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Please HELP ME!!


West Jorden, UT | 25 Mins
Norman is my name and I'm a golden tegu about 3yrs in age and very nice. Unfortunately I haven't had the time to take care of this guy the way he is needed and his health is paying the price for it. He comes with a cage and lights if needed and just needs someone to nurse him back to good health. He's going to lose some toes there nothing I can do about that now unfortunately and I feel super horrible for his condition of health. HE IS FREE JUST NEEDS A GOOD PERSON AND HOME TO HELP HIM. If I can't find someone I'm going to have to put him down please help. more
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Cute Baby Box Turtle


Riverton, UT | 36 Mins
I've had this guy for about a year and a half, and unfortunately don't have the time to give him the attention he needs. He's friendly, and is an awesome pet to have. He loves to burrow, and go swim in his water. He loves lettuce and crickets. Box turtles can eat a variety of food, there omnivores. I haven't experimented with to many different types yet unfortunately. Let me know if you have questions, text is best to get a hold of me, I work long hours. more
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water dishs


Salt Lake City, UT | 40 Mins
i have three different water dishes can be used for multiple types of reptiles. i have 1 round dish. and 2 small round dishs. I also have a repti ramp bowl and a reti corner bowl both are xlarge. measurements are 12 7/8 inches long and 9 3/8 inches wide for the repti ramp and the measurements for the repti corner is 13 3/4 inches long and 19 inches wide1 med 15.00 2 small 10.00repti ramp 20.00repti corner 25.00 more
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normal ball python


salt lake, UT | 42 Mins
I have a 5 year old ball python i am looking for a new home for. Loves to be held and sit on your neck. its just the snake if you would like a tank i have one for sale 27 gallon for 35.00 more
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blood red okeetee corn snake


salt lake, UT | 43 Mins
I have a blood red corn snake it was my little brothers he doesnt have the time now with school he said. So he is just trying to find a good home for her. The price is just for the snake. He has a cage he will sell with it if you want its an additional 50.00 more
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**SALE **BUY ONE GET ONE FREE - Giant Day Geckos


Sandy, UT | 46 Mins
***SALE***I have a few young captive bred Giant Day Geckos of various ages. They were $50 for one. NOW they are on sale for $50 for two. That is Buy One Get One FREE!!!! Only $25 each when you buy two!Text or Call801-910-0791 more
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Female and male bearded dragon


Salt Lake City, UT | 1 Hour
I am selling my daughters bearded dragons. She dont spend time with them and i feel bad. They like to be held and will eat out of your hands. They are between 3-4 years old. Any questions text thank you more
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chameleon Setup


North Ogden, UT | 1 Hour
Has everything you need to care for a chameleon. more
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Dubia Roaches breeders or feeders


Logan, UT | 2 Hours
I am needing to downsize my colony and so will be selling some cockroaches until I get to the number I really need since I only have a few lizards I'm feeding every day. I am selling 15 adult females with 7 adult males for $10 as a colony starter. If you would like my smaller or medium size cockroaches as feeders I will charge 5 cents per roach. Dubia Roaches are healthier, better smelling, cheaper and easier to keep, and live longer than crickets (which make it way better and cheaper in the end when you have leopard geckos, eyelash crested geckos, bearded dragons, and any other lizard you may have). I absolutely love having these for my lizards and would recommend them for every other lizard owner out there! It changes your life switching from crickets to Dubia Roaches! This is for a limited time only so come get them while you can. Text Gary at 435-760-8623 more
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Like new 40 gallon breeder with lid


Taylorsville, UT | 2 Hours
I used this tank for a temporary snake home while my other one was being built. No cracks or scratches. It's pretty much brand new. Comes with a double sided lid for easy access. Great for bearded dragons, leopard geckos, colubrids, blue tongue skinks, etc. Also holds water if you wanted to do something aquatic. Measurements are 36" long X 18" wide X 17" tall. Thanks. more
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SALE***Sphaerodactylus Nigropunctatus Granti


Sandy, UT | 2 Hours
***Sale***I have a few hatchlings of Sphaerodactylus Nigropunctatus Granti geckos from my captive bred from my captive bred pair.They were $125 and are now ON SALE for $75Hatchlings do well in a smaller enclosure like a nano exo terra 8x8x12. I have my adults in a 12x12x18.TEXT or Call 801-910-0791 more
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Male and Female Veiled Chameleons


West Jordan, UT | 4 Hours
I'm sad to say I can no longer keep my chameleons. I'm selling both for $100.00 OBO, and this includes all their equipment, cages, food containers, etc. I've spent hundreds of dollars on them but I want the pair to go together. If you are interested text or call and I will send you pictures. My female is about 8-9 months old and the male is about 5-6 months old. Female is gravid but you could potentially breed the pair. They need a good, loving home and family that will take good care of them. Again, text or call me for pics and if you have any questions.CONTACT ONLY IF SERIOUSLY INTERESTED PLEASE, THANKS. more
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Lizard Lounge Terrarium | Aquarium


Salt Lake City, UT | 5 Hours
Lizard Lounge by Oceanic:Reptile / amphibian specific enclosure in fantastic condition. Only used for a year or so for my leopard gecko, but had to downsize and store this one. Looking to clear up some space.It has vents, port for plugs. I will also throw in a heating rock and many extras I do not need anymore.Dimensions:36"x18"x18"Volume: 50 gallonIt was dusty from being stored, but cleans up very nicely. more
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SALE***Peacock Day Geckos


Sandy, UT | 5 Hours
I have a few gorgeous captive born Peacock Day Geckos. They are sub adults. The picture is an adult male. They were $75 each and are now on sale for $50 each.Text or Call 801-910-0791 more
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Small ball python collection ($50-$250)


Bountiful, UT | 5 Hours
I'm selling my snakes due to personal circumstances. If you have any questions or would like more pictures please feel free to send a text; I don't normally answer calls from unknown numbers. I'm willing to meet partway, and an open to reasonable negotiations. No trades. All are currently eating frozen thawed rats.FEMALES: Normal $65 (2031g)--- 100%het pied $250 (1288g)--- Special $150 (782g)--- 100% Het Axanthic* $50 (603g)--- Spark $100 (401g)--- Black Pewter $150 (207g)--- GHI $250 (112g)--- MALES: Phantom Yellowbelly $250 (1430g)--- Enchi Mojave $200 (997g)--- 100% Het Pied $80 (597g)--- Text me anytime at 801-837-9620. *I do not know which line of Axanthic the het is. more
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Cute Baby Box Turtle


Riverton, UT | 5 Hours
I've had this guy for about a year and a half, and unfortunately don't have the time to give him the attention he needs. He's friendly, and is an awesome pet to have. He loves to burrow, and go swim in his water. He loves lettuce and crickets. Box turtles can eat a variety of food, there omnivores. I haven't experimented with to many different types yet unfortunately. Let me know if you have questions, text is best to get a hold of me. more
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100% Het Pied Female Ball Python


American Fork, UT | 6 Hours
Awesome female het pied. She came from a mojave Pied x het pied breeding. Great water on live or frozen thawed small rats. Has some nice markers. Asking $75 for this girl. Text is the best way to reach me with any questions. Pick up only. more
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Fancy Bearded Dragon With Lifetime Supply Of Food


Lehi, UT | 6 Hours
I have a year old fancy bearded dragon. He's very tame. He has never bit anyone I even tried to get him to bite me and he wouldn't budge. Good with kids. He comes with 75 gal terrarium and all the supplies you will need. I started a Dubai colony which is included so you will never have to buy him food other than his leafy greens. The colony has two heating mats and gel water in their tub and I give em chicken scratch. They are a tropical bug and if they get out (which has never happened). They will die because they need the heat and humidity. Also come with his water dish, food, calcium, lava rocks, his tree, a lid, a duo heating and uvb lamp and bulbs and also a night heating lamp, his carpet that is machine washable. Really great set up. Call or text anytime with any question. 385-208-7924 $300 obo thanks! more
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Bearded Dragon with complete setup.


Roy, UT | 6 Hours
I'm selling my Bearded dragon. I've had him for about 6 months. I just don't have enough time to spend with him. Comes with everything in picture. Asking $250 OBOPrefer text.I work from 6am to 6pm. So if I don't get back to you I'm working.Tank is 40 gal. Prefer text. Message if you have any questions. more
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SALE** Buy One Get One Adult Giant Day Geckos


Sandy, UT | 7 Hours
I have two adult Giant Day Gecko females that are captive bred from my unrelated pair. They have beautiful coloring. They were $100 each but NOW are $100 for BOTH - Buy One Get One Free!!! That is $50 each when you buy two!!!PROVEN BREEDER FEMALES: I also have my two breeder females that may be gravid. They were $100 each and now are on sale for $100 for both - Buy One Get One Free!!!Text or Call 801-910-0791 more
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Pastel piebald


tooele, UT | 9 Hours
139 grams. And a good eater feeding on live fuzz rats. Very tame hasn't been nippy. I'm just down sizing. Send me a text if your interested or have any questions. 435 406 1728 more
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Frozen Mice


American Fork, UT | 9 Hours
Pinky Mice - Bag of 100 = $35 ($0.35 each)Pinky Mice - Bag of 50 = $20 ($0.40 each)Pinky Mice - Bag of 20 = $10 ($0.50 each)Fuzzy Mice - Bag of 100 = $45 ($0.45 each)Fuzzy Mice - Bag of 50 = $25 ($0.50 each)Fuzzy Mice - Bag of 20 = $12 ($0.60 each)Hopper Mice - Bag of 100 = $50 ($0.50 each)Hopper Mice - Bag of 50 = $30 ($0.60 each)Hopper Mice - Bag of 27 = $20 ($0.75 each)Hopper Mice - Bag of 20 = $15 ($0.75 each)Large Mice - $1.25 each (sold in bags of 4 for $5) more
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Bearded Dragon and Complete Terrarium and Stand


Sandy, UT | 9 Hours
What a great pet! "Ian" is 2 years old and is about 14 inches in length. He is very sweet and likes to be held. Really great with kids and other pets. We are including his entire terrarium with accessories (water bowl, log, basking rock, heat lamps, leash, desert background, mat, table/stand and an endless food supply). We are only asking $130 for everything ($400 value) and want Ian to go to a good home. Bearded dragons are really great pets and have a ton of personality. My 8 year old helped pay for Ian with his birthday money and promised to take care of him, however, he hasn't showed enough responsibility so we are saying goodbye. Please text Jeff at 801-874-9404 for more info. more
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SALE*** Adult Vietnamese Mossy Tree Frogs


Sandy, UT | 12 Hours
***SALE*** I have some adult male captive bred mossy tree frogs. They originate from Vietnam. They are really unique looking and amazing to own. They are rare in the hobby. They were $100 each and now are on sale for $50 each when you buy two or more.I have raised these from young froglets and they have all turned out to be male. I have 5 males that are available and would like to possibly trade for some female mossy frogs.Text or Call 801-910-0791 more
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