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Tiny Baby Dwarf Hampster


West Jordan, UT | 1 Hour
Extremely sweet and tiny dwarf Hampster. Has never bitten me. Very cute! $8 with no cage. $20 with cage, food, water bottle and supplies. more
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10 Month Old Female Guinea pig


Pleasant Grove, UT | 8 Hours
Her name is Pepper and she is very hand tame! She has never bitten my children (my youngest is 2) and lets all 3 of them hold her. We recently had to take in my Mom's dog and they do not get along. I have nowhere to put the guinea pig where the dog cannot bother her so now I'm forced to sell. She is very sweet and sings when she wants to be fed! She comes with her cage that has a water bottle, food dish, ramp, tunnel, salt lick, and hay trough. She also comes with a new bag of food and bag of hay. more
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Blossom a female Spayed Juliana pig


Ogden, UT | 8 Hours
Her name is Blossom, we got her when she was 3. The first 3 years of her life were not nice. It took only 2 weeks for her to trust me. She has had 2 litters and has been fixed since last fall. She is up on all her vaccinations, deworming but has not had her nails trimmed since last fall. When she trusts you she will let you trim her nails, paint them and she is a cuddle bug when she trusts you. She sits, Spins and fist bumps. I am looking for the home that will love her and that understands Juliana's. She gets along with every animal and prefers the outdoors. Loves blankets, toys and excersize balls. We are moving but if the perfect family doesn't show up, I will keep her. She is free to a good home that she will be happy at, taken care of and loved. She is so smart and when she let's you know her she has so much personality. more
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Three Female Guinea Pigs & Lrg Cage


South Weber, UT | 10 Hours
We have three female guinea pigs and their large cage for sale. All three around a year old, very nice little piggies. Text preferred. more
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2 Guinea Pigs Can Be Sold Separately


Logan, UT | 10 Hours
I'm giving away 2 guinea pigs for $5 each. One female and one male. It breaks my heart to have to give them away but we have to because the new place we are moving into does not allow guinea pigs. So please, they are wonderful and loving and they lick you to give you kisses and wheeks out when they are hungry. If we can't find a home for them we will have to go to a shelter. Comes with supplies and food. Brown one is a female and her name is Luna the white striped one on the head is a male and his name is Charlie. more
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Male Chinchillas


Salt Lake City, UT | 11 Hours
2 male chinchillas about the same age. Grew up together and I don't want them separated. Comes with cage, 2 bath houses, water bottle, chinchilla dust. more
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Chinchillas $200 Salt and Louise


Salt Lake City, UT | 11 Hours
I have two beige chinchillas I will only sell together for two hundred bucks cuz that's a very cheap for the type of chinchilla they are. 230$ with cage , I seem to get everyone's chinchillas when they can't take care of them. I travel more now so not right to keep these two. more
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White dwarf Hamster/ Male


Roy, UT | 12 Hours
My son got this hamster for his birthday & he is allergic to it. Very fluffy, cute & nice. Fun to hold & play with. Comes with the equip cage, some food & treats. more
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Green Iguana 35" Female w/ Lg Cage


West Valley, UT | 12 Hours
2 1/2 year old female Green Iguana who LOVES bananas. Not knowing her sex when we rescued her, I named her Iggy. When she was rescued she was very sick and she has had a past issue with MBD which she has recovered from quite well. She was a bony 7 inches when we first took her in and she has grown steadily ever since and is now at a health 35" She's a sweet little girl and once she gets to know you she'll hang out with you all day. She was free roaming before the dogs came to live here. She's ok with one but the other wants to see if she tastes like chicken so she's been stuck in her cage. Her cage is 60"H x 18"W x 30"L & on wheels with a quick clean bottom. It can also fold down with some effort. more
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Guine Pig


Highland, UT | 13 Hours
I have a female guide pig for sale. We got her for my nephews, but they were not as interested in it as we though. It is $15.00 for just the guine pig or $30.00 for food, cage, and home included. Please text or call with any questions. more
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Guinea Pig and Cage for Free


Salt Lake city, UT | 13 Hours
Our son no longer wants his Guinea Pig (nameed Cookie) and wants to give it away to somone who wants it. We will give the Guinea Pig and the cage away free of charge more
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Baby guinea pigs


Taylorsville, UT | 14 Hours
These 2 have to be sold together, they're really close and super friendly. I'm allergic to them so unfortunately I can't keep them. I've held them everyday to get them used to being around people. They'll take a couple weeks to warm up to their new environment but other than that theyre pretty playful! Both are calicos, 1 is a girl (the one with the black face) & the other a boy. They will also come with an alfalfa tunnel, a natural grass hideaway, TONS of food, bedding, a few toys & their daily vitamin C tablets. No cage provided. more
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Free Black Hamster


West jordan, UT | 16 Hours
cute baby hamster doesn't bite more
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Price, UT | 18 Hours
I am selling my alpacas I hate to see them go but I just don't have time to do anything with them. I'm asking $250 a piece and I have 5 of them. Serious inquires only call or text more
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Skinny Pig And Accessories


Provo, UT | 19 Hours
A skinny pig is a hairless guinea pig. They are great family pets and very easy to care for. The are hypoallergenic which we have loved because we don't worry about our kids! Ours is male and we named him Hippo because he looks like a tiny hippo! He loves his fruits and veggies (very important) he comes with a large care with an optional top part, a little house, bed, toys, food and water dishes, pellets, hay, bedding, poop scoop, and a ball to run around in. He is super fun! Please text more
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Utah. 84404, UT | 1 Day
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Hamster Cage & Accessories


North Salt Lake, UT | 1 Day
Selling my hamster cage with accessories. It all includes fresh clean bedding in the cage, water bottle, food dish, wheel, igloo, 2 balls, puzzle playground kit, and with a few tubes and extra bedding. Call or text if interested. more
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Hermit Crab And Accessories


Pleasant view, UT | 1 Day
Hermit Crab 10 gallon tank food and shells more
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Sugar Glider


Orem, UT | 1 Day
This female glider is 3 months oop and is still in the bonding process. She comes with a temporary cage, hammock, vitamins, mealworms and bonding pouch. We can't keep her due to her being a nocturnal animal and our work schedules changing. She is very friendly (once she gets to know you) and is young enough to be able to adjust to a new home. Please text if interested. more
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Sugar glider


Ogden, UT | 1 Day
Sugar glider for sale. Will sale the cage and all toys with it. Message for more info. more
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Male Syrian Hamster and Extras


Bluffdale, UT | 1 Day
Male Syrian hamster. Super friendly, loves to be heald and played with. Comes with hamster, cage, some food, bedding, waterbottle and food dish. Needs to go ASAP.. more
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Guinea Pig


Payson, UT | 1 Day
Comes with cage, bedding, water bottles, food and treats! more
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Bee Pet Costume


Murray, UT | 1 Day
fits small dog more
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Tarantula Mexican Red Knee


ogden, UT | 1 Day
Mexican red knee "5 1/4. 11years old female. Comes with terrarium. 250.00 obo. more
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