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Corn Snake and Full Set Up


Heber City, UT | 2 Hours
3 year old corn snake for sale. Includes entire set up; 40g breeder tank, decor. heat light and pad, thermostat and thermometer, and half a bag of aspen bedding. Eats small rats every 2 weeks and just shed the day before posting this. He's grown a little since these pictures were taken. Text 307-747-7308 for more details. Thanks more
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Exo Terra Aquatic Turtle UVB Fixture


Ogden, UT | 3 Hours
Price reduced from $50! 13 watt, prevents shell softening & deformation, stimulates appetite, breeding behavior & overall wellbeing, with on/off switch & mounting bracket, 13 watt bulb included. SORRY NO TRADES & CASH ONLY. THANKS. more
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Zoo Med Repti Heat Cable 100 Watt 39 Feet


Ogden, UT | 3 Hours
Price reduced from $46! Easy to install, optimum heat source for creating a temperature gradient inside terrarium, multiple applications, water resistant, inexpensive low wattage heater. SORRY NO TRADES & CASH ONLY. THANKS. more
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Zilla Basking Platform Filter Small


Ogden, UT | 4 Hours
Price reduced from $60! 20 small up to 75G terrariums containing 20G of water, for basking & climbing, quiet, includes replacement cartridge & 98 GPH water pump. SORRY NO TRADES & CASH ONLY. THANKS. more
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Zoo Med Mini Combo Deep Dome Dual Lamp Fixture


Ogden, UT | 4 Hours
Polished aluminum dome increases light & UV output up to 30%, dual ceramic sockets for use with lamps up to 100 watts each socket. Deep dome extends so light doesn't stick out. Dimensions 11 x 6 x 7.3". SORRY NO TRADES & CASH ONLY. THANKS. more
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Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium Waterfall Kit


Ogden, UT | 4 Hours
Price reduced from $30! Kit includes: water pump, hydroballs, terrarium mesh, plastic tubing & plastic elbow, instruction book. Dimensions 11.6 x 7.4 x 3.9". SORRY NO TRADES & CASH ONLY. THANKS. more
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Zoo Med 14 Inch Reptisun T5 HO Terrarium Hood


Ogden, UT | 4 Hours
Price reduced from $40! The dimensions 16.3 x 5.9 x 1.1. Holds one 15 watt 12" Reptisun T5 HO lamp included. Low profile design. SORRY NO TRADES & CASH ONLY. THANKS. more
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18 Inch Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium Hood


Ogden, UT | 4 Hours
Price reduced from $32! Two sockets each good to 60 watts, internal reflector for increased heat and UV output. Dimensions 18.3x5x4. SORRY NO TRADES & CASH ONLY. THANKS. more
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Bearded dragon with 20 gal


roy, UT | 7 Hours
1 1/2 year old bearded dragon with 20 gal and carpet, logs, and dishes is aggressive I got him that way to try to tame him about 2 months ago but I'm about to have a baby and don't have the time I will give you some dubias for him as well more
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Red-Eyed Crocodile Skink Proven Breeding Pair


Provo, UT | 7 Hours
Adult Red Eye Crocodile Skink (Tribolonotus gracilis‎) breeding pair. 4 offspring successfully hatched last year from this pair. Both are docile and allow handling, but it can stress if done too often.Habitat included. Rare in captivity, but popularity is growing as more is learned about this species. High humidity and temperatures ranging 75-85 required. Must be able to maintain these conditions for survival. Utah winters are cold and special steps must be taken to control habitat in winter and summer. Please research before hand.$350 OBO for everything If interested call/text Oliver 503-302-507three more
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Eastern Box Turtle with cage and lights


Midvale, UT | 8 Hours
Eastern Box Turtle with decorative shell. Healthy and happy turtle. My son and I have had him since Christmas of 2015. Comes with cage, 2 light fixture with black Light UVB and large heating pad. Also, dishes and log, calcium powder and box turtle food. Everything you will need to get started. He loves bananas, cooked carrots, peaches and beans. Eats a variety of different foods. Sad to see him go but moving soon. more
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Female Red Corn Snake with cage


highland, UT | 10 Hours
Female red Corn Snake with cage, we bought her about 6 months ago from Petsmart and we just don't have time to take care of her anymore. more
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2 Leopard Geckos


Kaysville, UT | 10 Hours
2 Full grown female leopard geckos. Comes with everything. They are in great shape, never had any problems. more
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Carpet Python Jungle X Diamond


North Salt Lake, UT | 10 Hours
Female about 5ft long more
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Ball python


Herriman, UT | 11 Hours
Ball python, cage, plants, heating lamps, and heating pads all for sale . Asking $100.00. Text 8016944979 more
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Ball Python Male (Dragonfly)


Cedar City, UT | 12 Hours
Beautiful Dragonfly male Ball Python available. Dragonfly is Pastel+Fire+Pinstripe. Has been breeding but is not proven yet. Very sweet and awesome eater. $250 more
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Friendly RES turtle with large tank and supplies


Brigham City, UT | 12 Hours
Adult RES turtle with everything you need. Large 75 gallon tank with nice wood cabinet underneath it, food, filter, everything you need. Filter is very tempermental so you may want to replace it, it's only 4 months old so you may be able to even exchange it on warranty, I can provide receipts, it was purchased off Amazon 09/30/2016. Setup alone cost me over $300 not including the filter. I love this turtle but the tank is just to much maintenance for me anymore. CASH ONLY PICKUP ONLY, I do not have the ability to deliver so don't ask. NO TRADES! more
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Crested Gecko (everything Included)


West Jordan, UT | 12 Hours
Male crested gecko healthy as ever. Whole cage included with all plants and vines. Lamp, super worms, crested gecko diet food. Great deal. more
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Female ambilobe panther chameleons. Breeding Age.


Centerville, UT | 13 Hours
they are 8 months old. texting is best. no trades. 3 available. more
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Male Veiled chameleon/ set up


West jordan, UT | 14 Hours
I have bred him one time, he is 3 years old he's super colorful extremely interesting to watch eat, a joy to have around however ,I cannot keep him anymore due to my workload. I cannot care for him as well as I wish I could. This also come with the entire enclosure. it's a Zoo Med 48 inch tall 24 inches wide 24 deep screen open-air enclosure. Also the plant that is inside of it, and everything needed to take care of him lights heat lamp etc. more
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Grey Banded Kingsnake + tank


Provo, UT | 14 Hours
Beautiful little Grey Banded Kingsnake. He/she will only get to about 2-3' fully grown. Awesome colors. Very healthy and is eating great more
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Black Mexican Kingsnake + tank


Provo, UT | 14 Hours
He/she is a little over two feet long. Eats like a champ! Is not tank aggressive at all, has a great temperament. Seriously a beautiful animal. 20 gallon tank, hide, water bowl, tank heater, branches and floral decor all included more
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180 gallon tank perfect for reptiles


Park City, UT | 14 Hours
I have a 180 gallon tank, 6 foot long 2 feet tall 2 feet wide. cracked on a side panel. Will not hold water. but perfect for reptiles. more
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Ball Python and Reptile Aquarium


Magna, UT | 15 Hours
Selling a female ball python and reptile aquarium. Python is about 1.5 yrs and 2.5' long. She has a great temperment. Feeds on live mice no problem, have not gotten her to eat frozen. New job has left me with little time to care for her. Comes with basking light and items shown inside aquarium in the pictures. Call with any questions. more
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