key Mexico-U.S. border city of Juarez to his Mexico itinerary next year, confirming the trip will have a strong immigration theme.

The Latest: Pope Francis wraps up Africa trip

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 30th - 11:41am

The latest on Pope Francis' first trip to Africa. (All times local.)

Church member charged in fatal beating pleads not guilty

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 30th - 10:41am

An upstate New York church leader charged in a group beating that killed one young man and injured his younger brother has pleaded not guilty.

Trump scraps endorsement event after black pastors object

Jill Colvin, Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 29th - 10:20pm

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has cancelled a press conference in which his campaign said he would be endorsed by as many as 100 black evangelical religious leaders. Many of those invited to the event say they had no intention of endorsing the billionaire businessman and former reality television star.

The Latest: Pope welcomed to Central African Republic

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 29th - 10:22am

The latest on Pope Francis' first trip to Africa. (All times local.)

Egypt's Coptic Orthodox leader makes rare Israeli visit

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 28th - 9:12am

The leader of Egypt's Coptic Orthodox Church is making a rare visit to Israel to attend the funeral of a senior Coptic official in Jerusalem.

The Latest: 150,000 youths attend Pope's rally in Kampala

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 28th - 6:31am

The latest on Pope Francis' first trip to Africa. (All times local.)

In Uganda, pope honors Christian martyrs, meets youth

Nicole Winfield and Rodney Muhumuza, Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 27th - 8:00pm

Pope Francis is paying his respects to 19th century Ugandan Christians who were burnt alive rather than renounce their faith, the latest group of martyrs from around the world honored by Francis in hopes of giving today's faithful missionary role models.

Dallas surgeon meets liver transplant patient in Temple

Janice Gibbs, Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 1st - 1:51pm

Students in Brad Billeaudeaux's Temple High theater arts class on Monday witnessed the power of words when Dr. Robert Goldstein, a transplant surgeon from Baylor Scott & White in Dallas, came to the class to meet Ashli Taylor.

Founder of global Roman Catholic broadcaster on feeding tube

Jay Reeves, Associated Press  |  Posted  Dec 1st - 12:32pm

Aides say the nun who founded an Alabama-based religious broadcasting empire is in declining health.

Pope backs more defense time in Vatican leaks trial

Nicole Winfield and Frances D'Emilio, Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 30th - 1:21pm

Pope Francis has acknowledged criticism that the Vatican's trial over leaked documents has been rushed, saying the defendants and their lawyers must have time to mount a proper defense.

Muslim students seek permanent prayer space at Iowa colleges

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 30th - 9:41am

Muslim students at Iowa's three public universities are seeking permanent spaces for daily and weekly religious observances.

King tells Sephardic Jews Spain has missed them

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 30th - 8:50am

Spanish King Felipe VI has presided over a ceremony welcoming a new citizenship law for descendants of Sephardic Jews expelled five centuries ago, saying Spain had missed them.

EXCHANGE: Chaplains offer support to terminally ill

Jerrilyn Zavada(ottawa) Times, Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 29th - 8:30am

For those who have a terminal illness, hospice care can be a spiritual lifesaver.

Journey to sainthood begins with simple step for priest

Patti Mengers, Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 28th - 9:00am

While Archbishop Charles Chaput was preparing for the Philadelphia visit of Pope Francis two months ago, he took time to give his blessing to a mission that may make a deceased Delaware County man a saint.

Russians open coffin of next-to-last czar to collect DNA

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 27th - 9:50am

Investigators have opened the coffin of Russia's next-to-last czar to obtain genetic material from his remains and say it was not tampered with in Soviet times.

Prosecutors seek 580 years for kidnapper of 2 NY Amish girls

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 27th - 8:51am

Federal prosecutors are seeking a maximum 580-year prison sentence for a man who sexually abused six children, including two Amish girls he kidnapped in northern New York.