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Child care now costs more than in-state college tuition

Jeanne Sahadi, CNN  |  Posted  Sep 29th - 10:50am

Most parents with young children work outside the home. So they need an affordable, high-quality, easily accessible place to leave their kids while they work.

Parents, school board clash after son's suicide

Ladd Egan  |  Posted  Sep 29th - 10:32am

In Cedar City, emotions flared at a school board meeting over the topic of bullying and suicide. This comes as the community mourns the death of a 16-year-old boy who recently took his own life.

Utah's poor student-to-nurse ratio puts pressure on volunteers, parents

Daphne Chen  |  Posted  Sep 29th - 7:49am

Each Utah school nurse serves about 4,300 students on average, according to a recent report from the Utah Department of Health — among the worst student-to-nurse ratios in the nation.

Mother of 4 purges house of all toys, saves ‘motherhood, marriage’

Jessica Ivins, Contributor  |  Posted  Sep 28th - 8:28am

When a mother of four reached the end of her rope with her cluttered lifestyle, she took extreme action and rid her house of all toys. The end result turned out to be extremely life changing.

These are the best companies for working moms

Kathryn Vasel, CNN  |  Posted  Sep 27th - 2:44pm

The arms race for better benefits at large employers has improved work life balance for thousands of workers, and one group in particular -- new parents.

Goodbye to homework for some elementary schools and classes

Lisa Rathke, Associated Press  |  Posted  Sep 26th - 2:30pm

Guess what, kids? No homework. Really. All year.

Target gets rid of kid-sized 'demon mini carts' after backlash

Aaron Smith, CNN  |  Posted  Sep 23rd - 2:31pm

Target got rid of kid-sized shopping carts after a backlash from shoppers who ridiculed them as irritating and even demonic.

'Storks' delivers with laughs, family themes

David Clyde, Contributor  |  Posted  Sep 23rd - 11:26am

“Storks” did change my mind a little about what it is to enjoy an animated children’s movie when you think you have seen them all.

Disney halts sales of Moana costume after racism claims

Charles Riley, CNN  |  Posted  Sep 22nd - 5:58pm

Disney has halted sales of a costume inspired by its upcoming "Moana" movie after being accused of racism.

9 reasons to make your kids go play

Jessie H. Shepherd, Contributor  |  Posted  Sep 22nd - 5:12pm

Unstructured play for our children may seem unimportant in a world stressed about hitting all milestones on time. But here are nine important reasons why you should be encouraging your kids to play.

Mylan CEO defends EpiPen cost to angry lawmakers

Mary Clare Jalonick, Associated Press  |  Posted  Sep 21st - 7:41pm

Outraged Republican and Democratic lawmakers on Wednesday grilled the head of pharmaceutical company Mylan about the significant cost increase of its life-saving EpiPens and the profits for a company with sales in excess of $11 billion.

Texas school sign warns teachers may be packing heat

Doug Criss, CNN  |  Posted  Sep 21st - 7:03pm

They say don't mess with Texas. You probably shouldn't mess with its teachers either, at least in one school district.

Parents: Those fun, playful emojis may not mean what you think they do

Sloan Schrage  |  Posted  Sep 16th - 6:53pm

Many texters express themselves in those fun, cartoonish symbols known as emojis. A fire or tent seem innocent enough. But parents should know they can take on a sexual connotation or be used to harass their kids.

Researchers creating antibiotic gel to tackle ear infections

Lauran Neergaard, Associated Press  |  Posted  Sep 14th - 2:30pm

Parents know the frustration of trying to get that gunky pink antibiotic into a tot screaming from an ear infection. A one-time squirt of special ear drops one day might replace that ordeal.

Couple credits unopened wedding gift with saving their marriage

Jessica Ivins, Contributor  |  Posted  Sep 13th - 2:30pm

Sometimes a gift can mean more when it remains unopened. That's what a Michigan couple discovered when they looked back on their nine-year marriage.

Stranger comes to rescue of pregnant mom with fussy toddler on flight

Jessica Ivins, Contributor  |  Posted  Sep 12th - 7:04pm

Traveling with babies can quickly become the stuff of nightmares, but a kind passenger became the seatmate of one mother’s dreams when he offered to help with her fussy child.

Many parents giving kids wrong dose of medication, study shows

Linda Williams  |  Posted  Sep 12th - 2:30pm

A new study found that 80 percent of parents gave their kids the wrong amount of medicine, usually too much. Using oral syringes could solve much of the error, researchers found.

Youth soccer injuries have skyrocketed

Nadia Kounang, CNN  |  Posted  Sep 12th - 8:43am

Youth soccer in the United States has exploded in popularity since it first emerged in the 1960s and 1970s. But as the number of players has increased, injuries have soared as well.

Photos: All aboard! Kids learn all about trains at museum event  |  Posted  Sep 10th - 4:46pm

Luciao Shi, 6, attends Train Day at Discovery Gateway Children's Museum of Utah in Salt Lake City on Saturday.

Mother has questions in death of son at West Jordan day care

Pat Reavy  |  Posted  Sep 9th - 3:09pm

West Jordan police are investigating the death of a boy, who would have been 2 next week, who died from suffocation after crawling under a bean bag at a preschool/day care.