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Study shows connection between childhood defiance and adult success

Robynn Garfield, Contributor  |  Posted  Feb 12th - 8:08pm

For parents with stubborn kids, life can feel at times like they're trying to tow a 747 with their teeth. A new study may give hope to tired parents working with stubbornness, showing a connection between adult success and childhood defiance.

Screening can save moms and their kids from the risks of depression

Sandra Olney  |  Posted  Feb 12th - 6:31pm

For many women, pregnancy is one of the few times they seek health care. Now, doctors are being asked to take advantage of the opportunity to screen them for depression. Screening and treatment have already changed the direction of a Utah mom's life.

America's longest married couple offers relationship advice on Twitter

Natalie Crofts  |  Posted  Feb 12th - 12:23pm

More than eight decades ago, John Betar fell in love with the girl next door.

Walt Disney World aficionado offers time, money-saving advice

Megan Marsden Christensen  |  Posted  Feb 11th - 7:03pm

From fast passes to food, a Utah woman is a Walt Disney World vacation-planning veteran, and now she has the credentials to help others plan their magical trip.

Fitbit helps man discover wife's pregnancy

Megan Marsden Christensen  |  Posted  Feb 11th - 12:48pm

We already know that Fitbit can track one's physical activity, but recently, it also served as an obscure pregnancy test.

Efforts underway to bring Mountain West Mothers' Milk Bank to Utah

Mary Richards  |  Posted  Feb 11th - 10:30am

Doctors say mother's milk is best for babies, and that's why breast-feeding advocates have been trying for years to get a mothers' milk bank in Utah.

3 steps to 'turn down the heat' on overwhelm

Nicole Carpenter, Contributor  |  Posted  Feb 10th - 8:46pm

It's that moment you realize you are a stove top; your roles are like the burners. Most people can handle six hot burners at a time, but all of yours are roaring at high heat. These three steps will help you turn down overwhelm and avoid burnout.

Have You Seen This? Toddler confused by dad's twin

Angie H. Treasure  |  Posted  Feb 10th - 1:14pm

One little boy is caught in a moment where he's not sure who his real father is.

With more parents choosing not to vaccinate, Utah on brink of losing 'herd immunity'

Daphne Chen  |  Posted  Feb 9th - 10:28pm

With more and more parents choosing not to vaccinate their children, Utah's schools are at risk of losing "herd immunity" — the protection a community enjoys when roughly 90 percent of its members are vaccinated against infectious disease.

Parents' guide: How 'Deadpool' earned its R rating

John Clyde, Contributor  |  Posted  Feb 9th - 6:14pm

The highly anticipated R-rated superhero movie "Deadpool" is almost here, but how R rated is it? Well, here's what you should know before heading to the theater to see "Deadpool."

Mom fights back after son's picture used in cruel Internet meme

Tracie Snowder  |  Posted  Feb 9th - 2:33pm

A mom whose son was born with a genetic disorder is on a crusade to get his picture taken off the Internet after it was turned into an offensive meme.

Have You Seen This? Mom vs triplets and toddler

John Clyde, Contributor  |  Posted  Feb 9th - 1:16pm

I can barely get myself ready for bed, but this mom puts us all to shame. Well, at least me. She for sure puts me to shame.

Report: Breastfeeding increase could save more than 800K lives annually

Kelly Wallace, CNN  |  Posted  Feb 8th - 7:44pm

Dramatically scaling up breastfeeding to near-universal levels for infants and young children could save 820,000 children's lives a year around the world, a new report suggests.

Logan family among 10 finalists in national video competition

Megan Marsden Christensen  |  Posted  Feb 8th - 7:01pm

Four Utahns have created videos about saving money for retirement that have since secured top 10 spots in a national competition.

Alabama trooper stops speeders, delivers baby instead

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 8th - 2:09pm

Expecting to write up a ticket for speeding, an Alabama State Trooper ended up helping a woman give birth.

Have You Seen This? Dad catches son's reaction to first monster truck rally

Angie H. Treasure  |  Posted  Feb 8th - 1:19pm

While most candid childhood moments are lost in the ethos of our young lives, one dad was sure to have his camera at the ready as his son experienced his first ever monster truck rally.

Local mom creates medical tracking app after son's miraculous heart transplant

Clint Betts, Contributor  |  Posted  Feb 8th - 11:29am

When Tammy Bowers was told her son, Landen, wouldn't live to see his first birthday, she didn't give up hope.

Little Free Library keeps kids reading

Sharon Woods Harris, Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 8th - 9:04am

Felicia Walsh has found a portal in her neighborhood that takes her to places she can only imagine.

Montana dad builds 'Olaf' snowman for daughter with special needs

Judy Slate, CNN  |  Posted  Feb 7th - 12:02pm

It took Tate Dunkel a week to create Olaf.

$11.5M public preschool bill advances; State revenues may fall short  |  Posted  Feb 5th - 12:52pm

Legislation roundup: An $11.5 million bill that would expand public preschools gained early approval, Utah students marched at the Capitol to battle the "pollution monster" and lawmakers are being warned that they might have less tax money to spend this year.