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Is 'Jason Bourne' too violent for kids?

Travis Poppleton, Contributor  |  Posted  Jul 29th - 2:04pm

The latest chapter in the Bourne series, "Jason Bourne," is hitting theaters this weekend and we have an overview of what parents can expect.

New summer additions to the Utah Jazz family

Andy Larsen  |  Posted  Jul 29th - 10:45am

It's been a busy offseason for the Jazz, adding new players who figure to get significant playing time. But even those players already on the roster are making additions to their families.

'For the Love of Dakota' boxes helping cheer children in need

Ashley Moser  |  Posted  Jul 28th - 11:06pm

A Lehi mother is turning a terrible experience at the hospital into something positive and she's created hundreds of special gifts for children in similar situations.

Parents turn to 'Pokemon Go' for baby names

Jessica Ivins  |  Posted  Jul 28th - 8:01am

If you can’t catch that Pokemon you’ve been desperately seeking, you can always create your own version.

Devices aim to prevent leaving kids behind in hot cars

Maggie Lohmiller, CNN  |  Posted  Jul 27th - 2:30pm

Every year, reports of young children being left in hot cars make headlines. Several devices try to ensure precious cargo isn't left behind.

4 ways to have a successful family dinner with young children

Stacey Nash, Contributor  |  Posted  Jul 26th - 2:30pm

Family dinner with young children can be chaotic at best. Simple changes, like meal planning, can help alleviate that so everyone can enjoy dinner.

Do video games lead to violence?

Susan Scutti, CNN  |  Posted  Jul 26th - 9:30am

The 18-year old gunman who killed nine people in Munich, Germany, on Friday was a fan of first-person shooter video games, according to reports. This detail in the unspooling story of the rampage led many to worry that violent video games may be negatively affecting their own children. What is the truth?

Breaking down the gender stereotypes in kids' clothing

Anne D'Innocenzio, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jul 25th - 3:06pm

Pink for girls. Truck motifs for boys. A growing number of parents want to get outside those parameters when it comes to dressing their kids.

Hot-car deaths spike as 21st child dies in overheated car this year

Ashley Fantz, CNN  |  Posted  Jul 25th - 10:28am

A toddler in east Dallas has become the 21st child to die in a hot car this year in the U.S., according to the national safety advocacy organization

A parents' guide to Pokemon Go

Christopher Dawson, CNN  |  Posted  Jul 22nd - 3:53pm

If your kids are obsessed with Pokemon Go, or begging to play, here is what you need to know as a parent.

5 tips for teaching your kids to live in a digital world

Alessandra Toscanelli, Contributor  |  Posted  Jul 21st - 4:00pm

We live globally. We live digitally. Teens need opportunities to learn how to thrive using technology to communicate, research, connect, study and work effectively. Parenting is about giving your children the tools to survive in life.

Surprise! Family with cancer-stricken 3-year-old gets refurbished car

Ashley Stilson  |  Posted  Jul 21st - 8:32am

Martins Collision Repair, Bear River Mutual Insurance and other local companies teamed up to surprise the Thackeray family with a refurbished car, a 2009 Hyundai Sonata. Their 3-year-old daughter suffers from stage 4 melanoma cancer.

'Selfless' flight attendant goes above and beyond to help girl with diabetes

Jessica Ivins  |  Posted  Jul 21st - 7:24am

Heroes come in many forms, but for one little girl on an airplane her knight in shining armor also happened to be the man who pushes the drink cart through the aisle.

Kids leaving home doesn't always lead to parents saving more

Adam Allington, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jul 20th - 3:55pm

Raising kids costs a lot of money, so when they finally strike out on their own it stands to reason that parents would have more money to spend, save or invest. How they spend that money can have large consequences for their retirement security.

Mother with terminal cancer making daughter's dream come true

Jessica Schliska & Andrew Keller, CNN  |  Posted  Jul 20th - 9:02am

Fighting a deadly form of cancer and given only months to live, a local woman is doing all she can to make sure her daughter's dream doesn't die with her.

Psychologist makes case for teaching kids to punch back

Jessica Ivins  |  Posted  Jul 20th - 8:35am

When you talk to your children about responding to bullies, the best advice you can give them is put up their fists and fight back.

'None of it matters': Family grateful after father rescues son from burning Cedar Hills home

Ben Lockhart  |  Posted  Jul 19th - 10:42pm

Early Friday, Shannon Kelley was worrying whether her husband, Spencer, and 12-year-old son, Connor, would be able to escape the family's Cedar Hills home as it went up in flames.

Why is it so hard to let our kids fail?

Kelly Wallace, CNN  |  Posted  Jul 19th - 2:33pm

There is no question that one of the most difficult things about being a parent is letting our children stumble, fail, make mistakes.

Man lends a helping hand to mom of twins, goes viral

Doug Criss, CNN  |  Posted  Jul 19th - 11:22am

A simple gesture of kindness is earning an Enterprise Rent-A-Car employee in Tulsa, Oklahoma a lot of love online.

Sam Gordon leads push for girls' tackle football in new video

Andy Larsen  |  Posted  Jul 19th - 11:01am

Utah's Sam Gordon, famous for running past boys on the gridiron, is now the star of a new video pushing for more tackle football leagues for girls.