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308 Russian Barnaul soft point


RIVERTON, UT | 13 Mins
308 Russian Barnaul 140 gr soft point steel, case, non-corrosive 20 rds a box $8.00 a box more
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South Africa308 140 rd battle packs


RIVERTON, UT | 19 Mins
South Africa 308 140 rd battle packs 147 gr bullet non corrsive, brass case, non reloadable, very good ammo very acurate in FAL and HK 91 more
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5.45x39 ammo for AK74


RIVERTON, UT | 25 Mins
Bulgarian 5.45x39 ammo for AK74s 1080 rd tins, 60gr bullets corrsive this is very good ammo for your AK74s I have shot 1000s of rounds of it with no malfunctions and is very accurate in my polish tantal and my Arsenal AK74 more
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7.62x54 ammo 440 rd tins


RIVERTON, UT | 32 Mins
7.62x54R russian or bulgarian ammo 440 rd tin unopened corrsive more
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Speer gold dot 45 GAP 185 gr GDHP hollow points


RIVERTON, UT | 36 Mins
Speer gold dots 45 GAP 185 gr Hollow points 50 rd box more
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seirra 9 mm bullets .355 dia


RIVERTON, UT | 40 Mins
Seirra 9mm bullets .355 dia 95 gr FMJ bullets 5- 100 rd boxes $65.00 for all more
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Looking for .243 Winchester brass


Syracuse, UT | 1 Hour
If you have some .243 win brass, and live close to Layton or Ogden, please call or text me. I'm trying to get some for loads.Call or text more
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Trade reload suplies


Provo, UT | 1 Hour
I have various reload supplies, I have 4 boxes of CCI 450 Small Rifle primers1 box of Winchester Large rifle Primers 1 box of CCi Large Rifle Primers half full2 boxes of 40 cal Bullet reloads- I'm estimating about 800 bulletsI also have two Ammo boxes of brasses Mostly 9mm and 556 brass.Whatever you have for trade let me know, interested in hunting equipment, decoys, guns, backpack etc... more
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STEAL . . .Once Fired Non-Polished Brass Ammo


Highland, UT | 1 Hour
Lowest price you'll find. Once Fired Non-Polished Brass Ammo in the below calibers.. Multiple Manufactures. Text Only Please. .223 - 3220 $220.38 Special - 1280 $55.40 SW - 420 $20.357 Magnum - 745 $7530.06 - 60 $20 more
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30-06 Ammo


Roy, UT | 2 Hours
28 rounds of 30-06 ammo. Open to trading for 12 Guage shotgun ammo or anything duck hunting related. Call or text anytime. 25 obo more
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.270 Weatherby Magnum Factory Ammo (10)


Kearns, UT | 2 Hours
.270 Weatherby Magnum Cartridges factory unfired (quantity 10)Nickel plated brassI'm not sure of the bullet weight or bullet type but I believe they are Federal.Call or text if you want more
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Hornady .45 Cal Bullets For Reloads


South Jordan, UT | 2 Hours
I'm selling 5 boxes of 185gr hollow point self defense .45 cal bullets for reloads. These are unopened boxes. 100 bullets in each box. Firm on price, but will sell individual boxes if desired.Ind box $25All 5 boxes $125 more
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roy, UT | 3 Hours
I know it is a long shot, but I want to trade this for one in .257 Roberts OR 300winmag OR 30-06spring.LEE LOADER TARGET MODEL ZERO ERROR in .243Winchester.Probably never used, LNiB. Box is a little worn. Maybe it was used a tiny bit but usually the dippers are stained from powder and this one isn't. There is a bit of grime near the primer pocket cleaner and the knurled patter on the decapper has been hammered down smooth probably because the PO thought it was too sharp. So on second thought, there is a little use.Also, I'm looking for .257 Roberts ammo or brass if you want to trade. And I'm looking for L.E.Wilson case gauges in 300wm, 357mag, 30-06, and 40sw. Call me if your selling any even if your not interested in this lee loader please.JamesH: 801-773-1060call for addressnear winco in roy, utfixepa more
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22 HORNET Wilson case holder


roy, UT | 3 Hours
22 (and probably 17) hornet case holder for L. E. Wilson case trimmer. By the way, I know that you don't put loaded shells in a trimmer :) it's all I had to illustrate. Trimmer not for sale. Does not come with box. This is a L.E.Wilson Case holder for the .22 Hornet. Excellent condition. These work with Wilson, Armory CH & Forester trimmers. This is not a cartridge gauge.$5 firm (or trade for RCBS shell holder #3 or #27 for press)These are $11 or $14 + s/h off the internet, so if you live close, it is a really good deal if you reload 22 hornet and trim with a l. E. Wilson.Also, I'm looking for .257 Roberts ammo or brass if you want to trade. Also, I'm looking for L.E.Wilson Go/NoGo gauges in 300wm, 357mag, 30-06, and 40sw. Call me if your selling any even if your not interested in this case holder please.JamesH; 801 773 1060call for addressnear winco in Roy, UTfixepa more
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LEE .338winmag decapping/deprimming tool


roy, UT | 3 Hours
LEE .338winmag decapping/deprimming tool. I bought an old Lee Loader kit for 300winmag from a guy here on KSLdotcom; you know the kind you use a soft face hammer. It was 30 years old but had never been used. I was the first to use it and when I did I learned that the wrong decapping/deprimming tool was in this kit. I phoned LEE and they sold me the correct one for .308dia so I have this one for sale. It is .338dia, so it is for the .338 Winchester Magnum. $5 firm OR trade for shell holders RCBS #3, or RCBS #27 PLEASE HELP A FRIEND. :)JAMES801 682 060eight more
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WTB - I'm looking for some shell holders


roy, UT | 3 Hours
WTB (I want to buy) I'm new to reloading and looking for some used or new shell holders in the Ogden/Clearfield area. I'm paying around $3 each. I still need shell holders RCBS #3, and RCBS #27. PLEASE HELP A FRIEND. :)B.G. helped me with shell holder rcbs#4; thanks again.And C.S. helped me with RCBS #11, and Hornady #1., thanksJAMES801 682 060eight more
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5010 powder


pocatello, ID | 3 Hours
5010 rifle powder 8 lbs. keg excellent for over bore calibers. more
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Redding T7 Turret Press (essentially brand new)


Alpine, UT | 5 Hours
Redding T7 Turret Press. This is considered by most to be the best turret press made. This press is essentially brand new. I mounted it on my bench but it has been used for no more than 50 rounds at most. I am selling it because I am upgrading to a progressive press. It comes with everything it originally came with including the box.Cash only. No trades.No checks.No scams. more
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80 pieces 22-250 WIN BRASS TWICE FIRED


Sandy, UT | 6 Hours
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Lee pro 1000 reloading press with stand


Pleasant Grove, UT | 6 Hours
I have a lee pro 1000 reloading press with a stand i made it comes with the adjustable powder slide 40 s&w dies 357 dies and the powder die for rifle for 223 and larger 150obo call or text for more info 801 420 2801 more
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New sealed 8lb Keg h1000


Deweyville, UT | 6 Hours
New keg of H1000, $190 more
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12 and 20 gauge MEC reloaders


Francis, UT | 7 Hours
One 12 gauge Sizemaster MEC reloader, maybe 500 shells through it. Charge bars and powder bushings included.One 20 gauge Versa MEC reloader, brand new, never used, auto prime. All paperwork and charts for both more
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7mm (.284) Nosler Accubond Long Range 175 gr


Hooper, UT | 7 Hours
2- 100 count boxes of Nosler Accubond Long range 175 gr. bullets. These bullets usually go for around $55 a box plus tax or shipping, I'm willing to sell for $45 a box or will trade for 6.5mm 129 grain Accubond Long Range bullets more
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Ultimate 12g Casting/Reloading setup


Sandy, UT | 8 Hours
I just don't have time to cast and load 12g anymore, so selling this all as a package deal. Everything you need to load 12gauge. I will post pictures later in the day once I get it all organized and the press unmounted from my benchMEC Sizemaster with 3 bars and bushingsLyman 55 powder measureWinchester and CCI primers4 lowes 5 gallon buckets of shells (AA, REM STS gold and green)Buffer and overshot cards4 bags of different wadsSome opened powders- Herco, Blue dot, titewad, Unique Lyman shotshell and casting load booksLee 20lb casting pot (filled)About 100 pounds of lead including tin/pewter plus some cast shot and slugs ( the slugs are just a bonus and you are not paying for them in the package deal- consider them a gift)60 pounds of lead shotLyman 12 gauge slug mold (pellet style)Lee .320 round ball mold2 Extra mold handlesCasting apronNOT INTERESTED IN ANY TRADES!!! more
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