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Flametail lemon jake


clearfield, UT | 2 Mins
Flametail lemon jake mix good looking fish 3 in have two males more
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Lemon jake


clearfield, UT | 4 Mins
3 in lemon jake more
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Fish Tank/ Supplies


Draper, UT | 8 Mins
The ultimate fish tank plus supples! The reason im selling all of this is because i wanted and got a more interactive pet! This tank is supppperrr easy to take care of,i have all the best tank technology to make it as easy as ever to care for fish. Plus instructions for the stuff and i even saved my coupons and put them in their too Im sad to see it go, but i know someone else will get joy from it! Price negotiable! more
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Cherry dragon male 4plus inches


clearfield, UT | 12 Mins
4 inch male cherry dragon good looking fish good breeder or show tank fish. more
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Fireline mloto


clearfield, UT | 15 Mins
Fireline mloto from 1.5 to 4 inches prices are$2 for 1.5$5 for 3in10 for 4 in male25 for 4 in male and 2 females more
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30 gallon tank and stand


clearfield, UT | 24 Mins
30 gallon tank stand and led top with heater and filter and sand if you want it more
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clearfield, UT | 25 Mins
5 inch male flametail very nice looking no females just male more
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Turkish cichlid


clearfield, UT | 26 Mins
Turkish cichlid hard to fine looks better then the pic he is 3.5 inches very good looking more
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African cichlids


clearfield, UT | 27 Mins
Dragons 3/4 to 3 in starts at $1 to 5Fireline mloto 1 in to 3 starts $1 to 15Eureka reds 3 in $3 to 5Electric blue 3 in $10 only one maleBi color 3 in $5 one one maleLemon jake 3 in $5 one maleDeep water haps 1.5 to 2 $4And a few misc fry batchs ill sale for a good price if you take them all. more
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56 gallon tank and stand


Roy, UT | 39 Mins
56 gallon fish tank and stand. Comes with all the plants, rocks , filter, bubbler, everything needed to set up and go. Call Travis at 8016865053 more
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German red cichlid


Orem, UT | 43 Mins
I have about 30 1.5 to 2 inch German red cichlids for sale. all still gray and can't tell male from female yet. text is best. more
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5 4+in Oscars


Kearns, UT | 44 Mins
I have 5 Oscars that are in need of a new home there is 4 albino and one black tiger more
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ISO Leleupi


South Ogden, UT | 1 Hour
Looking for Leleupi. Call or text. more
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ISO Clown Loaches


South Ogden, UT | 1 Hour
Looking for clown loaches for my large tank, i have all kinds of fish for trade. Call or text for more info. Thanks for reading my add. more
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29 gallon biocube with custom steel stand OBO


Salt lake city, UT | 3 Hours
We upgraded tanks and now have an extra tank.. This tank has been running for about 4 years and has done incredibly well. It looks fairly bare right now because we have moved most things out, but have left it running for the next owner to have a solid start.The stand for this tank is truly stunning. All hand crafted hammered steel. Stand is custom made from steel, wood, and glass. Drawer handle has hand hammered rose ornamentation. The stand has a drawer, which is drilled for power cords, and lower glass shelf. Stand is roughly 38 inches tall. It brings it to a great viewing height! Tank comes as is- heater, powerhead,live rock, sand, magfloat and zoa colony and Rainbow Chalice chunk.  Lights were recently changed. Glass is in great condition. It is plug and play as is, this tank running quite well. Now that we have two tanks, I need room so make me an offer!No delivery. Text is best please more
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Salt Lake City, UT | 4 Hours
I have 5 goldfish that are about 6 to 10 i ches big that will make your pond pretty awesome. Call or txt for faster transaction. Buy all five negotiable. more
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I have a lot of fish stuff and fish tanks for sale


Riverton, UT | 13 Hours
I have a lot of fish tank and fish stuff you would be amazed how much fish stuff I have new and used for all of 650 not selling it separately all together any questions contact me more
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Allred Aquatics - Dolphin Manda Cichlids


Orem, UT | 13 Hours
I have three Metriaclima "Dolphin Manda" cichlids for sale. I believe the biggest one is male, but I'm not sure what the other two are. Have not vented them. They get their intense light blue and dark blue vertical bars when spawning but are mostly a dark blue otherwise. These guys have not spawned for me before. They are at least 1.5 years old. The first two photos are of the male. An extremely peaceful member of the Metriaclima family. Never chases any other fish.I have 30 or so other species of cichlids for sale. Call or text for more information or to set an appointment to come over and take a look. I am at 706 N 1180 E in Orem. I am available weeknights after 5:30 and all day on Saturdays. Not available on Sundays. See additional photos and info on my FB page at facebook.com/allredaquatics. I accept cash or credit. more
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Fish Tank with Accessories


Ogden, UT | 13 Hours
10 gallon fish tank with filter, plant, pirate ship decor, gravel and a stand. I also have extra stuff for the filter and fish food you can have if you want it. more
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Cheap Plants!! Need Gone! Contact Me!


Riverton, UT | 14 Hours
The rotala is $3 for 5 stemsJava moss is $3 for a clump, bacopa is $4 for 5 stems, Monte Carlo is $7 for. 4 square inch Matt, java fern is $3 for 5 leaves, foxtail is $3 for 5 stems. If you buy more than 1 bunch then 1 dollar off the next bunch more
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Fish Tank


Ogden, UT | 16 Hours
Fish tank for sale, nothing wrong with it comes with everything you see pictures. Must pick up. more
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West Valley City, UT | 17 Hours
FRAGS FOR SALE! I have a couple frags of Duncan's they got about 4 to 5 heads on them! Doing 5 bucks a head! Purple tipped hammer is 5 bucks a head!Tri color hammer is going for 5 bucks a head! I have 3 different colors of candy canes! Fluorescent green candy canes 5 bucks a head! Purple candy canes are 5 bucks a head! And bluish candy canes are 5 bucks a head! And I have some plating stuff that we can cut a little pieces off of it for 5 bucks! Shoot me a text if you have any questions! 3852423662 more
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Adult Wildtype Axolotl


Riverton, UT | 17 Hours
I have an adult wildtype axoltls to rehome , I shipped it in the help someone from out of sitate no tank just the axoltol It is a recuse I need to rehome there re more that need a new home I only have 1 for right now if anyone is interested in helping please contact me It has prolapse but is doing well with me Can anyone help? 20.00 takes the Adult I might bring more in if they have not found any homes . They are rescues you cannot put it with any other adults more
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Salvinia Minima


Holladay, UT | 18 Hours
Listing is for a portion of salvinia minima (water spangles).This plant is an aquatic floating fern and does best in indoor aquariums with still water. The plant is fast growing, and a quarter-sized amount can cover the surface of the tank within 1.5-2 months. It carpets the surface quite well if it is well-cared for, and provides the aquarium with shade. more
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