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Baby Chicks


Franklin, ID | 24 Mins
Baby chicks 1.50 each!Choose from Orpington, barred rock, australorp, leghorn, Rhode Island, auracauna, and Cochin. Over 200 to choose from. Located In preston area. (We can deliver to Logan for 10.00 gas money.) more
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Blue/black/splash English Orpington Chicks


Franklin, ID | 26 Mins
Beautiful English purebred Orpington chicks. more
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Buff Orpington


Franklin, ID | 27 Mins
Year old laying hen more
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Gold Laced Wyandotte


Franklin, ID | 28 Mins
Year old laying hens. more
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Young Barred Rock


Franklin, ID | 29 Mins
Year old laying hen. more
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Riverton, UT | 1 Hour
Three to four week old Black and Golden Sex Links. Must sell to make room for new chicks! Come and see us. Very healthy and ready to grow more!! more
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Custom Chicken Coop


Nephi, UT | 3 Hours
This Coop has it all perch area window vents and comes painted this is the one a cal ranch that sales for way more get yours now for 675 text me with any questions 801-819-9413 thanks KASEY more
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Custom Chicken Coop


Nephi, UT | 3 Hours
This is a sweet Coop comes painted and fenced holds 8to 10 chickens this is very sturdy high quality coop for a great price text with any questions 801-819-9413 thanks KASEY more
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Custom Chicken Coop


Nephi, UT | 3 Hours
This is a great Chicken Coop come as is I do have options of painting and fence on the bottom for extra I do charge a delivery fee or you can pick it up this one is 4 feet wide and 5 feet long has three laying stations in the back asking 360 for this one I also have a bigger coop for 575 text me with any question 8018199413 thanks KASEY more
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Custom Chicken Coop


Nephi, UT | 3 Hours
This is a4x4 with 4 laying stations this is a great starter Coop it comes as is painting is extra so is the fence on the bottom. and a delivery fee are extras asking 325 for this is a great deal and great quality thanks for looking text is best 801-819-9413 thanks KASEY more
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Custom Chicken Coop


Nephi, UT | 3 Hours
This is an awesome design for a Chicken Coop it will fit 4 birds it's 3 feet wide and 4 feet long comes shingled paint in his extra and fence is too asking 325 text KASEY with any questions 801-819-9413 more
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Chicks Turkeys Geese


Riverton, UT | 4 Hours
Prices are according to breed. Pullets available are: Ameracaunas. Barred Plymouth Rocks, Black Australorps, Black and Gold Sex Links, Buff Cochin, Buff Orphingtins, California Whites, Golden-Laced, Silver-Laced, and Blue-Laced Wyandottes, Egyptian Fayoumi, Light Brahma, New Hampshire Reds, Rhode Island Reds, and Welsummers. Bantams available are: Ameracaunas, Frizzles, Sultan and Silkies. Turkeys available are: Broad Breasted Brown and Whites. Geese available are: Embden and Toulouse. more
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Chicken breeder encloser


westjordan, UT | 4 Hours
New, size 36 by 17 by 19 inches high, lid light opens from the top and sliding front glass, holds heat and humidity good, free delivery in the salt lake valley, call and ask for Fred 1-801-282-2059 more
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Five purebred Thai chicks (tall ones)


Lindon, UT | 13 Hours
I have five rare purebred Thai gamefowl chicks available for sale! These are hard to find. I had to ship them in. Straight run (unsexed). They are a month old. These birds are the tall ones. The Roos can reach 32-36" tall. These are very affectionate & intelligent birds! They love people and can get along with other Roos sometimes but most ppl keep them in their own pen. There's two black mottled, two blue/mottled, and one bluish Wheaton. They will be $20 each. Won't last long. There's only five available. There will not be anymore! Texts only please. No holds unless paid for. I accept cash or PayPal. Thanks more
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laying chicks. Hatching NOW! .


Price, UT | 13 Hours
We've had over 300 eggs of assorted layer breeds in incubation, mostly Americana, Turken, large green, dark brown and tan eggs. They are due and hatching today Wed. April 26th. Asking $1.00 for roosters $3.00 for hens or straight run $2.00 each. I expect to get 200 chicks. should have a few ducks on May 3rd too. more
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Fresh Eggs


Pleasant Grove, UT | 14 Hours
Fresh chicken eggs $3 dozen more
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Chicken Watering Buckets - 5 Gallons


South Jordan, UT | 15 Hours
Brown eggs from our free range chickens. Our chickens stay outdoors with plenty of fresh air, sunshine and open space to roam in. We only place them in the coop at night for safety. They are organically grown and healthy chickens that lay healthy eggs. Call us at 801-499-7422. We have plenty of eggs available. more
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American Fork, UT | 15 Hours
13 week old pullets these girls should start laying in July. 1 Cuckoo Maran and 1 Americauna available. 20.00 each more
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I will buy any unwanted hens or roosters


west valley, UT | 15 Hours
I will pay 5 dollars a bird i will buy old or young chickens or roosters i can pick them up or they can be dropped off just call or text anytime more
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Silkie chick/hen


Lehi/Saratoga Springs, UT | 16 Hours
Looking for a silkie chick or hen. Please text for fastest response and include asking price. Thanks! more
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Bantam Chicks


Eagle mountain, UT | 17 Hours
I will be in Ogden Saturday April 29th and can bring them with me. Please bring a box to transport them.$5 for bantam cochin$3 each- bantam breed All chicks are 9 weeks old. more
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Seabright Roosters


bluffdale, UT | 17 Hours
Three months old young roosters. more
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Polish Rooster


Orem, UT | 17 Hours
Polish more
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albany and sid taylor Mix chicks


clearfield, UT | 18 Hours
If I don't answer send me a text or leave a voicemail and I'll get back to you as soon as possible It's easier to reach me after 2pm15$ each more
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