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found cat female


hooper, UT | 1 Hour
Found black and white-femal-pink collar-shaved tail TEXT ONLY PLEASE more
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R U MISSING ME? Cats found in WVC/Taylorsville


west valley city, UT | 3 Hours
(*Updated 7/05/17) These lost cats need your help to get back home! Please look at their pictures and info, but remember*:Age & gender are often mistaken. If you see a cat that looks like yours Check It Out! These are only a few of the cats currently at the shelter. To view them all visitPetHarbor.com or stop by the shelter today; WVC Animal Services ; (801)965-5800/4522w 3500s (Mon-Fri)10am-7pm (Sat)10am-3pm or email // tamarchristenson@yahoo.com & Save a Life* HELPFUL LOST & FOUND TIPSSmall pets: cats/ ferrets/reptiles, some dogs, etc can stay lost within the neighborhood; or within a mile radius of the home, until picked up. Is someone trapping cats in your area? Neighbors see & hear things you don`t Talk w/neighbors. Show and leave picture & contact info. Ask to look on their property for pet. Have flashlight for dark areas Cats hide and crawl into small spaces and get trapped. Sheds, pipes, crawl spaces, patios, vehicles, etc! Have any projects been done in the neighborhood? Cats/ferrets/etc? Keep food/water/litter box and blanket w/family or animals smells, outside of house by doors & call out to pet on occasion. This will sometimes prompt a lost pet into coming out of hiding. Owners, pets w/ chips! Contact your vet or adoption agency and also the microchip data base org and confirm home & contact info is correct. Update if needed. Confirm Vet/ Rabies tag info too. Have all pets w/microchips posted on L&F chip alertIs pet w/Wrong ph # on personal tag? Call old #, if someone answers, tell of pet & leave contact info. Visit old address and neighbors if possible and leave info. Contact Animal control or Sheriff too. *Utah Law- Shelters can feral cats ASAP & any other pet after 72 hours/ 3 Days. Shelters don`t post all found pets on the web. Pets-hide in cages & due to overcrowding, your pet can get over looked. See feral cat rooms/sick/hurt/ quarantine, fostered and DOA pet lists at shelters. Routinely visit all surrounding shelters & view L&F logs. Even when an org is aiding you in the search! Pets are also found 50 and 100+ miles away, in other shelters, or at a rescuers home or still on the streets. *Look Near & Far for your pet- Who rescues pets around you? See Public shelters and Private pet /animal orgs. A pet may be gone only a few days; or Months *Dont Give Up Easily.People describe breeds and colors differently-tan/white, brown/red, etc. Pet may be recently groomed by rescuer or dirty and matted w/bad weight loss. Pets can look and act different! Look at ads/pics & pets closely and remember age and gender get mistaken.Pet pictures are Very helpful in ads. Close ups w/ full body and Face, if possible. Keep flyers W/ Picture hung & updated in and around your areas. At shelters, vets, pet stores, stores, gas stations, areas pet has been sighted in. Look for L&F posters hung by other people. *L&F web Sites: Most all sites have a place to post L&F ads. See ksl.com L&F pets, Utahs Lost and Found pets on Facebook, Petharbor.com, PetFinder adoptapet.com, animalshelter.org. abc4.com/content/pets, craigslist.org, lostandfoundnow.com/Utah, midutahradio.com/Tradio, flealess.org/lostpets/utah.html Save life by Spaying /Neutering and Prevent Pet Overpopulation and Death in Our Shelters (financial help may be available to some, check around and ask your local shelters, private pet orgs and vets for info). more
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Found Him In Garland


Garland, UT | 6 Hours
Looking for owner more
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Pups looking for their owners


West Point, UT | 6 Hours
We found two dogs in our yard tonight. Animal control cannot come until daylight. Hoping to find their owners! more
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Found grey schnauzer


Provo, UT | 7 Hours
Medium sized dog, very friendly, seems well cared for. No ID tags. In Maeser neighborhood. more
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**Lost cat**


Lehi, UT | 7 Hours
Last seen around seasons apartments at traverse mountain. Please keep a look out for her! She's wearing a blue color with no tag. more
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LOST Black Chug (Chihuahua/Pug Mix)


Orem, UT | 11 Hours
HARLEY was last seen in east Orem near 500 South on Wednesday July 19 after sneaking out under our fence. He has been a therapy dog for my son for 3 years. He wasn't wearing his color at the time. He's a black Chihuahua Pug mix. He stands about 1 foot tall, is very thin, and has a curly tail. He does have a little bit of grey hair under his chin and down his neck. He's very friendly, super sweet, hardly ever barks and will hop into anyone's car. Please text me if you know anything. WE ARE SO SAD!!! more
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Lost Welsh Terrier


Magna, UT | 15 Hours
She's black and brown, very nice but high energy. Went missing last from about 8700 w 3500 s in Magna please let me know if you've seen her. Her name is Lucy, she is chipped but we took off her tags a little but ago cause she was getting a sore from her collar. more
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Lost White Standard Poodle


Sandy, UT | 16 Hours
LAST SEEN at DAYBREAK LAKE, east side on 7/17/17.On 6/28/17, Dani took off in the neighborhood off Golden Willow Drive (10210 Golden Willow Dr) around 10pm. She was last seen heading on 10600 S State Street on 06/29 and seen at Jordan Park Trail at 9am on 06/30. She is scared and won't come to people. Simply track her, keep an eye on her and the contact Arryell: 775-742-6024 or Gilbert 775-813-1644. We are visiting from Reno and she's in flight mode.It's been 3 weeks and we MUST bring her home! more
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$100.00 Reward for Roger


Bluffdale, UT | 19 Hours
$100.00 reward. Roger was last seen at 2200 W and 8400 S. About a month ago. He is not microchipped. Please call with any information. more
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Spanish fork, UT | 1 Day
Please help!!! Our cat got out 7/19 and we can't find him!! (Around 800 E center Spanish fork) He is a bengal, male neutered and declawed on all 4 paws! Wearing bright orange collar and MICROCHIPPED! He is a special needs cat and has to be on a special diet and medications or he can die! Please call us if you have any info anytime day or night! 8018852437 more
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Missing Black Lab Mix Named Koda


Farmington, UT | 1 Day
My neice's dog is missing from East side of Farmington Utah. Home is located in Western Farmington so we hope some one has taken him in to look after him. His name is Koda and he is very friendly and kind hearted. Answers to the command, "Koda Come!" If you find this beautiful boy please return him to his home. I am the Aunt and you can message me ! more
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Lost yorkie


Midvale, UT | 1 Day
Lost 7 year old Yorkie that is black and brown. Goes by Kylie. Lost last night around midnight in midvale area of 700 west and 7200 south. Please call or text Nicole if found 214-755-3121 more
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Lost Siamese


West Point, UT | 1 Day
Lost Siamese cat. She's older and we just moved to a new house and she got out. We live in Clearfield near Job Corps. She isn't declawed and she's a bigger cat. She's been missing for around a week and doesn't like being held but is a friendly cat. Please help us find her. more
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Found Cat Cottonwood Heights Animal Control


Cottonwood Heights, UT | 1 Day
Cat trapped on about 3500E Doverhill Dr. more
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I'm not a stray, I'm lost!


Provo, UT | 1 Day
It's late, it's getting dark and I just want to find my way home. Will you help me? I didn't think I walked this far? Nothing is familiar. My heart is beating so fast! I didn't mean to get myself lost. I am sure my family is worried and I am sure they are looking for me! My heart is going to beat out of my chest! Where am I? Thank you for the milk and food and I really like the blanket you wrapped me in but its still not the same as the one I have at home. Oh there goes my heart again! You are very kind and I do appreciate it, but will you PLEASE help me find my way home? You have taken such good care of me but I just want to go home. If these were the words of a child wouldn't you do whatever it took to return the child to their parents? Wouldn't you? Not everyone understands that you can love a pet the same way you love a child. For some of us our pets are our family. They are our babies, best friends and our companions. So when your child comes to you with a stray or lost animal and says "mommy can we keep it?" Please do these simple things to insure you are doing what is in the best interest of that animal. First find out if it is a stray or if it is just lost. If a cat has been de-clawed, spayed or neutered that's a pretty good sign that it is not a stray it's lost and someone is probably looking for it. Chances are if they have gone to the expense of doing all that they may have a chip. You can take them to your local vet and have that checked. If there isn't one, Please check with Animal Control to see if anyone has reported it missing. There are a lot of "Lost and Found" sites you can go to and place an ad. Not all strays are strays some are just lost babies. Please help bring our lost babies home. If you see a tuxedo cat like the picture, Please contact me. Our Ottis went missing Aug 2014 and we want him home we miss him! more
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Facebook page


Magna, UT | 1 Day
I created a Facebook page for people to post if their dogs are lost if they found dogs it's animals in need more
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Ogden, UT | 1 Day
Lost cat. Read picture. Please return her, she is deeply missed..."This cat is not a pet! She is an ear tipped community cat, but we take care of her because we paid for her. Please return her, she doesn't want to be inside and she can no longer be a pet because of the ear tipping. It's very sad for our community, everybody loves her very much. Especially my mom, she hasn't stopped changing her food and water. Please return. I know she is a sweet cat but she is not a pet. Brandy, the cat, loves my mom very much, I know the cat misses her dearly, she followed her everywhere and brought her so many "gifts" (dead mice and birds). Please call 8019205931. She is a brown tabby cat with black markings and yellow eyes. One ear is tipped and she has a kink in her striped tail." more
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Love Birds


Elk Ridge, UT | 1 Day
Found two love birds. Call with description of birds. more
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Woods Cross, UT | 1 Day
Sergio was lost the afternoon of July 13th at the Flying J in NSL off Redwood and I-215. He was spotted again later that night not too far down the road on Center Street. By the morning though there was a possible sighting near Legacy and/or I-15 southbound in Centerville. Sergio is not from this area and is very likely on the move. His collar broke and he may seem like a "stray" dog, but he is microchipped. He is believed to be in the Centerville/Farmington area by now. He is a dog of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and has a whole team of members and locals helping to find him! Any sightings, even if it was a few days ago, will help us track and capture him!If you see Sergio know that he is shy and may run if you try to catch him, please DO NOT CHASE HIM! He is friendly with other dogs and may approach if you have a dog with you. He may also want to get in the car if call to him for a car ride.Please spread the word! more
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Lost Dog Beagle


Sandy, UT | 1 Day
Our one year old beagle got out from our newly built fence last night in Sandy. He has a blue collar on now. His name is Sammy. If you find him, please let us know. more
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Lost Dog named Stevie


north Ogden, UT | 2 Days
Please help me find my baby. She was lost in the north Ogden area she is a shitzu chihuahua and goes by the name of Stevie. I was barely informed by a friend sitting her yesterday that she has been gone for a few days. If you have any information please let me know. Thank you in advance! more
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This boy was found at 1850 south 1780 east approximately in SPANISH FORK.POSTED ON FACEBOOK ON SPANISH FORK COMMUNITY NEWS AT 8:48AM ON MONDAY, JULY 17, 2017"Anyone recognize this dog? He obviously got off a chain (about 8 feet long and is way too heavy to be around this old guys neck anyway). He's really sweet, seems to have something wrong with his tongue but wouldn't stop following me on my walk so I called animal control."HE IS NOW AT THE SOUTH UTAH VALLEY ANIMAL SHELTER (SUVAS) IN SPANISH FORK.I DO NOT, NOR DID I HAVE THIS DOG. FOR MORE INFORMATION, JOIN THE SPANISH FORK COMMUNITY NEWS ON FACEBOOK. more
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found dog


Salt Lake City, UT | 2 Days
found a small chihuahua wandering in a neighborhood off 5400 s and 3600 w. very sweet boy with faded nail polish. please text me asap im sure he is missing his parents very much! he is in my home right now with my two other dogs, one of which is a lab/pit bull mix 8 month old puppy. i'm worried about keeping them together as the puppy can be too rough. 801-824-4192 more
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