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Baby Nigerian Dwarf


Santaquin, UT | 29 Mins
We have lots of purebred Nigerian Dwarf kids for sale. Can take as bottle babies, or reserve until weaned. These kids have tons of personality and many colors to choose from. more
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ADGA Regesterable Nubian Buckling


Orem, UT | 3 Hours
Beautiful Nubian buckling! ADGA regestration papers all filled out. Comes from great milk lines on both sides. Grand Champion on his father's side. Mother tested CAE negative. He would be great to breed with this fall. He is about 5 weeks old and is getting a bottle 2x a day. He has done well on whole cows milk as well. more
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2 Weather Goats


Spanish Fork, UT | 3 Hours
2 weather goats. Both about a year old. $100.00 for the large one and $50.00 for the smaller one. May do a better price if you take both. more
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Boer bucks


Malad City, ID | 3 Hours
3 Boer bucks almost 4 months old 50 to 60 lbs wormed and ready to go $150 each or $400 for all more
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kaysville, UT | 15 Hours
I'm moving soon and need to get them off my hands quick!!text is preferred, but if i don't respond then call and leave me voicemail.. more
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4-H Purebred Boer Kid


Beaver, UT | 16 Hours
They were born the first part of December. I have both red and black heads to pick from. They are out of a great herd. Come get them before they run out. Weathers $125 Doelings $150Bucks $150 more
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Goat Disbudding/Dehorning--Goat Not For Sale


Brigham city, UT | 16 Hours
I will dehorn your young goat kids. I use a heat iron. The baby goats should be 1-3 weeks old. Text Mike: 435-740-0232 more
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Pygmy Goat For Stud Service, Not-for-sale


Brigham city, UT | 16 Hours
This Pygmy billy goat is a good breeder. I got him a year ago from American West Heritage Center. He had bred their goats and they didn't need him anymore. So far he has bred 12 females in the last couple of months including two tall Nubian females. $20 for 4 weeks if you bring your own bake of hay. $25 for 4 weeks if you don't want to bring a bale. Call Mike: 435-740-0232 more
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Looking To Trade Xbox360 Kenect For 2 Goats


West Valley City, UT | 16 Hours
I'm Looking to trade my Xbox 360 kenect for a few goats for my SAE this summer more
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Blue eyed dwarf buck, $100


West Jordan, UT | 16 Hours
DWARF breeder buck, $100~~2 1~2 years old blue eyes, i had 25 babys by him,brown multicolor, all had blue eyes, friendly, no horns, we need new bloodlines now, keept his girls, hate to sell him, sacrifice,,$100 call md, 801~864~4104 more
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Tiny 8 month old dwarf buck breeder, $100


West Jordan, UT | 17 Hours
Tiny,tiny grey buck, blue eyes, 8 months old, dad and son bred 2 does for me, time for breeding season, tiny horns, bred 2 does, ( $100~) tame , not mean , great weedeater, we bought a new one ,not related to our herd, call md,pict as a baby, new ones coming 801~864~4104 more
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Im md , i buy all goats ---


west jordan, UT | 17 Hours
I'm md , I buy all goats or take them free. Give them a nice home. I raise and sell Pigmy/dwarf baby goats , call md 801-864-4104--call for - one of my baby's I sell, more
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Dwarf/pigmy buck stud service--$20


west jordan, UT | 17 Hours
Nice dwarf/pigmy blue eyed buck, stud service, $20--+bring your doe or does, $1.50 a day , doe care, call md. 801-864-4104--picts of his baby's dark one is the blue eyed buck. New babys any day, throws multi colors and blue eyes more
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Pygmy Goat Kids


Santaquin, UT | 17 Hours
2 buck kids that are ready to go now and 1 doe that will be ready mid-May. They are very colorful and make great pets or weed eaters. The bucks are $100 each and the doe is $125. They do have their horns and the bucks can be wethered if needed. Please call or text Dave at 801-310-2125 or Glade at 801-404-6470. more
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Male goat for sale


riverton, UT | 18 Hours
He is a good type he is new zealand pygmy goat i can show you want the babies will look like im asking 100 text only. more
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Cute Baby Pygmy And Nigerian Goat


spanish fork, UT | 18 Hours
I only have 1 baby goat it is a boy he needs to be bottle fed I had 8 they are selling fast he is a couple weeks old call or text at 3853355352 more
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Registered Alpine Goats


Rigby, ID | 19 Hours
Several goats to chose from, does, doelings, bucks, and bucklings. There is also a saanen doe available and possibly some saanen kids. Call or text for further questions. more
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Pack Goats


Ogden, UT | 20 Hours
2 -4 Week old bottle babies! take them home and bond them by finishing bottle feeding them through 8 weeks old. They are beginning to eat browse and will do great on store bought Vitamin D whole cows milk (no skim or fat free please) Our bottle raised LaMancha bucklings are an ideal animal for packing. They have been hand raised by our 6 children, bottle fed and socialized with people and are already displaying the friendly loyal traits of good pack animals.Our wethered (castrated) LaMancha bucks are disease free, up to date on vaccinations are raised on coccidiosis and parasite prevention and are fed well. Genetically they have strong feet and legs, they are long and level across the back and will be large rangy adults.To get additional information or to schedule a time to come out and see the herd. Call Daniel 801-814-6583 more
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Wanted Baby Pygmy Wethered Goat


Perry, UT | 21 Hours
We'd love a Baby Pygmy or a cross with a mini fainter. We're looking for a beloved Pet.. we've had them before and so enjoyed them!! Now my Granddaughter wants to know the fun of having one.. more
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F1 Registered Mini Nubian Doe in Milk


Orem, UT | 21 Hours
Layla is a 18 month old registered Mini Nubian in milk. She freshened on March 20th. She is currently doing 1/2 a gallon in the morning after being seperated from 2 kids for 12 hrs. I have retained her Mother and she is on her second freshening doing 3/4 a gallon in the morning after a 12 hr seperation from her kids.Our herd is negative for CAE, CL, and Johnes. They were tested April 4, 2017. Will provide copy of test results. Please come meet her and see if she will be a fit for your herd. more
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Boer bottle baby buckling (triplet)


Kamas, UT | 21 Hours
Boer buckling bottle baby for sale. He was the first born out of all three bucklings. He still sucks in his mom but just doesn't get enough. Takes a bottle and is just as friendly as a puppy. I can band him if needed, more
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Nigerian drawf mom and two baby girls


Vernal, UT | 22 Hours
Mom got out last fall so babies might not be pure bred, mom is tame and is a very good mom. 435-789-7191 or 435-828-7197 more
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Mini Lamancha/doeling


Neola, UT | 22 Hours
I have a very sweet mini Lamancha Doe and her 6 week old Doeling,Her Mother is a very nice Sweet Desert Doe with great handles and a very nice utter placement and huge orifices so milks out very fast, she gives 2 gallons a day and is registered, Sire of Doe is a Lamancha but he must have been a mini- The Doeling is out of our registered very nice Nubian Buck whom was shown and done well and her Mom of course is the mini Lamancha doe that is for sale with her doeling.I have not milked the Doe we just left her baby on her this year but they are both friendly, Mom has a nice utter placement but being her first year we decided to wait a year to milk her but she is good natured and would be easy to teach to milk.These two are disease free and up to date on there wormings and vaccinations, they are dehorned. If you have any questions please give me a call more
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Boer Meat goat


Kamas, UT | 22 Hours
45lb Meat goat, has a broken back leg and is healed up as good as it's going to get. For meat only! more
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