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West Jordan, UT | 3 Hours
2 female bearded dragons for sale, sacrifice for 60 dollars for both, funn pets , 7 months Old, my son wants snakes now, call mike or md at 801-864-4104☺ more
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Mack Snow Phantom Leopard Gecko


Salt Lake City, UT | 4 Hours
Mack Snow Phantom male leopard gecko. Hatched out July 24 2015. He's 50 grams right now. Would make a great breeder or pet for anyone. Eats 4 to 3 crickets every other day. Never missed a feeding day. Never had any health problems. Runs a little when trying to catch him, but once he's in your hand he calms down. Nothing comes with him. CASH ONLY. NO SCAMMERS. Text is best. more
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Ball Python with Custom 40 Gallon Aquarium


Farmington, UT | 4 Hours
3-year-old Ball Python approx 42 inches long. Vey healthy. Great eater. Not a biter. Comes with a custom aquarium, big log hide, water dish, all the accessories, additional feeding bin for meal time, heating pad for the tank, and a humidifier. Answers to the name Monty, loves to cuddle, sucks at fetch. more
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Terrarium Cabinet


Pocatello, ID | 4 Hours
Cabinet with a terrarium built in! Super nice! Was used and worked really well for crested Geckos. Whole cabinet dimensions are: 72 1/2 inches tall23 inches wide16 1/2 inches deepTerrarium dimensions are:33 inches tall 23 inches wide16 1/2 inches deepComes with ledges and a ton of plants/vines. Selling because we don't have the space anymore. Please let me know if you are interested or have questions. Thank you! more
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Breeding pair of leopard geckos with cage


Salt Lake City, UT | 5 Hours
2 leopard geckos the female, a high blizzard leopard gecko, and the male a high yellow leopard gecko and it comes with cage, lamp, cave, a rock hide, and a spray bottle. They NEED a new home!!!!!! more
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Jones Armadillo Lizard


Salt Lake City, UT | 5 Hours
2 female jones armadillo lizard (rare) more
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Breeding pair of leopard geckos with cage and lamp


Salt Lake City, UT | 5 Hours
These are two really great leopard geckos and they need a new home. The female is a Blizzard Leopard Gecko and is worth $100 the male is a High Yellow Gecko and is worth $50. this comes with a 20 gallon cage that doesn't need to be upgraded and it comes with a heat lamp, cave, and hiding rock. I am only asking for $150 if you want to contact me text 801-870-2859 more
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Coral Albino Corn Snake with Decorated Enclosure


Provo, UT | 9 Hours
This super friendly Coral Albino Corn Snake is 8 years old and is full grown at around 4ft long. She comes with her fully decorated 20 gallon enclosure which includes everything in the picture and her heating pad. Her bedding was just changed a couple of days ago too so she's all set. The tank was purchased cracked on the bottom but with some duck tape, it has not leaked or bowed once since I have had the Corn Snake. Other than that the enclosure and all the extras are in great condition. Corn Snakes are amazing beginner snakes and I am hoping to find her a good home. Please feel free to call or text me if you have any questions at 541-207-7100. more
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Patricia dart frog with terrarium


Herriman, UT | 10 Hours
Frog is 3 and is male. It comes with flies. Bought it for 200$ asking for 100 comes with self humidifying cage more
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Baby southern and eastern painted turtles


Provo, UT | 11 Hours
I have more!! Rare, Cute Baby turtles! About an inch long! Stays small! Very active and friendly! Clean and easy to care for! Everyone loves them, also great kid pet. Will not be able to get them at any local pet store!Text me for better pictures and videos!Southern Painted Turtles are the best pet turtle! You've probably seen or had common pet turtles like Red Ear Sliders, or sideneck Turtles. They get Huge(over 12”) and need a pond or a massive aquarium (at least 120 gallons or it will feel cramped and that for one turtle!). They are generally in too small of an aquarium so in turn the water, the decor, and the poor turtle(s) are nasty and smell! They are also generally very boring, mostly laying around and doing nothing, not an interactive pet.I have always loves turtles and wanted some for pets but I ran into the problems above and they always kept me away from the pet. Finally I did tons of research and found the perfect turtle. They stay small! They will do great even in a 10 Gallon tank for up to a year or a year and a half The biggest ones recorded only get up 7” (some females), but the normal range for full grown turtles are 3.5” to 5.5”. My two pet ones are about a year old and the biggest one is about 2.5” and the smaller one is just under 2”. They are very lively! Always exploring the tank, playing in the bubbles, or coming up to the front of the tank when people are near! You can hand feed them! And they love and beg for food! I house mine in a 75 gallon with tons of fish and they get along great! They don't bother my fish I make sure all my fish are bigger (discus) or smart (rams/ cichlids), or fast schoolers (Tetras).They are very strong swimmers and will spend most of there time in the water so you can have a deep tank and don't need to worry about having half land half water, it's much harder to keep clean when its half and half. All they need it a spot (like a log) to climb out on to bask.Also when you get one I can send you a bunch of tips are care information, to keep it easy for you! Done right they are very low maintenance and clean pet!$40 for one$35 for multiple $30 for 4 or more!Come check them out everyone loves them especially kids!Text me Please,If you wanna talk on the phone or FaceTime to see the ones I have left Text me and let me know!...less more
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SALE***Phelsuma Standingi Gecko Male Adult


Sandy, UT | 12 Hours
I have an extra male captive bred adult Standingi Gecko that is available. It is on sale down from $125 to $75. more
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Electric Blue Day Gecko breeding pair


South Jordan, UT | 13 Hours
Beautiful and rare (Lagodactylus Williamsi) Young, healthy Male and Female breeding pair. They have already produced about 4 pairs of eggs. They will come with a live planted terrarium, humidifier, and light fixture with timer. I also have extra leaves, substrate, and fly cultures that I will throw in. I also have a healthy hatchling that's about 3 months old and eating that I can sell separately for 150.Text with any questions 801-657-6979 more
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dubia roaches


west jordan, UT | 13 Hours
Dubia Roaches for sale. Like us on Facebook @Dragoncandydesign to receive $1 off your next order and stay up dated on our sales. call or text me at 801-946-4743Mixed Size Dubia RoachesQuantity Price50 $10.00100 $15.00250 $25.00500 $50.001000 $100.00.25” EX Small Dubia RoachesQuantity Price50 $8.00100 $11.00250 $20.00500 $38.001000 $78.00.5” Small Dubia RoachesQuantity Price50 $9.00100 $13.00250 $22.50500 $43.001000 $84.00.75” Medium Dubia RoachesQuantity Price50 $11.00100 $15.00250 $25.00500 $48.001000 $94.001” large Dubia RoachesQuantity Price50 $13.00100 $17.00250 $27.50500 $53.001000 $104.001.25 EX Large Dubia RoachesQuantity Price50 $15.00100 $20.00250 $30.00Egg CrateQuantity Price1 $0.2510 $2.5020 $5.0040 $10.00Roach ChowQuantity Price1lbs $6.002lbs $11.003lbs $16.004lbs $20.00 more
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Green Basilisk


Springville, UT | 13 Hours
Male Green basilisk, asking $30 adoption fee, $60 for his enclosure, 55 gallon, Uvb, Basking light, night heat, branches, food & water dishes. more
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Male Beardie w/enclosure


Springville, UT | 13 Hours
8 month old male bearded dragon, asking $40 adoption fee, $60 for his 40 gallon breeder, Uvb, Basking light, night heat, branches, hammock, food and water dishes. We are a Reptile Rescue, we Rescue Rehabilitate and Rehome. Text me for more information regarding this beautiful boy or inquiries about other adoptions we have available. more
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Jones Armadillo Lizard For Sale


Ogden, UT | 13 Hours
I am selling a 1 year old male Armadillo Lizard I've had him for 3 months but I'm wanting to down size on my lizards he is still really small but good with handling he doesn't hiss or bite he's in good health no trades please and I am just selling him on his own no tank or accessories with him. Text is preferred. Need to sell ASAP. more
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2 Baby Created Geckos


bountiful, UT | 13 Hours
Had them for about 3 months they are about 6 or 7 months old. Please text only at 8017197113 more
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Big bearded lizars


Kaysville, UT | 15 Hours
I have a big beard lizard he is super friendly. He comes with the tank food lights the works. All I want is a good home for him. He's free to the first good home. more
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Adult Blood Red Corn Snake


Salt Lake City, UT | 15 Hours
Rex is an adult blood red corn snake. He is a great eater, sheds well, and has never struck at anyone. He will eat live or f/t and eats about one weaned rat a week or an adult mouse per week. He will come with two frozen mice. Asking $50 or best offer. Just the snake more
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Fancy Bearded Dragons


S. Ogden, UT | 16 Hours
I am looking for a good home for my two fancy female bearded dragons that were raised from babies and can be hand held for $300 firm. Comes with 40 gallon aquarium with screen lid and 3 lights.and all accessories.. They must go together. CASH ONLY!! more
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Female Mojave Ball Python Breeder


Brigham city, UT | 17 Hours
Over 2000g female Mojave for sale. Has follicles and could lay this season. Has been breeding mostly to a super pastel lesser yellowbelly and banana pastel yellowbelly. Calm temperament. 300 cash. Text 801-660-8293 with interest.Thanks more
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Reptile cage


westjordan, UT | 17 Hours
New, size, 42 by 23 by 19 inches high, lid light opens from the top and sliding front glass, holds heat and humidity good free delevery in the salt lake valley, call and ask for Fred 1-801-282-2059 more
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Zoo Med Single Deep Dome


West jordan, UT | 18 Hours
In good condition new text if interested for faster response more
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Female red eye crock skink


Salt lake city, UT | 1 Day
I have a female red eye crock skink full grown and she has laid eggs before give me a reasonable offer more
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