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Fainting goat blow out!


Brigham, UT | 3 Mins
We have tons of fainting goats this year and are selling them at discount prices. Let me know what you are looking for and I can find the perfect fainting goat for you! Feel free to call or text me with any questions! Thank you and have a great day! more
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Pack goat potential!


willard, UT | 7 Mins
This cute guy would make a great pet or pack goat. He is sturdy and determined. He likes people and once he knows someone he loves them. He is 1/2 Nubian 1/4 lamoncha 1/4 Alpine. I world love to see him go to a good family. Asking 75 or best offer. Willing to nagotiat on price if he's going to a good home. His price is low because he is cryptorchid and would need to be neutered by a veterinarian. If interested please call or text Annexe at 4357303291 more
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Eagle Mountain, UT | 14 Mins
Exceptional flavor and quality goats milk available... Contact me for all the details. Text only between 9am-7pm. If you prefer to call please text first. Serene #801-819-4985.I'll more
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Purebred Nubian Goats


Eagle Mountain, UT | 15 Mins
$185.00 OBO Purebred Nubian goats. Yearling males. $185.00 each, or best offer. Purebred championship Dairy goat for a father. Great milking potential in their breeding lines. Whether it's a great breeding male for your herd, a family pet, pack animal or just something to mow your backyard, these goats will be just what you're looking for. Text only between the hours of 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. If you prefer to call please text first. Thank you. Serene #801-819-4985 more
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Pygmy wether


hooper, UT | 53 Mins
Pygmy wether for sale. Please text 8016950164. He is full grown. more
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Boer nannies


Ogden, UT | 57 Mins
1000 for 5 nannies more
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baby goats


Payson, UT | 1 Hour
Two twin baby goats for sale. Black and tan buckling ($100), White and black doeling ($150). Mother is a mini lamancha, father is a Nigerian Dwarf. The buckling looks like a mini lamancha and the doeling looks like a nigerian. .Both are disbudded and vaccinated. I will be wethering the buckling this weekend unless someone wants him as a herd sire. Both babies are very friendly and socialized. Would be great as pets, weed eaters, or breeding. No mean buyers. more
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Dwarf Pygmy wethers


Ogden, UT | 2 Hours
Two tri-colored dwarf pygmy wethers. $60 cash for each. One is three months, the other six months. Vaccinated, wormed, ready to go! Text preferred. more
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Nigerian Dwarf Goat


Vernal, UT | 2 Hours
Super playful little guy named Sven! He'll eat all your weeds and scraps for you! He's 3 months old and really sweet! Loves attention and being pet and played with! $150 OBO more
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Miniature Goat Kids


Payson, UT | 3 Hours
We have lots colorful goat kids ready for new homes. We have a goat breed for every one from energetic Nigerian Dwarf.s, Elegant laid back Angora's that have wonderful fleeces for fiber arts, Fainting goat kids that are easy keepers that don't test fences or jump out of pens.All are great pets and weed eaters.Dis-budded and vaccinatedWethers fixed males are $100.00 Most of our Doelings are $200.00We have had lots of questions about our Silky Fainter here a little info about them; Is a Miniature Fainting silky goat for you?The Miniature Silky Fainting Goat was created by crossing the Myotonic Goat and the Nigerian Dwarf Goat to create a long-coated miniature goat breed.The height limit for a Mini Silky Doe is 23.5” at the withers; height limit for Bucks is 25” at the withers, making them small and manageable."They have a silky coat and full beard There are varing degrees of the length of the coat Males often have bangs adding to the terrier-like appearance the registry is striving for. However, it is more difficult to get bangs on a Doe.Fainting goats are very friendly and social animals, and if well socialized and treated kindly they are very safe with young children. They are often kept as pets, show animals and are also used for weed control. They are easy to care for, a lot of fun to have around and unlike regular goats, they don't tend to climb on things or escape pens or fences.They are herd animals and do not do well on their own. A minimum of two or three fainting goats should be kept together to keep them happy and healthy!You will need:-Fenced Pen, Shelter, Food, Fresh water supplyFainting goats are considered a rare species by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy and currently on their "watch list". Fainting goats are a very amazing breed that - as you probably already know - faint when startled or overly excited. While it really does appear as a real faint - they do not actually lose consciousness at all. Fainting goats have a genetic condition called myotonia, which causes their skeletal muscles to instantly contract in certain situations -- most often resulting in a lot of laughter! The "faint" lasts about 10 seconds, after which they get back on their feet and go about their goatly affairs ~ as if nothing ever even happened. A lot of people ask if this is harmful or painful to the goats and as far as we know, the answer is no. Humans with a very similar form of myotonia known as Thomsen's disease report no pain or trauma when they experience involuntary muscle contractions. While it is true a human with this condition could easily be harmed from a fall, goats fall over in a much different way than people and being on four legs they are much closer to the ground ~ In general, fainting goats are very tough animals.Nigerian Dwarfs;Fainting;Silky Fainter s;Angora;Call for more details 801-836-8506 or 801-898-7360Visit us on face book Holy Grail Farm more
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2 Nigerian Dwarf Bucks


Nephi, UT | 3 Hours
I have 5 year old Nigerian buck and then a 6 month kid buck outa the older one. I can casterate them if you'd like or leave them. Take them as a package for 125 or separate for 70 each. more
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Goats For Sale!


Riverton, UT | 3 Hours
Healthy young 1 year female goats each $100 more
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Bottle Baby billy goat $150.00 Cash only


Park Valley, UT | 4 Hours
Eyor is a Nigerian Dwarf.He is very friendly. Sadly, he is the only goat we have left as his buddy died.He desperately needs to be with other goats. At this time he is still intact (full male) I was going to use him as a breading buck. CASH ONLY more
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Goat For Sale


Bear River City, UT | 4 Hours
He's a nice goat. Call or text anytime. more
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Lamancha Wether


Bear River City, UT | 4 Hours
Good goat. Bought him to pack. I don't have time to pack this year. Good hooves. Friendly. Call or text anytime. more
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2 Boer yearling does


Ashton, ID | 5 Hours
Two reg. Yearling does. 1 dappled reg. #10711037. "99.9% Shown last year in 4-H. Current on everything. 1 red head 100% reg# 10727775 current on everything. Vacc. Wormed,trimmed . Ready to breed your way. For more info call or text. $450. Each. may consider reasonable offers more
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Fainting baby goats


Blackfoot, ID | 5 Hours
Fainting baby goats coming soon. 3 brand new babies all boys, just a week old. All have been started on a bottle so they will be very gentle and friendly. They are little Billy's right now but we plan to make them weathers unless someone is looking for a Billy with some great markings, blue eyes and very adjusted and friendly to people. Great markings and fun personalities. Very easy keepers and do not stress fences or jump out of pens like most other goats. Lots of fun and can be tamed down easily with time and effort. Please call or email to this address with any questions or concerns. 208 six 8 four thirty 3 hundred. I will be posting pictures of our new little ones as they arrive. Prices $250.00.. Please email or call with any questions or concerns. Thank you for looking more
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Nigerian Dwarf


Roosevelt, UT | 5 Hours
Nigerian Dwarf Buck $125 ready to go to new home tri colored with blue eyes very nice looking goat has been vaccinated de wormed and de horned will castate if not wanted for breeding. more
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Mini Nubians, Super Buck, Does & others!


Provo, UT | 6 Hours
Recognized & registered crosses between standard and nigerian dwarf breeds, Mini Nubians are the best of both worlds! They have higher milk production than nigerian dwarves but are like nigerians in that they keep their cost effectiveness in feeding and are hardier.. They also don't take as much room with their smaller to medium size. Children can handle them easier as well. Registerable with either MDGA or TMGR and could be double registered.We currently have several to choose from such as breeding bucks/bucklings, wethers, and we may get a few more doelings in a month or so. Pet wethers (nuetered boys) can start at $55 if you buy more than one. Super nice breeding buck $295, etc.. We may consider TRADES for handyman type stuff .We are easy to find just off of I-15, Provo Center street. Texting usually gets through fastest.801-830-8515. more
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Nigerian Dwarf Goats, registered,Super bloodlines!


Provo, UT | 6 Hours
Super quality nigerian dwarf goats. Bloodlines brought in from the best nigie dairies in the USA. NC Promiseland, Rosasharn, Jobi,etc. Great little milkers, 4H projects and fun pets.Doelings start around $195.. Yearlings start $295. Possible discounts if enough bought in a package. Does in milk freshening soon $495. Pet Wethers (castrated boys) start $55. Sometimes we have older does in milk or bred available starting around $395. Intact registered breeding Bucks & bucklings, too, starting $195.All are registered stock. Check to see what might be available today. We still have a few does left to kid this year.Easy to find just off of I-15 in Provo. Texting usually gets through fastest but you may also call or email. more
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Mini-Lamanchas, registered, dairy,show & Pet!!!


Provo, UT | 6 Hours
Recognized & registered crosses between standard and nigerian dwarf breeds, Mini-Lamanchas are the best of both worlds! They have higher milk production than nigerian dwarves but are like nigerians in that they keep their cost effectiveness in feeding and are hardier.. They also don't take as much room with their smaller to medium size. Children can handle them easier as well. Registered with MDGA and/or TMGR double registered.We currently have a bunch to choose from such as doelings, bred does, does in milk, breeding bucks/bucklings and wethers. Currently we have a some does in milk starting around $395. Doelings start at $150+ but we may discount if bought in a package. Pet wethers (nuetered boys) can start at $45 if you buy more than one.Also, a wonderful blue eyed breeding buck that has sired many super mini-manchas for us. We have kept so many of his daughters and grand daughters that we don't have much to breed him to anymore so are sadly offering him for sale. $295. Others available starting at $195, or maybe less if you don't need registration papers.We are easy to find just off of I-15 in Provo. Texting usually gets through fastest. 801-830-8515. more
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Lamancha dairy goats,registered, NICE! Some POLLED


Provo, UT | 6 Hours
Wonderful Registered ADGA lamancha Dairy goats, super nice bloodlines & 4H show goats. Fantastic starter herd., Some of them naturally polled. Individually priced around $395 - 595 each but would consider discount if you took 3 or more. Yearlings will be going into the buck pen soon,We are so sad to see these beautiful goats sell but our dairy plans have been put on hold and we are going a different direction with keeping just the mini breeds. Other goats available as well.Easy to find just off of I-15 in Provo. Text,email or call but Texting usually gets through fastest. more
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Bottle Babies!!! Mini Lamanchas, SUPER cute!


Provo, UT | 6 Hours
These darling little tiny eared boys are mini-lamanchas. newborn to almost 7 weeks old.. some of these can be on bottles for a few more weeks or so. . Some are polled and some have blue eyes. They make super entertaining pets. We would prefer them to go in a pair, wethers(castrated males) starting around $45 each or you could get a single starting around about $55. if you already have another goat because they need to not be by themselves.. Doelings (girls) start at $95.Easy to find just off of I-15 on Center Street Provo. Texting usually gets through fastest more
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Nigerian pygmy goat buck breeding services for sale.


hurricane, UT | 7 Hours
Buck breeding services for sale. Call me 435-668-3261, Steve more
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