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Marital stress can make you eat more, study says

Tracie Snowder  |  Posted  Aug 27th - 7:29pm

Do you crave junk food when you're fighting with your spouse? That might be normal, according to a new study that says people in stressful marriages have "significantly higher" levels of the hormone that makes you hungry.

Woman gives birth to conjoined twins in Colorado

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 27th - 4:21pm

A Colorado hospital where a Minnesota woman gave birth to conjoined twins said Thursday that one of the babies died after a complicated five-hour separation procedure.

Wednesday's Child — Jaid

Ashley Kewish  |  Posted  Aug 26th - 7:34pm

Jaid is a 15-year-old boy living in the Utah Foster Care system. He says some kids make fun of him for being different.

Scientist claims his picture book puts kids to sleep in minutes

Grant Olsen, Contributor  |  Posted  Aug 26th - 7:22pm

A new book written by a Swedish behavioral psychologist is developing a cult following for its alleged ability to put children to sleep. While the book is at the top of best-seller lists, not everyone is convinced it works.

Video: Boy so excited he can't believe mom is pregnant

Martha Ostergar  |  Posted  Aug 26th - 12:14pm

A British boy is literally so excited about his mother's pregnancy announcement that he doesn't believe she's telling the truth.

'I was just trying to get back to my family,' lost boy recalls

Pat Reavy  |  Posted  Aug 25th - 10:28pm

Malachi Bradley, 10, doesn't seemed fazed or panicked or worried when he describes spending 29 hours lost in a rugged area of the High Uintas.

Layton community supports family that lost father, daughter in I-15 accident

Jed Boal  |  Posted  Aug 25th - 10:20pm

As a Layton family prepares to bury a father and his young daughter, the community has rallied with tremendous support. Ryan Chambers and his young daughter were killed in a crash on I-15 Sunday in Riverdale.

Clearfield boy missing most of his teeth endures relentless teasing

Heather Simonsen  |  Posted  Aug 25th - 7:03pm

12-year-old Isaac Bryant's baby teeth never came in on the bottom and he's missing 18 permanent teeth. Kids were cruel in elementary school because he drooled and had difficulty saying certain words. His orthodontist is working hard to help him.

Couples who share the burdens of childcare are happier together

Carina Storrs, Special to CNN  |  Posted  Aug 25th - 10:41am

Couples that raise children together — and share the burden of childcare fairly equally — are happier together, according to a new study.

Are you a know-it-all parent?

Jessie Shepherd, Contributor  |  Posted  Aug 24th - 7:31pm

It is easy to slip from a "helpful suggestions parent" to a "know-it-all parent." Here are some key themes to figure out which side you are on.

Kids' biggest fears when going back to school

Kelly Wallace, CNN  |  Posted  Aug 24th - 1:33pm

I'll admit, I was one of those kids who loved school (no eyeroll please!) but still, I remember the butterflies-in-the-belly feeling as summer wound down and that first day of class loomed ahead.

Crying over spilled water: Raising twins during a drought

Gillian Flaccus, Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 23rd - 11:21pm

On a recent sweltering Saturday afternoon, I submerged my guilt and filled the bathtub halfway for my 3-year-old twins to play in.

Parents claim glass found in Huggies wipes; company says they're fibers

Christina Zdanowicz, CNN  |  Posted  Aug 23rd - 2:51pm

Worried parents are taking to social media to warn others about clear, sharp fragments they've found in Huggies baby wipes. They claim the wipes are riddled with glass shards. The company says the "shiny particles" are not glass but are sometimes created by fibers during manufacturing.

Survey: More college freshmen struggling with their mental health

Katie Larsen  |  Posted  Aug 23rd - 9:50am

A 2014 survey published by "The American Freshman" shows the lowest emotional health statistics among college freshmen in nearly 50 years.

Tips to prevent children from drowning in pools

Faith Heaton Jolley  |  Posted  Aug 22nd - 9:50am

Drowning is the No. 1 cause of child-related accidental deaths, according to the Center for Disease Control, and pool drownings are a threat year-round.

New car seat helps parents remember baby's on board

Debbie Dujanovic  |  Posted  Aug 21st - 9:36pm

A new car seat that promises to remind parents there's a baby on board is hitting store shelves. It costs about $160 and has technology that sounds an alert when the car shuts off and a baby is strapped in the seat.

This is your child's brain on reading

Carina Storrs, Special to CNN  |  Posted  Aug 21st - 8:49pm

When parents read to their children the difference shows in children's behavior and academic performance. And according to a new study, the difference also shows in their brain activity.

Disney previews its new princess, Moana

Katia Hetter, CNN  |  Posted  Aug 21st - 12:16pm

Watch out, Elsa and Anna! The next Disney princess to travel on a voyage of self-discovery will be arriving next year, and the head honchos at Disney hope their Polynesian princess is as popular as the Snow Queen-inspired duo.

2 Utah apps to help memory, cognition for kids

Devon Dewey  |  Posted  Aug 21st - 11:59am

The Ogden-based National Association for Child Development (NACD) has been helping tens of thousands of kids with learning for decades.

Doctors recommend early exposure to prevent peanut allergies

Lindsey Tanner, Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 25th - 3:31pm

A pediatricians' group is recommending that infants at high risk of peanut allergies be given foods containing peanuts before they turn 1.