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South Jordan, UT | 10 Hours
Two (one year old) male canaries ready to the nice home. Both are excellent singers. $80 each.Young canaries, $50 each. They are raised in Aviary with excellent care. The canaries are as shown. Young ones are yellow and white. They are not related.. more
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Sunday Conure - 3 yrs old


Ogden, UT | 11 Hours
I have a Sunday Conure (half Sun half Jenday) for sale. She will be 3 in August. She has not been sexed so I am guessing at the gender based on the fact that she didn't get along with the breeder's female at all. She doesn't talk, but she does mumble. It is possible she will talk as she gets older. She isn't completely tame, but she does love to be petted and will fly onto your shoulder anytime she gets the chance. She's quiet at night without having to cover the cage. As soon as the lights go out, she's quiet. She's a very sweet bird. I will give you the bags of food I have left for her.This is for the bird only. No cage is included.$300 CASH ONLYPLEASE TEXT OR EMAIL - NO CALLS more
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Looking To Trade For White Cage


Provo, UT | 12 Hours
Hey! I have the grey version of the cage and stand pictured- and was REALLY hoping to trade for a white one. I'm willing to come pick it up and drop off mine in addition to giving you $20. Sounds good, right? I just really like the way the white cages look. My cockatiels really don't care- I'm just a little fussy. My cage is in beautiful condition and is absolutely flawless. You wouldn't have to give me any perches or accessories... just the cage and stand. Text if you're interested! Thank you! more
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Parakeet cage


West Bountiful, UT | 12 Hours
24Hx16Wx11D more
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Cockatiel cage


West Bountiful, UT | 12 Hours
24Hx18Wx13D more
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Hand Fed Baby Rainbow Lorikeets Cage/toys/food


Taylorsville, UT | 14 Hours
Blue mountain lorikeets aka swainson's lories are often called the prettiest in the parrot world as their multitude of bright vivid colors clearly show in the adult picture. These nectar eating birds are extremely intelligent, very affectionate and very playful. If interested in one of these beauties a 50% deposit will hold until weaned. Just call or text. Please also check out our website at www.tracisparrots4u.com and like us in fb to get to know us, our birds and our clients. more
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Hand fed baby pineapple conure cage/toys/food incl


Taylorsville, UT | 14 Hours
Green cheek conure. Now weaned and ready to go to his forever home. Sweet bird and not loud. Stunning colors will make a lovely companion. If interested please call or text. Thank you Please also check out our website at www.tracisparrots4u.com and like us on fb to get to know us, our birds and our clients. Thank you more
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Bird Perch


Cottonwood Heights, UT | 14 Hours
I bought this from a woman who made it for her cockatoo, we used it for our conures who really liked it when they would hang out near us out of cage in the evenings. more
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Rare LOVEBIRD, White Color; Young


West Valley City, UT | 15 Hours
Hi, I am looking to sell my lovebird. It is a very rare color, as it is white. It is still a baby, only a month and a half old. Not hand-tamed, but definitely can be trained as it is still very young. Asking for $95. Memorial Day Sale! If you have any questions or are interested please text me anytime or call me after 5:00 PM at (801)505-1025. Thanks for looking! more
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Nice Cage With Stand OBO


Salt Lake City, UT | 15 Hours
Really nice cage and bird stand more
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Voorburg shield pigeon


Clearfield, UT | 17 Hours
Voorburg shield cropper pigeons.My name is AndyYou can get ahold of me at 1(801)698-2498 more
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Sun Canure


salt lake, UT | 18 Hours
8 moths old more
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European Goldfinch


Salt Lake City, UT | 18 Hours
I have quite a few European Goldfinch for sale they are $100 each please be serious when you call or text price is firm all my birds are healthy happy and singing all day long they are between 6 months old to 1,5 year more
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Rare color lovevirds


Salt Lake City, UT | 18 Hours
First come first peek, i have healthy rare color love birds most of those are babies there's couple adults a year old and please be serious when your texting or calling price is firm $100 each if you don't have the money to spend them Bird please do not bother me, I have white collar white blue mix lutino, lutino mux, green, grey, fischer, blue face, more
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Couple Peachface love birds $ 50.00 each


Clearfield, UT | 20 Hours
I love them but I have to move. Text for more information more
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Crimson Bellied Conure. Hand Fed! Food&Hatch Cert


Fruit Heights, UT | 20 Hours
Super friendly hand Fed baby crimson belly conure. Much more rare than other types of little Conures. This little one wants to be with you and cuddle. Will fly straight to you when out. Loves to play and be cute. Bred, Hand fed and socialized here in my home. Right now looks like a green cheek but will get the crimson belly around 6 months. The first picture is not of this baby but shows what it should look like when older. Please check out my other ads for more sweet babies. more
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Baby Gallah Cockatoo Hand Fed, Food,Hatch Cert


Fruit Heights, UT | 20 Hours
Baby rose breasted (gallah) Cockatoo. Bred, hatched and hand fed here in my home in Utah. Well socialized with other bird types, dogs and children. The most quiet of all cockatoos and beautiful flyers. Easy to train and they love to talk once they learn a few words. Check out my other ads for more hand Fed baby parrots. more
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Hand Fed Baby Caique, Food, Care Guide, Hatch Cert


Fruit Heights, UT | 20 Hours
Baby black head caique hand fed, happy, funny, playful, sweet and ready to go home with you. Hand fed in my home from day one. Socialized with other types of birds, dogs and children. Caiques are the funniest little birds around. They always have some energy to play and entertain you. Check out my other ads for more Baby birds for sale. more
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Baby diamond dove


Taylorsville, UT | 21 Hours
Baby diamond dove weaned and ready to go. Unsexed.Price is firm.Cash only. Please bring your own cage.Text or call.First come, first served basis. more
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Sweet Handfed Sunday Conure Babies


Salt lake city, UT | 22 Hours
Babies are ready to go now to their new homes, and they're as sweet as they can be, with Sunday conures you will get the best of both worlds, the sweet personality of the sun conure and the ability to talk of the jenday, they're very sweet, smart and playful, you can't go wrong with these babies!Any questions please call or text 8014309405 more
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Adorable Handfed Dusky Conure Baby


Salt lake city, UT | 22 Hours
Only one baby left!, he is fully weaned and ready to go to his new home, he is an adorable and beautiful baby. Dusky Conures are very popular pets because of their quiet and sweet personality they're very easy going birds, playful and are capable to learn to talk. Please have a look at my other ads for more sweet baby birds, any questions please call or text 8013475750 more
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Frillback, Roller, and West of England Tumblers


west point, UT | 22 Hours
I am liquidating. I have a total of 8 Frillbacks. I know thete is at least two pair. I would sell each bird for $40 each, $60 a pair, or or $200 for all 8. There are about 15-20 rollers, all colors, $5 each, will give a break to take them all. I also have a small coop with about 6 or 7 adult West of England Tumblers. They are good parents, good producers. Small coop will easily fit into a pickup truck and is equipped with nesting boxes. I would sell the coop and birds for $125 or best offer. I still have 2 or three fantails left. $5. more
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Parrots And Fertile Parrot Eggs For Sale


new york, UT | 1 Day
we do have fresh fertile parrots eggs and parrots babies available at very good prices.we have parrots eggs and babies if the following species: African grey Macaw Cockatoo Electus Ostrich Emu Amazona Senegal Military parrots Hawk Head Pioneers Conures Toco Toucan And many others . Free Auto-Regulated incubator to guarantee delivery. Contact me anytime for my price list at: Text or call: (434) 515-0119 Email:(roxyfarms@gmail.com) more
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3.5 year old sweet Cockatiel.


Orem, UT | 1 Day
Paco is a sweet bird. He sings If You're Happy and you Know It, Jingle Bells, and occasionally star award. He says Hello, pretty bird, good night. Our children are not giving him the attention he deserves anymore. He comes with his cage, perches, and toys. Call or text Krista more
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