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72 Gallon Bowfront Tank and Stand


Salt Lake City, UT | 12 Mins
Hello all, I have a 72 gallon bow front aquarium I have recently shut down. Included are the tank, black and green gravel, stand, night and day led light bar, 2 air pumps, grav vac, algea scraper, 1 net and vaious fake plants and decor. Everything is in good condition with no cracks or breaks and the tank was just drained a week ago. I planned on doing a salt water tank but space is becoming cramped and I must get rid of it. I'm asking $200 obo for everything. more
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Free Large Shubunkin Fish


Providence, UT | 56 Mins
Free Shubunkin, approx 8 inches long. If you have a pond that is ideal. We are moving and can't keep him. Send me an email and ill get back to you asap. thanks more
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Fish tanks and fish


mapleton, UT | 5 Hours
65 gallon complete with stand lights filters hearts etc $10010 gallon tank $52 10 gallon filters $5 each 4 inch tiger oscar $7 7 inch red tail catfish $25 7 inch jack Dempsey male $55 in blue zebra male $6 5 inch blue zebra female $56 inch ob zebra male $5 3 inch female kenyi $5 3 inch male julious $5 2 6 inch common plecos free 2 blue rams $5 each 5 kissis $3 each 8 ob peacock fry 1 inch $1 each 10 German red fry 50 cents each more
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Worlds Smallest Planted Aquarium


Layton, UT | 6 Hours
You heard right, the worlds smallest. The creatures are Spirorbid tube worms, cyclops(swimming copepod), and freshwater limpet(barnacle like). Comes with ADA Amazonia soil. Texting is preferred. more
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Huge, hand made, beautiful fish tank!


Kaysville, UT | 9 Hours
About 7' tall and 10' wide. Comes with rocks, vents, pump, etc. Hand made! One if a kind! Asking $6,500 obo more
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ISO black convict adult male.


Ogden, UT | 10 Hours
Hello I'm currently looking for a full grown black convict male, message me for your pricing thanks. more
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10 Gallon Fish Tank Kit (used)


Roy, UT | 10 Hours
I am selling my 10 gallon fish tank with supplies (used). I got the tank, LED light hood, QuietFlow filtration, heater, thermometer strip & background a year ago. The air pump, air line & 6" airstone are about 2 months old.Included:-10 gallon tank-LED Light Hood-QuietFlow Filtration-Heater-Thermometer Strip (on tank)-10 Gallon Air Pump-8ft Air Line (clear)-6" Airstone-Paper Background-Aqueon Replacement Filters: M 12 pack (6 left)-Aquarium Setup/Care Guide(Fish Food, Water Conditioner & Net - not included) more
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Goldfish w/ Small Tank, Bubbles, Rocks, Food, etc


Layton, UT | 10 Hours
WE COME TO SLC A LOT!!!Call or TextjAMiE801..979.3197 more
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The Garfield Aquarium! Vintage! Brand New In Box!


South Jordan, UT | 10 Hours
The Garfield Aquarium - Vintage!Includes: 2 Gallon Aquarium, Aquarium Air Pump, Light System, Undergravel Filter System.Brand New In The Box !Cash Only!Feel free to call/text with any questions. Thx! more
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125 Gallon Fish Tank And Stand


West valley, UT | 10 Hours
125 gallon fish tank, stand and canopy comes with filters gravel plants every thing you need just add water more
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Bristlenose Plecos


Hooper , UT | 10 Hours
I am selling some white and or black bristlenose plecos they are $2 each and the smaller ones are $1 each . I am also open to trades.Text only. more
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10 Gallon Fish Tank With Filter And LED Light


Ogden, UT | 11 Hours
10 gallon fish tank with gravel, filter, about a years worth of filters, marine land led light lid with night light mode, and two baby convicts. more
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10 Gallon Aquarium


Riverton, UT | 12 Hours
10 Gallon tank. Includes hood, filter, with 2 unused filter cartridges. Cash only please. more
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Orem, UT | 13 Hours
fish more
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Sunburst Platy


West Jordan, UT | 13 Hours
Male Sunburst Platy - FREE to a friendly home. We have a community aquarium, but not all in the community are getting along. We have three platys that used to get along great, but a few weeks ago the two Mickey Mouse platys started picking on the Sunburst. He's free to anyone who will give him a friendly home. more
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LED LIGHTS 55 165 watts


west valley, UT | 14 Hours
I have 3 of them there 125 each very bright only used for 1-2 months then I sold my tank very nice led lights that have a blue moon light that you can mix with the bright white that makes a great shimmer for your fish cichlids look great in the light I had them for salt water tank that my coral was growing like crazy! 1 of them will work for 2 feet of your tank you'll need 2 for a 4 foot tank or 3 for a 6 foot thanks text is best. more
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10 gallon planted


Taylorsville, UT | 14 Hours
10 gallon tank with custom base and canopy. Couple Guppies some red shrimp. Plants do not know the names, spider wood two small pieces . Has lights, sponge filter with air pump. Heater and stand. Optional, will sell tank alone for 70. Text 385-233-6360 more
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Dragon fish/gobby


Sandy, UT | 14 Hours
Needs brackish water and at least 20gl tank to survive. It is about 7 or 8 inches long an needs a new home asap.only charging a fee to make sure it goes to a serious home more
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Salt Water tank and accessories


Clearfield, UT | 14 Hours
We have a salt water aquarium that we would like to sell. We have a cabinet, tank, protein skimmer, live rock, 2 fish, brand new never opened RO system. Will negotiate price on each item you are interested in but we need to sell them in order of priority. We can't sell the tank but still have fish... you get the idea. more
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Plastic driftwood, fish decor


Holladay, UT | 15 Hours
I have a plastic piece of driftwood that i used for decorations in one of my fish tanks. Paid $60 for it at the store. Asking $30. more
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fish supplies


Holladay, UT | 15 Hours
Just got rid of one of my fish tanks. Have lots of supplies to get rid of. Have 2 bio wheels, 2 air filters, a heater, various other supplies, decorations, and nets. Asking 20 obo more
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fish tank light


Holladay, UT | 15 Hours
I have a 3ft coralife fish tank light. Just needs bulb. In great condition. Asking $50 obo more
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5 fish and all the decorations


West Valley, UT | 15 Hours
I have five fish for sale they are ready to go taday they come with gravel and some decorations too.3 shuritikan gold fish white and orange1 female betta black with green and purple tail1 Black fishThey also come with gravel, mushroom decoration, cave decoration, and a plant. The tank is not includedText if interested (801)-269-6188 more
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10 Gallon Prestige Tank With Fish


Layton, UT | 15 Hours
Comes with everything pump light hood gravel. All the fish. Baby cichlids and two plecos I bought it as my starter tank and have moved on to a bigger tank and bigger fish. Text only please. more
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