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Study: Brain scans reveal hidden consciousness in patients

Malcolm Ritter, Associated Press  |  Posted  May 30th - 9:16pm

A standard brain scanning technique is showing promise for helping doctors distinguish between patients in a vegetative state and those with hidden signs of consciousness.

How to stop superbugs from killing 10 million people a year

Meera Senthilingam, CNN  |  Posted  May 28th - 9:01pm

Superbugs could kill one person every three seconds by 2050, the equivalent of 10 million people a year, according to the final report last week from the Review on Antimicrobial Resistance, established in 2014 to keep the world from being "cast back into the dark ages of medicine."

Scientists find minivan-sized sponge, world's largest

Caleb Jones, Associated Press  |  Posted  May 28th - 11:47am

Researchers in Hawaii have been absorbed by a sea creature they discovered last summer, and their findings are pretty big.

Lunar rock escorted to downtown vault for Clark Planetarium renovation

Ashley Stilson, Contributor  |  Posted  May 27th - 8:52pm

The moon rock at Clark Planetarium was moved to a Zions Bank vault in preparation for summer construction of new exhibits.

SpaceX lands another rocket after satellite delivery

Marcia Dunn, Associated Press  |  Posted  May 27th - 7:57pm

SpaceX pulled off another rocket landing Friday, the third in just under two months.

Beyond the curb: Where does Utah’s recycling go?

Mabel Wheeler, Contributor  |  Posted  May 27th - 12:15pm

How much do you know about recycling beyond the curb? Changes in recycling systems mean you might need to update your recycling practices.

Don't know what's causing your infection? Ask your DNA

Daphne Chen  |  Posted  May 26th - 8:08pm

Three years in the making, new software from researchers at the University of Utah may be a "game changer" for how doctors diagnose patients in clinic, emergency rooms and in developing countries, according to co-developer Mark Yandell.

NASA hits snag while inflating new room at space station

Marcia Dunn, Associated Press  |  Posted  May 26th - 7:43pm

NASA hit a snag while trying to inflate an experimental room at the International Space Station on Thursday and put everything on indefinite hold.

‘Rock avalanche’ shaped Zion National Park 4,800 years ago, U. study says

Natalie Crofts  |  Posted  May 26th - 6:58pm

It only took around a minute for a massive landslide to rush Zion Canyon about 4,800 years ago, drastically impacting the shape of the national park as we know it now, according to a new study from the University of Utah.

Hate chores? Now there's an app for that

Carlos Baquerizo, Contributor  |  Posted  May 26th - 3:26pm

A new app created in Salt Lake City is helping users connect with people who can work for them doing odd jobs and chores.

Have You Seen This? Tesla Model S drives sleeping owner through traffic

Angie H. Treasure  |  Posted  May 26th - 2:42pm

A video of a napping driver behind the wheel of the super advanced Tesla Model S has the internet a bit concerned.

Pittsburgh Steelers' new robot could prevent injuries during practice

Ahiza Garcia, CNN  |  Posted  May 26th - 11:45am

The newest MVP of the Pittsburgh Steelers is ... a robot.

New drone racing sport taking off in Utah

Peter Rosen  |  Posted  May 25th - 10:49pm

A new e-sport, drone racing, takes off. Some are calling it the "next NASCAR."

NASA's yearlong spaceman still has sore feet, fatigue

Marcia Dunn, Associated Press  |  Posted  May 25th - 8:23pm

NASA's yearlong spaceman still is nursing sore feet, stiff legs and fatigue, even after nearly three months back on Earth.

Inside the secretive dinner parties of Salt Lake City

Amy Osmond Cook, Contributor  |  Posted  May 25th - 11:50am

These secretive parties are part of an invitation-only event called Evening on the Terrace. The location and invitees change for each dinner party, but one thing stays the same: they are all industry influencers, tastemakers and thought leaders.

Ugly anglerfish, intriguing ape: The top 10 new species of 2016

Saeed Ahmed and Katherine Dillinger CNN  |  Posted  May 24th - 8:08pm

Scientists believe that 10 million species still await discovery around the world. And every year -- on the birthday of Carolus Linnaeus, the 18th century Swedish botanist considered the father of modern taxonomy -- the International Institute for Species Exploration releases its list of the top new species (from among about 18,000 found over the previous 12 months).

Hit the road: Salt Lake man creates interactive trip planner

Robynn Garfield, Contributor  |  Posted  May 24th - 12:08pm

With summer heating up, many are looking for outdoor adventure. If you’re planning a road trip, whether you’re looking for a quick day adventure near home or a full-scale vacation on wheels, look no further than John Lyman’s interactive map.

Coming soon to Twitter: More room to tweet

The Associated Press  |  Posted  May 24th - 10:01am

Twitter is making some big changes, at least in the context of 140 characters or less.

Retired FBI supervisor warns parents of apps teens use to connect with strangers

Debbie Dujanovic  |  Posted  May 23rd - 10:39pm

Kids are living in a world with hundreds of thousands of apps available to download. A retired FBI supervisor wants parents to understand how three popular apps work and to talk to their kids about app safety.

Scientists use facial scans to discover 5 genes that impact nose shape

Devon Dewey  |  Posted  May 23rd - 9:26pm

Scientists have discovered five genes that impact nose shape in a study that involved scans of facial features of more than 6,000 Latin American volunteers.