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Large chicken coop


west jordan, UT | 14 Mins
Large chicken coop for sale. Can house 12 to 15 chickens easily. Two large nests and a roost bar. Large side door for easy cleaning. It is very heavy, you'll need 3 to 4 strong people to move it. Pickup only. Asking $200. Text is preferred, calls are ok too. Thanks! more
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Mancharian cross ring neck Pheasant


American Fork, UT | 53 Mins
Great for dog trials. $13 for a rooster. I've got a few hens that I'll sell for $10 a piece. No emails please more
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Muscovy Ducks


Herriman, UT | 2 Hours
looking for muscovy ducks. price is negotiable. call or text 801646464 more
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Japanese Coturnix Quail Chicks


South Ogden, UT | 2 Hours
$3 each. Jumbo Brown and Golden Italian. (I posted some photos of the adult quail so you can see how they look fully grown)..........Coturnix Quails are great to raise for hobby, meat or eggs. They grow very fast, at only 6 weeks old they are fully grown. And shortly after they began laying eggs. They lay all year, up to 300 eggs a year......Habla Espanol more
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cortunix quail


Herriman, UT | 3 Hours
Day old coturnix quail. 2.50 each or 2.00 for 10 or more 30 avaliable born 2/25/17 call or text 8016346464 with any questions more
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2 laying hens


West Point, UT | 4 Hours
I have a speckled sussex hen I need to sell because she is just so dang noisy. She's one year old and is laying daily. She's a great hen but I don't want my neighbors getting irritated. I don't want her to go alone so I am also selling a one year old easter egger hen with her. She is also laying daily. $20 for both.Text is prefered. more
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Free Armenian Pigeon Chick


Provo, UT | 4 Hours
I bought her as a pet but I'm deathly allergic to her, being in the same room as her makes my throat close so I need to rehome her as quickly as possible. She is 4 weeks old. She's still being hand fed but I can't do it because of my allergy. The bird, food syringe and baby bird food is all free, just come pick her up asap. Text me if interested more
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Chicken Coop


South Jordan, UT | 5 Hours
This is a chicken coop that my wife and I had in our old home. We now have moved into a new home where the city does not allow chicken coops. At this time we are selling the chicken coop with 6 brooding boxes, two feeder tubes, six chickens, the chicken run and some other little items to help the chickens. The chicken coop is 48x49x78. the chicken run is 10x5x79. more
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Cache Valley Chicken Rendezvous


Logan, UT | 14 Hours
It's almost time for the 3rd Cache Valley Chicken Rendezvous! April 8th from 11-2 at the Cache County Fairgrounds in Logan. Facebook: Cache Valley Chicken RendezvousWebpage: cachevalleychickenrendezvous.weebly.com more
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Silkies For Sale!


Santaquin, UT | 14 Hours
Need some Silkie love?! Black Rooster $10 (8months)Black Pullet $20 (8months)Blue Hen $20 (2yrs)Blue Pullet $20 (5months)Black Pullet $20 (8months) Text is best. more
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ISO Muscovy Eggs


Layton, UT | 16 Hours
Looking for fertile Muscovy eggs for hatching. more
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FREE silkie rooster


American Fork, UT | 18 Hours
He is a nice male that gets along with hens but we have another rooster and he gets left out. If interested send me a text. more
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fresh eggs


Lehi, UT | 19 Hours
brown eggs more
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Baby Chicks


Apple Valley, UT | 20 Hours
Female Chickens Born Feb 22, 2017Black Austrolorp $5 eachEaster Eggers $5 eachComing soon Novogen chicks--------------------------------------------We also have older chicks for sale!Female Chickens Born Dec 27th 2016Variety of:Production Brown Egg Layers $10 eachEaster Eggers $10 eachdreamacrefarms.com*No Delivery Available more
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Rare Color Coturnix Quail


Layton, UT | 20 Hours
I have day old Coturnix chicks, 50 or so left. Many colors phases including Texas A&M, Italian, Pharoah, and even Tuxedo and Silver. More will be hatching next week. 2 dollars per bird for the first week, though I doubt they won't all sell before then. Call or text Jaren. 801-699-1449 more
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Laying Chicken


West Jordan, UT | 20 Hours
This chicken is laying eggs. She is too noisy for us. $10 of best offerInterested text 801-647-4878 more
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Wanting to trade Muscovy Drakes


Woods Cross, UT | 21 Hours
My Muskovy drake is a great bird, but I want to trade him for genetic diversity. I prefer to trade him for a pied Muskovy drake. more
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Blue wyandottes


Heber City, UT | 22 Hours
We have 9 month old Blue wyandotte hens for sale that are healthy and laying, rare breed that came from Minnesota hatchery $25 each more
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Payson, UT | 1 Day
One year old huge White Cornish chicken for sale, about 10 lbs heavy. She does not lay many eggs but when she does they are huge double and triple yolks!! Call or text Nestor 801-380-7645 more
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SWEET Chinese crested ROOSTER. 4 mos old


Midway, UT | 1 Day
Absolutely beautiful 4 month old CHINESE CRESTED ROOSTER. White & black with hysterical huge feet. Very sweet. I thought I was buying hens but oops! He's a rooster. To wonderful free range safe home only. May also have a wonderful coop Paid $500.- Please call if interested. I will want to see photos of his new home. Thanks for looking! more
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Chukar Partridge


perry, UT | 1 Day
One yearling left, call or text more
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Alaska Snow Pheasant Pair


perry, UT | 1 Day
Year old Alaska snow pheasant pair, call or text. more
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Chicks and Ducks at your Riverton IFA


Riverton, UT | 1 Day
We have TONS of chicks! Come check them out! Listed below are the available breeds. Prices start at $2.99 and up!Pullets (females) Standard Size:AmeracaunasAnconaBarred Plymouth RocksBlack AustralorpsBlack and Gold Sex LinkBlue AndalusiansBlue-Laced Red WyandottesBuff BrahmaBuff CochinBuff OrpingtonsCaliforniaCuckoo MaransGolden HamburgGolden-Laced WyandottesLight BrahmaMottles JavaNaked-Neck TurkenNew HampshireRhode Island RedsSpeckled SussexSicilian ButtercupsSilver-Laced WyandottesWelsummersStraight Run (not sexed)- Bantams:AmeracaunasAssorted BrahmaCochinAssorted D'UccleFrizzlesJapananeseRhode Island RedSilkiesWhite Crested Blue PolishMeat chicks:Cornish Cross (straight run)Ducks (straight run):PekinSwedishCayugaPlease call with any questions or stop by to see our selection! We get new chicks every week!IFA1926 W. 12600 S. Riverton UT 84065(801)254-3501Open every day 8-8 except closed Sunday more
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Chickens coop


Provo, UT | 1 Day
Nice little chicken coop more
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