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We would love any Unwanted Roosters/Hens/Ducks....


Lehi, UT | 1 Hour
Have a Hen that turned out to be a Rooster? Or Hens that are not pulling their weight and are not currently laying?We are zoned agricultural and are able to have Chickens/Ducks/Goats/Pigs. We live in Lehi and have lots of property and lots of bugs! I let them free graze all over and they love it. If you are looking to find a new home for any I would love to help take care of them.We are located in Lehi just off the freeway and are on an acre with lots of trees. There is about 3 acres north of us where our birds free graze and eat lots of bugs.€‹ We do have coops for them to come into at night and have access to fresh water. I do supplement them with feed also.Laying or non laying is fine. I hope to have hens sit on eggs and possibly hatch out some chicks. If you have left over feed that would be appreciated, but is not necessary.Calls or texts Thanks very much! more
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7 yearling chickens and 3 turkey hens.


St george, UT | 1 Hour
I have 7 chickens for sale. They are mostly white, a couple of barred rock and reds. 2 white turkey hens, and 1 red turkey hens. These were purchased from Murray McMurray as babies. Turkeys are $15 each. They cost that much as babies. more
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Fresh organic fertile eggs


West valley city, UT | 2 Hours
We feed only orgainic pellets and scratch.These are not hatching eggs as I keep them refrigerated, but they are fertile. more
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Roy, UT | 3 Hours
I have a Buff Brahma for sale $12. Call or text. more
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Fresh farm eggs


American fork, UT | 3 Hours
Fresh farm eggs. My chickens lay a dozen a day so they are always fresh. Dark yolks are super tasty. $3.00 for a dozen. Call or text Toni 385-201-6667 more
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Fertile chicken eggs for hatching


Saratoga Springs, UT | 4 Hours
I have fresh fertile chicken eggs for hatching Rhode island red and sex links, which are excellent brown egg layers. $1 per egg. If you don't have an incubator and just want those chicks, I can do the incubation for you. If interested, call or text me at (801)867-4771. more
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8 Month Old Ee Pullet


Layton, UT | 4 Hours
I have a scissor beaked Easter egger chicken that recently came to me, she hasn't reached the point of laying yet. I would keep her but she is being picked on by all the other hens and it breaks my heart to see her being bullied. She is black with cheek puffs. Her scissor beak is pretty pronounced, she still eats and drinks fine you just need to take some extra steps to help her out like putting the food in a deep bowl to help her eat. more
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nice red barn


highland ut, UT | 5 Hours
nice red barn coop bring a couple people to lift and put into car/truck comes with lamp call or text 435 669 3811 more
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nice red barn coop


highland ut, UT | 5 Hours
nice red barn coop comes with coop and heat lamp bring people to put in truck/car call 435 669 3811 more
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I will buy any unwanted hens or roosters


west valley, UT | 5 Hours
I will pay 5 dollars a bird ! I will buy old or young chickens or roosters i can pick them up or they can be dropped off just call or text anytime thanks more
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Cuckoo Marans Pullet


Malad, ID | 6 Hours
Cuckoo Marans pullet, 6 months old, just started laying, $20. We're in Malad but travel to Ogden frequently. Could make arrangements to meet close to I-15 in between. Pictures coming ( in an area where I couldn't download on KSL). Text me if you want to see her now. more
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4 grain mix chicken feed


Eagle mountain, UT | 7 Hours
Mixture of cracked wheat, corn, barley and canola. $12/ 50# bagAlso have plain cracked wheat for $7/ 50# bag more
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Black Jersey Giant chickens for sale


salem, UT | 8 Hours
Black Jersey Giant Chickens. The hens are just starting to lay. They are 21 weeks old. I have hens and Roosters for $25 each. These hens will grow up to 12 lbs. the roosters will grow up to 18 lbs. Most other breed hens will be between 4 1/2 and 5 lbs. Most other breeds Roosters weigh between 5 and 8 lbs. Black Jersey giants are a good dual purpose breed. They lay well and are the one of the largest domestic meat birds. more
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Willing to take in all unwanted chickens and birds


west valley, UT | 8 Hours
Hello I am willing to take in unwanted bird's from chickens to chuckers turkeys Ginny foul call or text (385)419-6013 more
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2 RIR pullets


Spanish Fork, UT | 21 Hours
2 young RIR pullets. $5 each...Bought a few for my broody hen, she didn't accept them. They will lay a month earlier if you buy them from me, than if you bought them at the feed store now. :p more
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1 Pekin duck for sale


Tooele, UT | 23 Hours
Mature Pekin duck. more
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Pigeons For Sale


Inkom, ID | 23 Hours
Pigeons for sale. I have about 15 to 20 pure bred Old Dutch Frills, nice birds. Only $5.00 each. Take all of them and I'll give you a deal. more
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Chicken and coop


South weber, UT | 23 Hours
Thinking about buying chickens for eggs? Save your self 4-6 months of waiting, and feeding chick before getting your first egg. Don't spend hours after work or on your days off building a coop, when you can buy everything you will need from me. I have 7, one year old hens for sale(1-buff 2-red sexlinks 2-Araucana 2-Wyandotte) These hens are laying anywhere from 2-6 eggs a day now with the longer days and have about 2 more good laying years. They come with a five gallon water dispenser a heated base water dispenser, and a galvanized feeder. The coops base is the size of a pallet and about 6 feet at the highest point. The roof is metal and the side panels are the stuff you build sheds with. Feel free to text/ call me with any questions. Cisco (385)333-5755. more
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Chicken Run Or Brooder Run


Logan, UT | 1 Day
Selling a chicken run that I used for young pulleys that I needed to keep separate from my older chickens. It's a great setup for anyone looking to keep a few chickens or young chickens. It is fully enclosed by pallets and chicken wire with a top that is fully removable. It's about 5 feet wide and 7 feet long. Call or text is best. Thanks for looking. more
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English Chocolate Orpington Cockerel


Logan, UT | 1 Day
I have for sale an English Chocolate Orpington cockerel he's about 3 1/2 - 4 months old. He's gonna be an incredible rooster and hasn't shown signs of being aggressive. We handle him with all our hens. Firm on the price. Text or calling is best. Cash only. Thanks for looking more
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Rhode Island Red Hens and Pullets


Tooele, UT | 1 Day
We have 6 adult laying hens (5 are Rhode Island Red and 1 is a Rhode Island White) and 2 Rhode Island Red pullets (2.5 weeks old). Asking $5 each for the pullets, $10 each for the red laying hens, and $15 for the white laying hen. Pics are examples from Google, but these chickens look the same. 2 red hens are a lighter shade of red, the other three reds a bit of a darker shade of red.If interested, please text Kylie at 801-726-6412. Text highly preferred. Thank You!! more
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Golden Sex Link And Rhode Island Red Pullet Chicks


Grantsville, UT | 1 Day
The chicks are just a couple days old and hatchery sexed. $5 each. Please text me to inquire as I usually cannot answer calls due to work hours. more
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Well-built chicken coops


Kaysville, UT | 1 Day
Well built, but very affordable! Perfect for backyard chickens. High quality construction and built to withstand rain, snow, etc. High quality natural cedar siding, shingles, galvanized hardware cloth, which is more predator resistant. I do NOT use chicken wire. Includes run and built-in, easy to access, nest boxes. Wide front doors allow easy access for easy cleaning and gathering eggs.Visit the website for pricing, options, ordering and more information. www.hutchesandcoops.comLike us and share on Facebook for $10 off any coop or hutch. Many sizes available. Sizes and Prices:18 sq.ft. $295 (2-3 chickens)24 sq.ft. $350 (3-4 chickens)30 sq.ft. $410 (4-5 chickens)36 sq.ft. $525 (5-6 chickens)46 sq.ft. $625 (6-7 chickens)Delivery available. Please call, text or email with any questions. Text for quickest response. Order on our website. I accept cash, credit or debit cards! Thanks. more
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Serama Trio


Bluffdale, UT | 1 Day
Blue ribbon winning Serama Trio. Healthy and beautiful birds. $15 cash. Text 801-631-6085 more
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