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Mike Bachman Plumbing

Jun 23rd - 3:24pm

In the early 1900s after moving to the United States from Switzerland, Caspar Bachman was looking for a business opportunity. So, he started his own plumbing business. This decision turned out to be more successful than he ever could have imagined. Today the company he started, located in Ogden, is called Mike Bachman Plumbing and is now in the sixth generation of family involvement, celebrating their 100th anniversary.

eLearning Brothers

Jun 22nd - 3:19pm

The verdict is in and Utah Business Magazine has once again ranked eLearning Brothers in Lindon as the No. 1 fastest growing company in Utah Valley. It's also one of Utah Valley's Top Tech companies for 2015. Andrew Scivally, who owns the company in partnership with his brother, Shawn, says growth for this company has been remarkable with revenues double what they were last year. That's impressive for a company started in the basement by two brothers just trying something new.

Intermountain Healthcare

Jun 18th - 2:55pm

In 1975, a not-for-profit organization, Intermountain Healthcare, was created around the 15 hospitals owned by the LDS Church. They've now been providing exceptional healthcare for 40 years throughout the Intermountain West.

Lucky Penny Publishing

Jun 17th - 2:53pm

Lucky Penny Publishing was born on the heels of a challenging event in founder Melissa Marsted's life. She was living in California, and in 2008, her home was destroyed by wildfire. However, she turned something hard into an opportunity she had been interested in for many years … entrance into publishing.

Hale Centre Theatre

Jun 16th - 2:50pm

Here's yet another Utah treasure — Hale Centre Theatre, which happens to be one of the highest attended live theaters in the United States. To give you an idea of how popular Hale is, in 2014 they sold nearly 24,000 season tickets with close to 300,000 people attending shows throughout their season.

Apparatus Equipment and Service

Jun 15th - 2:00pm

At the beginning of this year, over 27,000 fire departments were registered on the National Fire Department Census. These include over a million active firefighters, representing a large demographic of people charged with keeping the public safe. Many times this group is the first responders, meaning they have need for the safest and most up-to-date equipment … which is what Bill Arbus and Bob Allen at their company Apparatus Equipment and Service are designed to provide.

Zions Bank Family Business Services

Jun 12th - 11:18am

Family business is huge in the U.S. Did you know family-owned companies account for approximately 90 percent of all business in the United States, both large and small according to the U.S. Small Business Administration? And one third of all companies on the Standard and Poor 500 Index are defined as family businesses.

Marshall Motoart

Jun 11th - 4:31pm

When sitting down with Chris Burke for the first time, it doesn't take long to realize he has a creative mind. And his creativity is manifesting itself through his company, Marshall Motoart in West Haven.

Cache Valley Electric

Jun 10th - 4:26pm

When Henry Laub started Cache Valley Electric 100 years ago, he wasn't sure if his auto supply or electrical contracting business would go, so to hedge his bet, he opened both. It turned out the electrical business was the better option, and now his grandson, Jim Laub, is president and CEO of this fourth-generation family-owned business.

Blue Planet Scooters

Jun 9th - 4:18pm

Not everybody can say they're having such a blast with work that they love coming in every day. But Travis Smith can because he's the owner of Blue Planet Scooters in Salt Lake City. It's a lot of hard work, but he loves what he does.

Slide Ridge Honey

Jun 8th - 2:13pm

Martin James of Slide Ridge Honey would be the first to tell you his bees are healthier than ever, and it shows. He's made nutrition for bees his top focus, researching what nutrition would be best to help the bees be stronger. This strategy has been successful since honey is a byproduct of a healthy hive, and last year's honey crop was one of his largest yet.

Roosters Brewing Company

Jun 5th - 1:37pm

Twenty years ago Kym Buttschardt and her husband, Pete, were one of the first businesses involved with the revitalization of Ogden's Historic 25th Street. Their restaurant, Roosters Brewing Company, quickly became an anchor tenant, a critical part of the restoration and it remains an important part of Ogden's vibrant future. They have 170 employees on board between their properties in Ogden and Layton.

Petzl America

Jun 4th - 1:27pm

The roots of Petzl lie in its founders' desire to serve their passion: exploration. They were cavers who loved to venture into tight and dark places, but spelunking was a relatively new sport at that time, and equipment was rudimentary at best. Based upon the needs they saw, they started innovating and eventually developed a line of caving products that includes rope ascenders and headlamps.

Hands On Art

Jun 3rd - 1:23pm

Inspiration knows no bounds, something Iraima Otteson of Hands On Art has personally seen. Iraima is a graphic designer originally from Venzuela, who came to Utah with a vision of how art can impact children. She discovered this as a volunteer in a local school. She found that working on art projects and receiving recognition helped their confidence grow, as they felt good about their creation. It was with this inspiration that Iraima started an art school in her garage with a handful of kids. Before she knew it, she had over 100 kids.

Jun 2nd - 1:20pm

On the phone. In an audio book. When you're on hold. In your favorite podcasts. Even an automated telephone message involves someone's voice, which means we are constantly surrounded by professional voices. Providing the talent for this work is the focus for Salt Lake City-based


Jun 1st - 1:08pm

Vacations are a great time for us to take a step away from work, recharge and refresh, one reason paid leave makes up nearly 7 percent of total compensation in the private industry, according to Fortune magazine. It was during a vacation that Nate Alder of Klymit came up with the idea for a new business.

UK2 Group

May 29th - 1:05pm

With the continuing growth of online commerce and Internet search, many companies are seeking to grow their presence online. The Internet web hosting services industry reflects this trend with over 10 percent growth annually and revenues in the billions. Jeff Hunsaker, chief services officer for his company, UK2 Group, has participated in the industry's growth with his business, headquartered in Logan.

Bamboo HR

May 28th - 2:39pm

Ben Peterson and Ryan Sanders, who would become business partners at Bamboo HR, met one day and discussed something they noticed about business. Many times companies have major difficulties with processing and hiring employees.

Huntsman 140

May 27th - 2:36pm

Everyone has a story. Some are triumphant stories while others involve bravery in the face of challenges. A lot of people have a story about cancer, involving someone they know, someone they love or maybe even themselves. According to the American Cancer Society, around 1.6 million new cancer cases are expected to be diagnosed in 2015.

Green Light Booking

May 26th - 2:32pm

Sally Johnson was a professional singer in Southern California and loved being on stage. After she got married and started a family, she took 20 years off but stayed connected to the industry. After moving to Utah in 2005, she was ready for a full-time career. When a friend asked Sally to help him find paying jobs for his band, she started making phone calls. Within a couple of months, Sally found seven paid bookings for his band. She loved the work so much, she eventually started Green Light Booking.

Camp Chef

May 22nd - 11:26am

The outdoor lifestyle is a major reason Utah regularly welcomes visitors from all over the world. According to the Utah Division of Parks and Recreation, from July 2014 through March 2015, Utah state parks have welcomed just under 3 million visitors. Many of these folks love the outdoor lifestyle … and the gear that goes with it. This is good news for Ty Measom and the team at Camp Chef.

InVision Eye Health

May 21st - 11:24am

In the eye care arena, there's a lot to be excited for in 2015. And Dr. Brenden White of InVision Eye Health in Sandy would tell you one of the areas to be look forward to relief is symptoms of Chronic Dry Eye, a condition which affects over 100 million people annually.

Wave IPT

May 20th - 11:20am

An important initiative for the state of Utah is developing alternative energy sources. The Utah energy industry generates 17,000 plus direct jobs and $5.3 billion in revenues every year. Renewable energy now accounts for 3 percent of Utah's electricity generation. With his innovative new company, WAVE, Wesley Smith has connected with Utah's growing energy industry.

Tracy Aviary

May 19th - 11:16am

Tim Brown, executive director of Tracy Aviary in Salt Lake City, says this Salt Lake City classic is on a construction roll right now with many new exhibits popping up in connection with old favorites … like King of the Andes, where visitors can see the 56-year-old Andean Condor. It's not unusual to see him spreading his 10-foot wings to catch some rays. Some visitors are even lucky enough to catch him while he's walking around the grounds.

The Goal Foundation

May 18th - 11:12am

When you think Utah … what's one thing that immediately comes to mind? World-class outdoor opportunities! And an important access point for this recreation is Ogden. National Geographic named Ogden as Utah's new Outdoor Capital and one of the top 10 outdoor spots in the country. As head of the Get Out and Live, or GOAL, Foundation, Jenny Scothern has seen personally why this gem of Northern Utah is known as a premier outdoor recreation area.

F. Bethers

May 15th - 10:44am

Ruth's Chris Steak House

May 14th - 10:42am


May 13th - 10:40am

Red Butte Garden

May 11th - 10:34am

The Cascades at Riverwalk

May 8th - 10:32am

Roofers Supply

May 7th - 10:29am

Concrete Color & Design

May 6th - 10:26am

Weber Basin Water District

May 4th - 10:54am

Caffe Ibis

May 1st - 10:50am


Apr 30th - 10:47am

Go Purified Water and Ice

Apr 29th - 10:43am


Apr 28th - 2:04pm

Cowboy Grub

Apr 27th - 1:57pm

Zions Bank Ogden Marathon

Apr 27th - 1:48pm

TestOut Corporation

Apr 24th - 1:54pm

The Spectacle

Apr 21st - 1:39pm

Patent Law Works

Apr 20th - 11:58am

UK2 Group

Apr 17th - 2:20pm

Trade and Business Conference

Apr 16th - 2:18pm

Exports remain an important percentage of Utah's economy, accounting for about 15 percent of our gross state product. Approximately 61,000 jobs were supported by Utah's international business, contributing to export totals over $12.3 billion in 2014, according to World Trade Center Utah. Of the almost 3,500 companies that exported from Utah, 86 percent were small to medium-sized businesses with less than 500 employees.

Deseret Hive Supply

Apr 15th - 2:15pm


Apr 14th - 2:12pm

Lambert Hardwood Flooring

Apr 13th - 2:09pm