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To justin for harassing me


Salt lake city, UT | 12 Mins
Dear Justin Anyone who buys my snakes or reptiles can ask for my setup pictures and i can guarante a happy and healthy animal these snakes have been resonably priced as you can check on market morph and you keep talking about bad stufd behind my back 1. You dont know the way i have been keeping my animals. You have never been to my house or seen the conditions they have been in2 I have never done businuess with you and you are being childish and harassing a 16 year old kid you dont even know3 i have done businuess with other reputable people and have not gotten a complaint from them so stop with this nonsense and many people where with me to witnesse you harassing me.You are all talk its easy to shame someone on the internet but you dont know how to face them in real life so dont push your problems to me And lastly you sold your carpet python to a person therefore it is their property and then they decided to sell it to me which makes it my property not yours until you decided to buy it from me so basically i did nothing wrong and you should stop being childish and not harass me. more
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Fire Leg Tarantula


Magna, UT | 32 Mins
5 inch confirmed female. She is about 4 yrs old. Females of brachypelma species are know to live upwatds of 20 years. Easy to maintain minimal effort required, so she's an easy pet. Her diet consists of roaches mealworms crickets dragonflies and she's even had a few small fish. She comes with the 10 gallon tank and decorations and water dish.Texting or email is preferred as I work through the day.Christian801 803 3000 more
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2 10 gallon tanks, 1 20 gallon 40 gallon


Salt Lake City, UT | 37 Mins
With assorted tops. 2 - 10 gallon tanks with mesh top $15 each.20 gallon with lighted top$30 . 40 gallon no top $40. black metal stand that will hold two 10 gallon tanks, one on the Shelf one on the top more
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Red Tail Boa


Ogden, UT | 51 Mins
Healthy 4 to 5 foot RedTail Boa I am unable to take care of the snake as it needs for lack of knowledge and time. Not sure of the gender it has a healthy appetite 1-3 mice per week . The animal deserves a a good home. Price includes the aquarium. My Iphone camera is malfunctioning but will upload pics soon more
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Dripper Plant Large - Exo Terra


Ogden, UT | 5 Hours
Price reduced from $59.99! Exo Terra large dripper plant. Great for chameleons. Drip watering system. Pump included. New still in box! SORRY NO TRADES & CASH ONLY. THANKS! more
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Buyers/Sellers Beware


Taylorsville, UT | 5 Hours
This kid is buying your animals, promising you a forever home just to turn around and sell them for twice as much as what he bought them for. He is an animal flipper. Do NOT do business with this punk. He treats everyone and everything like it's a joke. I have talked to countless people about how this kid has screwed them over. This 16 year old punk needs to be stopped. The animals you sell him are not being properly cared for. I finally got my jungle carpet python back in a sack that he brought out in the middle of winter. I got her home and she was freezing cold and will not eat, which she has never missed a meal. Do not respond to this kid. The trauma that these animals go through is not worth it. more
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Red Tail Boa With Enclosure


Herriman, UT | 9 Hours
Make Red Tail Boa with Exo-Terra medium/xtra tall terrarium. Comes with lights, timers, stand and everything inside the cage. Great deal. Text is best. more
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SALE*** Mt. Kenyan Jacksoni Jacksoni babies


Sandy, UT | 9 Hours
I have a few captive born Mt. Kenyan Jacksoni Jacksoni baby chameleons. The females bear live births - they were born September 4th 2016. They are many sizes. This subspecies of Jacksons are small and even the females have horns. Jacksoni Jacksoni are seldom seen in the hobby and are very beautiful. They were $200 each and are now on sale for $150 each. more
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Hog Island Boa Includes Everything


Herriman, UT | 9 Hours
Female Hog Island boa with enclosure. Exo-Terra Large/Extra Tall enclosure. Custom work done to give the real appeal. 2 day lights, 1 night light all on timers. Everything including stand is included. Text is best. more
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Spotnose Lemonblast Ball Python


Cedar City, UT | 10 Hours
Selling my ball python! He is three years old and one of the sweetest snakes I've ever met. He's never bitten or hissed and loves to be handled. He'll curl up beside you and not move for hours- but once he's bored of that, he does like to explore! Currently eating adult mice- he prefers live but will eat f/t. Because of his age, he does tend to fast and because I'm used to snakes with very voracious appetites, the fasting unsettles me. I'd like him to go to a home who knows how to take care of him and handle his fasts. I've never tried breeding him, but he is about that age. Price is just for the snake. more
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Exo Terra large low NEW


Bountiful, UT | 10 Hours
Brand new, never used Exo Terra Large Low terrarium. 36X18X12. Took it out of the box, and realized I needed a different size. Normally $210, these things are awesome. Text is best. more
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Iguana With Custom Cage


Roy, UT | 10 Hours
Female Iguana she's about 5 years old. Comes with custom cage and all accessories. She is super friendly and great with other animals. Cage is 72" Tall and 61" wide and 24 1/2" deep. Text 8016686121. Piece is negotiable if she goes to a good home. Serious inquiries please! more
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Golden Terribilis Dart Frog Subadults


Highland, UT | 12 Hours
One of the coolest, largest and boldest dart frog species. They have a pretty-sounding audible call. They are critically endangered in the wild so help keep the species around. Even though the Golden Terribilis are the most poisonous vertebrate in the world in the wild, they are completely harmless in captivity due to their changed diet. With every purchase of a frog from me, i will give you labels for your vivariums for free. See photos for an example. Ages range from 4-7 months out of water. They have lost practically all of their black. more
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Bocus del Toro Auratus Dart Frog juveniles


Highland, UT | 12 Hours
One of the boldest Auratus dart frog morphs I've ever had. Unlike most Auratus, these are not shy. Out in the open all the time and has beautiful mint-green color. I have many available so I'm dropping the price temporarily. Range in age from 2-6 months. Any purchase from me of any frog comes with a free label for your vivarium. See the photos for an example. more
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Isla Colon Oophaga Pumilio Dart Frog


Highland, UT | 12 Hours
I have 4 froglets about 3 mo. out of water. Asking $100 each. Not sexed. Parents come from Shawn Harrington. Pictures are of parents. These are awesome thumbnails. Bold, active and good breeders as adults. more
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Vulture Point Oophaga Pumilio Dart Frog


Highland, UT | 12 Hours
I have several sub-adult Vulture Point dart frogs. About 4-8 mo. out of water. The picture attached is not my own but I'm using it until I have time to take pictures of the froglets. This is what they look like though. more
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Several Dart Frog species for sale


Highland, UT | 12 Hours
I have the following dart frogs for sale:Golden Terribillis - 6-9 mo out of water - $50 each. All have lost their black. Patricia Tinctorius - 2-4 mo out of water - $30 eachBocus Del Toro Auratus - 2-6 mo out of water - $30 eachVulture Point Oophaga Pumilio - 2-5 mo out of water $60 each (not a common species). I'll include vivarium labels of the frogs with any purchase. Serious inquiries only and please, no lowballing. Pictures are of the adults. I can text pictures of the froglets for sale upon request. more
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75 Gallon Long Tank With Great Turtles


Tooele, UT | 13 Hours
I have a 75 Gallon tank with 3 great turtles. The tank includes the filter, filter cartridges, water heater, heat lamp, floating basking dock, sand, plants, light fixtures, Moss, and a lot of food. Turtles are all male and colorful. I have a Rio Grande Gorzugi, Golden Chinese, and an Eastern Painted turtle. 2 are about 3 inches while the other is just under 2. Going on an LDS Mission and need this gone ASAP! Call, text, or email if interested. more
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Pastel pied.


tooele, UT | 15 Hours
This little guy is awesome very healthy and a strong eater. Unsure of the gender. Can can check later but can't be 100% sure. Asking 400 open to reasonable offers. Feel free to shoot me offers would possibly be willing to trade for a hand gun or rifle. Or gym equipment but may be interested in other stuff. Shoot me what ya have. Text me at 435 406 1728 more
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Perfect Reptile Habitat


South Jordan, UT | 21 Hours
Little hours used in this equipment and is in need of a new owner that would love to house anything that will fit in a 36x18x18 Exo Terra cage with watwerfall-pond, also water heater to keep that pond at a desired temperature! Comes with the lighting system too that also comes with the bulbs! Everything works like new and has only housed one reptile! PLEASE CONTACT FOR INFORMATION, preferably text me! more
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Ornate Uromastyx Pair and Cage


Layton, UT | 23 Hours
This is a 2 year old pair (male and female) Ornate Uromastyx. The male is the blue/yellow and female is the tan/yellow. Both are great eaters. If you are not familiar with Uromastyx care, I will ensure you have all the information possible to go with them. They do not take water and need basking temps up to 130°. These are incredible lizards! Please take a look at the photos provided. Cash only. Please call or text, no emails. Thank you for looking. more
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Feeder Dubia Roaches (ONLY BABIES AVAILABLE)


Roy, UT | 1 Day
These are great feeders for most reptiles, especially Crested Geckos! They are very nutritious and super easy to take care of! Prices for Small to Xtra Large 10-$520-$1040-$1580-$25100-$30200-$50Please text or call 801-631-2129 more
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Gargoyle Gecko


West Jordan, UT | 1 Day
Female gargoyle gecko 100 with enclosure text with more questions more
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Butter (Female) Ball Python


Brigham city, UT | 1 Day
Female butter almost to size (900 plus grams) and perfect in every way. Slams and pounds live or frozen thawed every time. Calm and tame but loves to eat and has not gone off food this winter at all . She will be to breeding size quickly and butter is a great gene to work with. No trades. Text 801-660-8293 more
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