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Baby rabbit and Ginny pig


west valley, UT | 17 Mins
Hello I have a rabbit that is about 9 weeks old and a Ginny pig that's a few mouths old they both are bonded and need to stay together... they come with a cage a couple igloo house's water bottle a automatic feeder a hay rack I am asking 150 but willing to talk about price.(385)419-6013 call or text anytime. more
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2 year old Male Hedgehog


Riverton, UT | 1 Hour
We have a 2 year old male hedgehog we want to find a great home for! We no longer have the time he deserves and want to find him the perfect home! He comes with a new bag of food, bowls, wheel, sleeping bad and his care fresh. text perfered more
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Brachypelma auratum Mexican Flame Knee male


Layton, UT | 4 Hours
I have a confirmed male Brachypelma auratum aka Mexican Flame Knee that is approximately 3.5-4" that will come with his ExoTerra 12x12 enclosure. He is in excellent condition. Great eater. Cash only. Calls or text, no emails. Thank you for looking. KSL is having difficulty uploading photos so I will send them upon request. more
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Avicularia Metallica Metallic Pink Toe and terrari


Layton, UT | 4 Hours
I have 3 unsexed Metallic Pink Toe tarantulas that come in 8x8 tall ExoTerra terrarium. They sell for $60 each. Chubby 3" in diameter. Serious inquiries only. Cash only. Call or text, no emails. Thank you for looking. Ksl is having difficulty uploading photos. I will send them upon request. more
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10 inch Brazilian Salmon Pink Birdeater


Layton, UT | 4 Hours
This is a confirmed female Lasiodora_parahybana (Brazilian Salmon Pink Birdeater) that is an IMPRESSIVE 10". I have her last molt saved and measured. She comes with a 55 gal Hexagon tank with lid and stand w/storage compartment. I thought it would be too big for her but she enjoys it. Cash only. Call or text, no emails. Thank you for looking. KSL is having difficulty uploading photos. I will send them upon request. more
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FemaleBrachypelma smithi (Mexican Red Knee) + cage


Layton, UT | 5 Hours
This is a confirmed female Brachypelma smithi. (Mexican Red Knee) She is approximately 4". I have her last molt saved. She comes with her ZooMed 12x12 enclosure. Serious inquiries only. Cash only. Call or text, no emails. Thank you for looking. KSL having issues uploading photos. I can send you upon request. She's incredible! more
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Girl hedge hog


lehi, UT | 7 Hours
She will be 4 months old March 6th. Ready to go home. These animals are fun and quirky and pretty low maintenence. more
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Rhonda the Rat


UT, UT | 8 Hours
I sadly have to sale my sweet rat Rhonda. She is about a year old and is very friendly. I am selling her along with her cage, igloo dome, food bowl, water container, the rest of the litter and the rest of what she has for food. I'm looking for her to go to a good loving home! Please contact me if you are interested more
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Baby Ducks Need Home


Spanish Fork, UT | 10 Hours
Fun cute little ducks would make a great family pet. $2 each if not sold by Friday they will be killed. more
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Black Fancy Bear Hamsters


Layton, UT | 12 Hours
Our Hamsters are now ready to go to their new homes! We have 3 males and 3 females. All have been hand tamed and are active and healthy! These pets are very fun to watch and play with. Please let us know if you have any questions. more
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Girl hedge hog


lehi, UT | 13 Hours
She will be 4 months old March 6th. Ready to go home. These animals are fun and quirky and pretty low maintenence. more
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Zoo Med 40 Gallon Tortoise Kit


Ogden, UT | 14 Hours
Price reduced from $245! New tortoise kit includes: 40 long gallon measuring 36L x 18 W x18H. Screen top, Reptisun 36" Terrarium Hood, Reptisun 10.0 UVB Fluorescent lamp, mini Deep dome lamp fixture, nocturnal infrared heat lamp, reptisafe water conditioner, forest floor bedding, dual temp/humidity gauge, care booklet, food, banquet block, repticalcium, reptivite sample. SORRY NO TRADES & CASH ONLY. THANKS. more
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Zoo Med 40 Gallon Aquatic Turtle Kit


Ogden, UT | 14 Hours
Price reduced from $260! Aquatic turtle kit includes: 40 gallon long measuring 36L x 18W x 18H, screen top, mini deep dome lamp fixture, repti basking spot lamp, reptisun 36" Terrarium Hood, Reptisun 5.0 UVB fluorescent bulb, reptisafe water conditioner, care booklet, food, banquet block, feeding tongs. more
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Kaytee XSmall Animal Cage


Ogden, UT | 14 Hours
Price reduced from $34! New Kaytee XSmall animal cage. Measures: approximately 12 1/2 x 24 1/2 x 15" H. Black hard plastic bottom. Front opening door. SORRY NO TRADES & CASH ONLY. THANKS! more
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Cute Female Guinea Pigs For Sale!


Logan, UT | 15 Hours
These cute guinea pigs need a new home. They are both female about 9 months old. We have loved them, but the reason we are selling them is because my daughters are scared of animals. We thought these would be a good way to help them, but they are still just not ready so the guinea pigs just don't get played with like they should. We are including lots of stuff so this is a great price!Including: cageIgloosFood containersWater bottleCage cleaner and shovelsbeddingFood, hay and some treatsExercise cage (pictured-folds for easy storage) and mat that wipes cleanChew toysNail trimmersCall or text. Cash only pick up only please! more
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holladay, UT | 16 Hours
Adorable hedgehog in need of loving care. more
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Baby Rats


Salt Lake City, UT | 18 Hours
We have 2 males and 4 females available. These beautiful rats have been handled since birth to help ensure they are good to be pets. First two pictures are the boys and the last 5 are the girls. 2 females are agouti Berkshires, 2 females are black hooded, 1 male is black hooded and one male is a black Berkshire. Asking $10 each. For more pictures check out our Facebook page.FB.com/RevelleryRattery more
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Friendly Hedgehog with All the Supplies You Need


Lehi, UT | 20 Hours
Since having another kid we just don't have the time to spend with our little hedgehog. Now we have another on the way and will have 0 time for her. We HATE to see her go. We've actually put off selling her 2 times because she is part of our family but with my due date approaching we need to find her a good home.She's not an albino hedgie. She is white with brown eyes.She's super friendly and looooves to explore both inside and outside. She loves vegetables, unsalted sunflower seeds and meal worms as treats. She is from a long time breeder in Idaho. She's super healthy and is about 2 years old so she still has a long life ahead of her. She's a lot of fun to play with and VERY low maintenance. She is also potty trained to go in her litter box.She comes with all the supplies you need.- Hedgehog oasis home (unlike most others that come in sterilite bins or small cages, hedgehogs need room to roam and not be cooped up in a hamster size cage) We spent a lot of time and money on her home. The liner in the cage is double lined with absorbent core batting and is covered with fleece.- Food- Litter box filling - brand new only changed her litter box 2 times with it- Fleece blankets- Bath stuff- Exercise wheel- Nail cutters- Toys- Water bottle- Food dish that hooks onto the cage- Shelter- Litter box - also hooks onto the cage- Heat Lamp more
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Long Haired, Male Guinea Pig for Sale


Grantsville, UT | 20 Hours
Long hair, male guinea pig for sale. Comes with cage, food dish, water bottle and igloo house. $50 for everything. He's just a little over 1 year old. He's a pretty chill little dude, just kinda shy. And for those of you looking for a cool pet with built in party tricks to wow your friends, look no further! This guy can be transformed into Donald Trump with just a quick comb of the hair. more
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darling baby guinea pigs


Kaysville, UT | 22 Hours
Darling baby guinea pigs for sale. Two females one male. They will be medium to long haired guinea pigs. They are Four and a half weeks old they will be five weeks on Saturday. They are $30 each without cage.Come and get them before they're gone. Text for more information thanks. more
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Female Guinea Pig & Accessories


Salt Lake City, UT | 23 Hours
1 1/2 years old. Her name is Coco, she's so lovely and very mellow! I'm letting her go because I'm to busy and can't give her the attention and play time she needs. I am sad to let her go but I believe it is for the better for her. She is good with kids and loves to just sit on your stomach or lap. Coco loves carrots, grapes and apple. She loves baths and being brushed! Wanting the best home for her as possible, people who will love her unconditionally and take care of her. She's never been sick or anything ever wrong with her. Call or text anytime 801-440-9707 or 801-259-5422What's included: One cage,Water bottle,Hay holder,Pellet bowl,Hay play toy,Half bag of hay,Bag of pellets (not yet opened but depending on how long it takes to sell her it may be used),Yogurt treats and tropical fruit treats,Half bag of bedding,Critter litter,Brush,Nail clippers,Squeaky clean critter shampoo,Pooper scooper anda play pen more
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Easter Bunnies, Netherland Siamese


Utah. 84404, UT | 1 Day
I have 4 left. They are ready for there forever home's. I've been taken care of rabbits for 20 years. I have been holding them sence birth. The Mom is 1pound 1/2 Daddy is 2 pounds 3/4 they won't get any bigger. Please call between 8:30am to 9:30pm. Ask for Linda 801-675-5077 more
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Bonded Guinea Pig Pair - American & Abyssinian


Ogden, UT | 1 Day
THIS IS A *BONDED PAIR* AND WILL ONLY GO TO A HOME WHERE THEY CAN STAY TOGETHER.These two guinea pigs are the sweetest you'll ever meet! Pigwidgeon (or Pig for short) is an American guinea pig with beautiful silver agouti coloring and a white belly and a big white spot on his side. He loves getting head and chin scratches and will squeak whenever you say his name. He loves snuggling and isn't too adventurous, he's just a sweet chiller and lover at heart.  He comes right up to you at the side of the cage just begging for attention! Pig can be a little picky with which veggies he likes, but his favorites are kale, parsley, and romaine lettuce.Arnold (Arnie for short) is an Abyssinian with one gray patch on his hip. He is absolutely fearless and loves finding new places where he can climb and explore. He also loves chewing toys and needs a nice variety so he doesn't chew on his ramp. He is a popcorning machine! If you reach in to the cage and touch him, he'll squeak and popcorn around before running a few laps in excitement. Arnie is not picky at all about fruits or veggies and will try anything you give him. I can't tell which are his favorite because he loves them all so much! You can't go wrong with kale, celery, or orange bell peppers.We got Pigwidgeon first, and didn't really know too much about guinea pigs when we brought him home. We quickly learned that guineas do best in pairs or groups, so we got Arnold a few months later so Pig wouldn't be lonely. Their introduction was a breeze and now they are best buddies. They eat and play together (and sometimes boss each other around!) but like to sleep in separate houses for naps.Both guineas are healthy and good-tempered, get regular baths, and have their nails trimmed about once a month at the vet. Since Arnie is white and also an Abyssinian, he will need baths a bit more frequently than Pigwidgeon to keep his coat clean. Won't you please let these cute little guys become a part of your family? We're asking $75 for the pair of them which includes their large C&C (2x4 grids) cage with ramp and 1X2 grid loft, Piggy Beadspreads fleece cage liners, food dishes, hay racks, water bottles, chew toys, and houses plus 10-lb bag of Oxbow timothy pellets and 2 bags of hay. more
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Syrian Long Hair Hamster, Female


layton, UT | 1 Day
Having to sell this little girl due to moving. She is about 3 months old and very, very cute. She is still a little shy but healthy and full of energy. She comes with most everything needed. As seen in the picture's, she comes with 2 habitats that connect together. One of the habitats has a top wheel for her to run in (which she loves to run in). Included is a bag of food, food dish and 2 water bottles. Retail for all of this and the Hamster is over 200.00. This is a great deal for a Female Syrian Long Hair Hamster. Come give her a safe, stable home. more
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