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300 weatherby ammo and brass


Bluffdale, UT | 1 Hour
I have 133 loaded rounds some are new factory rounds and some are reloads on once fired brass and I also have 66 pieces of once fired brass. Weatherby brass sells for about $2 bucks a piece so this is a great deal if you need it. No emails or trades. Thanks... more
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LEE .338winmag decapping/deprimming tool


roy, UT | 2 Hours
LEE .338winmag decapping/deprimming tool. I bought an old Lee Loader kit for 300winmag from a guy here on KSLdotcom; you know the kind you use a soft face hammer. It was 30 years old but had never been used. I was the first to use it and when I did I learned that the wrong decapping/deprimming tool was in this kit. I phoned LEE and they sold me the correct one for .308dia so I have this one for sale. It is .338dia, so it is for the .338 Winchester Magnum. $5 firm OR trade for shell holders RCBS #3, or RCBS #27 PLEASE HELP A FRIEND. :)JAMES801 682 060eight more
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22 HORNET Wilson case holder


roy, UT | 2 Hours
22 (and probably 17) hornet case holder for L. E. Wilson case trimmer. By the way, I know that you don't put loaded shells in a trimmer :) it's all I had to illustrate. Trimmer not for sale. Does not come with box. This is a L.E.Wilson Case holder for the .22 Hornet. Excellent condition. These work with Wilson, Armory CH & Forester trimmers. This is not a cartridge gauge.$5 firm (or trade for RCBS shell holder #3 or #27 for press)These are $11 or $14 + s/h off the internet, so if you live close, it is a really good deal if you reload 22 hornet and trim with a l. E. Wilson.Also, I'm looking for .257 Roberts ammo or brass if you want to trade. Also, I'm looking for L.E.Wilson Go/NoGo gauges in 300wm, 357mag, 30-06, and 40sw. Call me if your selling any even if your not interested in this case holder please.JamesH; 801 773 1060call for addressnear winco in Roy, UTfixepa more
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roy, UT | 2 Hours
I know it is a long shot, but I want to trade this for one in .257 Roberts OR 300winmag OR 30-06spring.LEE LOADER TARGET MODEL ZERO ERROR in .243Winchester.Probably never used, LNiB. Box is a little worn. Maybe it was used a tiny bit but usually the dippers are stained from powder and this one isn't. There is a bit of grime near the primer pocket cleaner and the knurled patter on the decapper has been hammered down smooth probably because the PO thought it was too sharp. So on second thought, there is a little use.Also, I'm looking for .257 Roberts ammo or brass if you want to trade. And I'm looking for L.E.Wilson case gauges in 300wm, 357mag, 30-06, and 40sw. Call me if your selling any even if your not interested in this lee loader please.JamesH: 801-773-1060call for addressnear winco in roy, utfixepa more
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22 ammo


Orem, UT | 2 Hours
Have about 550 rounds I don't have a 22 anymore need to sell there is no point in having them. 60 for all more
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Gun cleaning kit


Orem, UT | 2 Hours
Have this cleaning kit that my grandpa used still in good condition. Need it gone more
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Hodgon H414 Rifle Powder


Logan, UT | 4 Hours
Hodgon H 414 Rifle powder. I have two one pound bottles and one bottle that is 70% full by weight. It is an excellent powder for a wide range of calibers from 22-250 Remington up to 375 H & H. Being spherical, it measures very well. It compares very closely to H 4350 in reloading data. The price is $25 per pound or $60 for all three bottles. They all have the same batch number. more
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Tooele, UT | 6 Hours
Ready to install and assembled 556 mm bolt. Heat treated per mil-std and black manganese phosphate finish. 55.00 + shipping. more
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Heavy Duty Extractor Spring


Tooele, UT | 6 Hours
Extra-strong extractor spring increases extractor’s grip on case groove and helps ensure reliable, complete extraction. Especially effective for improving reliability of an AR-15 style carbine, pistol, or short barreled rifle (SBR) where a weak extractor spring can cause extractor lift, leading to failure to fully extract the spent case before the fresh round is fed from the magazine, resulting in a stoppage. Heavy-grade, high-quality spring steel and a proprietary heat-treating process ensure long service life with less weakening over time than ordinary springs. 3.75 ea. + shipping. more
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Tooele, UT | 6 Hours
500 Pack of 230 grain TMJ .45 acp bullets. I have them for 65.00 a box, that’s .13 ea. These are projectiles only…THIS IS NOT LOADED AMMUNITION. more
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Ammunition Collection Downsizing


tooele, UT | 7 Hours
Hi im looking to downsize my ammunition collection. I have a number of vintage and antique small arms rounds including center fire, rim fire, cup fire, pin fire, teet fire. I also have a number of large bore examples im looking to get rid of including 50bmg, 20mm, 20mm oerlikon, 25mm, 30x113b (apache), 30x173 (warthog), 37mm, 40mm, 75mm AP, naval 5" and other munitions. Text is best more
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7mm slugs. Or .284 if you prefer.


Orem, UT | 7 Hours
These are all .284 cal, or 7mm. These are almost all spritzer brand, there are some hornady. I have 110 slugs 140 gr $30. 166 slugs 120 gr $50. 68 slugs 160 gr $25. Lady 46 slugs 168 gr $25. more
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Accurate Gun Powder


Clinton, UT | 8 Hours
I have the following Gun Powder for sale from a friends estate.MAG PRO,(6), 2520 (3), 2015 (2), No 7 (3), 4350 (1), 2460(1), 3100 (3),2320 (1), 4060 (1), 2230 (1), 8700 (2), 2495 (1)$20 / poundCall, phone or text.Ask for Dan more
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MEC Primer Feeder and Extra Parts


Washington, UT | 8 Hours
I have a Mec 9000 primer feeder, some other parts, powder bar etc. more
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Winchester 38-40 ammunition (price reduced)


Highland, UT | 9 Hours
White/Yellow X box 38-40 ammo. 180 grain soft point bullet. For rifles or revolvers.These are NOT RELOADS. This is factory ammo. 50 cartridges in a box. more
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45 cal, 200 grain SWC 205 count bullets


Hurricane, UT | 9 Hours
45 cal, 200 grain SWC bullets, 205 count. Only $0.17/ bullet. more
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Ammo Cans


North Ogden, UT | 10 Hours
I have 4 ammo cans for sale I'm asking 10 apiece for the big ones and 5 for the small ones they are in great shape lids work and seal open to offers just collecting dust in the shed need them gone more
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9 mm lead bullets, 125 gr, .365 dia (650 count)


Hurricane, UT | 12 Hours
650 count, lead 9 mm bullets, 125 grain .365 diameter, only $.06/bullet more
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Premium moon clips


Salt lake city, UT | 15 Hours
New38/357 Moon Clips - 8 ShotClips are .025 thick Stainless Steel.Package of 10Keywords: TK Custom, 357, S&W, Revolver more
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Accurate 4064 Powder


Alpine, UT | 15 Hours
Downsizing. This is a new unopened 1 lb. bottle of Accurate 4064.Cash only. No trades. No checks. more
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Redding 223 die set 80111


Alpine, UT | 16 Hours
I'm downsizing/reorganizing. I have a set of Redding .223 dies (2-die set 80111) for sale. One is a full-length sizing die and the other is a bullet seating die with built-in crimp ring. They were used only once so they are essentially new. Comes with an extra decapping rod insert as well as spare decapping pins.Would be interested in a trade for a Dillon bullet tray or maintenance kit. Otherwise, cash only. more
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9mm ammo


Roy, UT | 16 Hours
Three brand new boxes of 9mm makarov American eagle 50 rounds each. $10 each. No emails. Text anytime more
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LEE casting pot


Toquerville, UT | 21 Hours
used 1 time make offer holds 10 pounds more
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PROVO, UT | 23 Hours
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