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Hedgehog - 5 Months old


Pleasant Grove, UT | 11 Mins
Male hedgehog - 5 months old. Comes with cage, igloo, heat lamp, bedding, silent wheel, food, carrying pouch, play wheel, and water spout. We paid $200 for the hedgehog only 3 months ago. This is a really great deal for all the stuff he comes with. more
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Pinky and the Brain


South Jordan, UT | 25 Mins
I have two 5 month old male rats that need a new loving home. They are super sweet and playful, and love to tease the dog! We named them Pinky and the Brain and believe me, it won't take long to figure out which one is which!Price includes new cage (they've been in it for two weeks), critter space pod, glass water bottle, food bowls, two new bags of rat food, and two adorable male rats. Please text me with any questions. more
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Eurosastyx and setup


south weber, UT | 1 Hour
2 year old, tame Eurosastyx Lizard and 55 gallon, long and shallow tank, all accessories and heat lamps.He's been handled often, loves warm baths. Reason for re homing: we're moving and my son wants to free up some space in his new bedroom.Text or call only, please. more
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Baby Rats


Salt Lake City, UT | 2 Hours
I have some male and female baby rats available. There are different colors and patterns. These babies have been handled since birth to ensure they will make good pets. They are $10 each. Come see them and take one, or more if you want, home with you. more
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Brazilian Giant Whiteknee


Taylorsville, UT | 4 Hours
She's still fairly young but will grow to the size of an adult hand. Price includes 20gal enclosure and necessary components. Texts prefered more
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2 Adult Male Rats


Salt Lake City, UT | 4 Hours
These two are very sweet and love to be cuddled. One is a blazed agouti mismatched with dumbo ears and one is a tan self with standard ears. They have been housed together so they can live together just fine. I am asking $20 for the two of them. more
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Loving Hamster!


Taylorsville, UT | 4 Hours
This is kiki, she is a sweet hamster who I just can no longer take care of because I have to many pets. She nibbles a lot but DOES NOT bite, she's very curious about what EVERYTHING tastes like haha, she loves to play, she's very loving and doesn't like to be in her cage a lot so I need someone who will give her the time and attention she deserves. She comes with cage. :) rather not sell her for a child's pet, rather to a more mature teen or adult. more
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Sugar Glider twins for sale


Salt Lake City, UT | 5 Hours
I have a male and a female sugar glider for sale, they are about 6 months old. The female is the sweetest sugar glider I've ever had, the male is very wary of strangers and will need some warming up to. I am selling them as they are the babies of my other sugar gliders a lue male and standard female. Their dad got neutered and I don't want any breeding between mom and the son. Text is best 8016511642Would prefer them to go together but will consider selling apart more
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Adult Make Hedgehog


Ogden, UT | 6 Hours
I'm selling my adult male hedgehog. He will come with everything you need for him. his cage, wheel, litter box, fuzzy hide, snuggle sack, water and food dish, food, his soap for baths, extra tooth brushes for baths, extra toys, extra fleece bedding and I also have a smaller cage if you didn't want this one but he really should be in this size of an enclosure. He's a great low maintenance pet. Can meet and possibly deliver. Between slc valley and Ogden. Prefer text but calling is okay too - 801.604.2024 more
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Hedgehog babies!! USDA licensed breeder


Riverton, UT | 6 Hours
We have babies !!! Contact us for availability and pictures of current babies. You can check us out online at www.pricklefarms.com more
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Male Great Dane


Spanish fork, UT | 7 Hours
Black male Great Dane for sale. Great with kids. He has not been neutered. He's a year and 3 months. Kennel and potty trained. Knows how to sit, lay, and catch. For more info pls text. more
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Two Cute Pet Mice


Brigham, UT | 8 Hours
I have two pet mice for sale, that include the cute pink cage, food, treats, bedding and toys. They are looking for a loving home. You can text or email me if you are interested. Thank you more
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Small Animal Carrier/Purse


Holladay, UT | 8 Hours
I bought this carrier for my hedgehog, but I only ended up using it once. Nothing is wrong with it, I just decided to splurge a bit on a sturdier one.It's the perfect size hedgehogs, rats, guinea pigs, sugar gliders, hamsters, mice, etc. My hedgehog enjoyed using this as a bed on top of a carrier when we tried it, so there's multiple uses going on here. Text preferred! more
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Small Animal House/Bed


Holladay, UT | 8 Hours
I bought this off of Amazon for around $13 (as shown in one of the pictures). Nothing is wrong with it, I just bought my sweet hedgehog a new house recently. The house is collapsible and the bottom pad comes out for washing which is super convenient. The actual house is machine washable as well. This is the perfect size for hedgehogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, rats, ferrets, chinchillas, sugar gliders, etc. Text preferred! more
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8 Month Old Female Hedgehog


Sandy, UT | 9 Hours
I am selling Fran, my 8 month old hedgehog and all of her supplies. Which include: Water and Food bowlsWheelIglooBlanketHomemade Snuggle SackFoodBeddingCageToysTreats(I also have a heating pad that we put under her cage to keep her warm that I will include for $10 extra) She is super sweet and once she is used to you she loves to climb all over you. She also just loves to run around if you let her down in an enclosed space. I would be happy to answer any questions!TEXTING IS BEST more
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8 Month Old Female Hedgehog


Sandy, UT | 9 Hours
I am selling Fran, my 8 month old hedgehog and all of her supplies. Which include: Water and Food bowlsWheelIglooBlanketHomemade Snuggle SackFoodBeddingCageToysTreats(I also have a heating pad that we put under her cage to keep her warm that I will include for $10 extra) She is super sweet and once she is used to you she loves to climb all over you. She also just loves to run around if you let her down in an enclosed space. I would be happy to answer any questions! more
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Honey Bee Swarm Removal


Roy, UT | 10 Hours
Please call if you find a honey bee swarm! They are harmless and are not aggressive. We will safely remove them and put them in a hive. Thanks! more
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Male Hedgehog


Logan, UT | 19 Hours
This is Morty. He is a 9 month old male African pygmy hedgehog. He is a huffy little guy, but only because I don't spend enough time with him as I should. I just got a new job and I'm working grave yards and don't have the time to give him the love he really needs. He's such ann sweet heart anand I hate to see him go, but he needs anand person that will give him a lot of time. Please know about hedgehogs before buying him, because I really want him to go to a good home. He comes with his plastic bin cage, some fleece bedding that I wash and replace every so often, his large wheel that he LOVES, his snuggle sack, food and water bowls, his special cat food, nail clippers and his toothbrush that I use to clean his feet with. more
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Selling Cute, Young Male Guinea Pig


Provo, UT | 20 Hours
He's about 6 months old and already a proven wonderful breeder. He makes a great pet as well, he will love anyone who gives him food. He eats amazingly and is in great health. Text me if interested. SELLING ONLY THE GUINEA PIG more
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Turtle and supplies


Highland, UT | 22 Hours
We have a male aquatic turtle. He is very calm and a great pet in place of fish. The $50 includes the turtle, the tank, a filter with replacement cartridges, water heater, two lamps, and the food. more
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Now accepting deposits on spring fox kits!! Vulpes


Price, UT | 22 Hours
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do NOT call between 9pm and 9am.https://www.facebook.com/DACARoseFoxEmails are generally answered first so feel free to email anytime. Now taking deposits on our 2017 spring litters!All our fox kits are $550 and we do not charge extra for females or rare color morphs. We require a $200 deposit (Paypal) to go on the waiting list with the remaining $350 due the day the kit leaves our home. Our kits come with a food starter package including dry food, canned food, powdered milk, a bottle, pee pads, a copy of our USDA breeders permit and a few other misc items to help them transition from our home to yours.We are the only USDA licensed fox breeders on this side of the US. Please make sure your fox breeder is licensed by the USDA prior to purchase to prevent the fox from being seized or euthanized. In Utah foxes are covered under Code R 657-3-2 line 16 which states you do not need a permit from DWR to possess them (only to breed or sell them).http://www.rules.utah.gov/publicat/code/r657/r657-003.htm#E2DIET-Foxes require taurine (an amino acid) in their diet. As the foundation for their diet we suggest a high quality dry dog kibble that already contains taurine such as Blue Buffalo Wild, Nutro Max, Infinia, or Royal Canin. We supplement their taurine intake with the best natural source-raw chicken hearts and livers. We offer raw chicken hearts/livers 3-5 times per week which will ensure they are absorbing enough taurine to keep them healthy. Once a year when they start to grow their winters coats I up their taurine to at least 6 times a week. They need it to comfortably grow those thick coats without going deficient.VACCINATIONS-They require the same as a dog only in a killed or modified live version of the virus. The kits need 3 or 5-way vaccination (parvo, distemper, etc) at 6, 9 and 12 weeks old with a rabies booster at 15 weeks.STERILIZING-We suggest having this done between 16 weeks and 7 months old. They reach sexual maturity at 7-9 months and will start marking and calling for a mate.ENCLOSURE-Most people will have an indoor crate for bedtime and time outs. Outside a welded wire or chain link dog kennel works best (10'x10'x6'/12'x12'x6'). Placing them on a cement pad or lining the ground with 12"x12" cement pavers will prevent them from digging out. You can also stretch wire on the ground and over the top. I like the dog kennels because you can keep buying additional panels and add them over the years to increase the overall kennel size. Most don't begin to use them until the fox is at least 6-9 months old (before then they're just too small to be outside alone). option.LITTERBOX-We will start them on harness and litterbox training before they leave our home. Use a non-clay based/non clumping cat litter. They push to cover it with their nose and will kick off those kinds which can cause an intestinal blockage.MISC-we test all our foxes to ensure that we're only breeding foxes who enjoy and seek out human attention and interaction. We take them into schools, museums, retirement homes, hospitals, etc and can't take the chance that they have any sort of attitude problem. If they don't have a personality that we trust I can't risk using them my more
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Bee Hive Supers


Large and Medium bee hive supersWith feeder, smoker and tools more
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Adorable Hamsters + Cage, Bedding, Food, Toys.


Orem, UT | 1 Day
2 super cute and friendly male hamsters. A large glass cage. A large bag of summer storm scented bedding. Bottle of food. Many toys including wheel, ball, teeter totter, and many chew toys and treat sticks. A water bottle and food dish are also included. And a little house for them to nest into. We bought them and then have become super busy and feel they aren't getting the proper care and love they deserve and want to give them a better home. (: more
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Juvenile Ball Python


West Haven, UT | 1 Day
He is a male yellowbelly that weighed in at 125 grams the last time he was weighed and he's growing fast. He'll come with everything you need to take care of him plus tons of extras, would consider trade for a lizard with setup or other reptile supplies, call or text anytime more
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