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Log Cabin Package


salt lake, UT | 26 Mins
got one left to sell for 31,500. Mountain Log Cabin Kit and Framing package. NOT Just LOGS ONLY (for the ones that fell for that call it "Two Cords of firewood" educate your selves first. Our Log Cabin is user friendly, do-it-yourself, designed is large one bedroom or optional ad the two levels, includes acceptable plans, porch, optional loft area, Blueprints, instructions, engineering for permits, this is STAMPED HOUSING MATERIAL. Includes floor, windows, doors, 60 pound plywood roof, all logs stamped so you can get building permits for construction, loans and resale ability and RESALE VALUE!!!. You supply the roofing, labor, interior finish, foundation visit web site, and Salt Lake Model 3030 so.600 west, enter from 2100 south and 600 West.. Web Site www. dolog.com FOR MORE EMAIL ... sales@dolog.com call 406-253-0659 in salt lake more
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Rustic Siding


Salt Lake City, UT | 31 Mins
Log Sidings Rustic, has the sawn marks in it 1x8 New Fir rustic old school Circled sawed 1.50 a sq ft, 7/8” thick, 1x8, random lengths, fresh cut. rick@dolog I don't get the KSL. Call in Salt Lake 406-253-0659 note: its fresh let it cure/dry dry down to room before installing, Its called Wany Edge Rustic Home siding more
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Rustic Log Siding


salt lake, UT | 36 Mins
Log Siding Rustic, has the sawn marks in it 1x8 New Fir rustic old school Circled sawed 1.50 a sq ft, 7/8” thick, 1x8, random lengths, fresh cut. I don't get the KSL email. Call in Salt Lake 406-253-0659 note: its fresh let it cure/dry dry down to room before installing, Its called Wany Edge Rustic Home siding more
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Bulletproof Sheetrock for office or safe room.


Highland, UT | 48 Mins
I have 6 sheets of North American Level 3 Bullet Proof sheet rock. Used, but in great shape. Has glue on one side. 3 sheets are full length 4'x8'. 3 sheets are 4'x7.25' and some extra pieces. $495 for all . Great for extra protection in an office, or for a safe room at home. SHOTGARD® BALLISTIC FIBERGLASS ARMOR PANELSCreating a ballistic shield for ultimate protectionNorth American Bullet Proof manufactures ShotGard® bullet resistant composite armor. This UL Listed composite laminate is produced from high quality E-glass strand woven into a special ballistic grade cloth and impregnated with a proprietary thermoset polyester resin binder. The resulting multi-ply configuration produces a controlled delamination when ballistically attacked. Delamination, or separation allows for the bullet to be trapped. This eliminates the potentially dangerous effects of ricochet or spalling (chipping or splintering of the projectile upon hitting a ballistic shield or object). Bullets are imbedded within the plies of the laminate sheet unlike the high potential for ricochet with steel, aluminum or ceramic armor panels.Bullet resistant panel weight and flexibilityShotgard® ballistic panels are typically a fraction of the weight of steel armor for identical performance levels and can be cut, drilled and fabricated using conventional carpentry tools. No special reinforcing of traditional studs walls is required and ShotGard® can be attached to new walls by either drywall screws or construction adhesive. ShotGard® is compatible with most contact cements and construction adhesives making ShotGard® ideal for incorporation into wood door and millwork applications. Armor panel technology has never been so flexible..357 Mag., 158 Gr., 1395 Ft. Sec., JSP .44 Mag., 240 Gr., 1350 Ft. Sec., SWC .44 Mag., 240 Gr., 1400 Ft. Sec., SWC (3 SHOT) 7/16” thick. 4 lbs per sq foot. http://www.nabulletproof.com/Bullet_Resistant_Fiberglass.phphttp://bedgunsafe.com/heracore-bullet-resistant-panels/ more
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brand new ceiling tile


salt lake, UT | 3 Hours
brand new ceiling tile for sale 24"x48" 8 pics in the box sale for $30.00, i have 3 boxs, cash only. please call 801-205-3309... more
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New pegboard wall sheet


salt lake, UT | 3 Hours
New pegboard wall sheet for sale size is: 66"x46" 1/2x1/4", $14.00 and i have more then 20 sheets. please call 801-205-3309... more
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Looking for 7/16 plywood


Brigham City, UT | 5 Hours
I'm looking for about 20 sheets of 7/16 or 1/2" plywood for cheap.. more
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Cherry Wood


Pleasant view, UT | 5 Hours
85-year-old Cherry wood. Approximately 15 ft long, 53 inches in circumference at largest point. Great for woodworking! $200, OBO more
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Various wood


Sandy, UT | 6 Hours
Great wood pieces.....perfect for patching or projects.....various types. Will have to load yourself. more
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Rough cut lumber 2-1/2" x 11-1/4" x 7'-6"


Syracuse, UT | 8 Hours
22 pcs. 7ft-6in average length. $5 ea. Doug Fir. more
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Large Utility Power Telephone Pole


Springville, UT | 9 Hours
- Cash Only in Person. No Scammers!- Located near the mouth of Hobble Creek Canyon- I can ONLY meet you outside regular business hours (because I have a job)- Text is by far the best way to reach me – Usually the ONLY way (because I have a job and family)- If you can't text me leave a voice message- I'm selling lots of stuff, please indicate WHICH item interests you- Please don't hesitate to make offersLarge Pole. About 16" diameter at the base and 24-25 feet long. more
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Cedar hills, UT | 10 Hours
203 Linear feet of Construction Common Redwood 2x6 boards. These are left over from a deck project. There are various lengths (see below). These are a bit weathered, but can be cleaned up or used as is for garden boxes or other outdoor wood items that need disease and insect resistance. This sells for $1.50/ft at Home Depot and Lowe's. I'm asking just 75 cents/ft. A few of the boards have a biscuit notch every 20" along both sides. Lengths are as follows:5 x 20'1 x 12'1 x 10.5'1 x 9.5'2 x 8'2 x 7.5'1 x 6.5'1 x 6'1 x 5.5'1 x 5'1 x 4'If you need a picture, text me and I'll get a couple to send.Thanks for looking! more
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Reclaimed Douglas Fir 1 x 8 various lengths


Salt lake city, UT | 13 Hours
Originally used as the foundation forms for the house built in 1950s, then used as the sub-roof material until house was remodeled. Lengths from 2' to 14' various condition. $1.50/linear foot. Cash and carry deal, no delivery. more
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Reclaimed Barn Wood and Custom Millwork


Huntsville, UT | 14 Hours
Authentic reclaimed lumber from Montana and Utah. 60-100+ years old. Pine and fir. Light to heavy weathering. 1x and 2x available. I can also cut and mill it for you if you prefer. Pricing varies depending on thickness and weathering, so call me or text me please. Thousands of feet currently available to choose from. more
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Orem, UT | 20 Hours
Stack of plywood strips. Could be used as faux shiplap. Most of it is cut at 8" tall (various lengths). It's left over from a shiplap wall I did (last picture). more
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Walnut live edge slabs.


SLC, UT | 20 Hours
Walnut live edge slabs, dried after kiln 12%, Slabs have live edges and come in several different shapes and sizes - varios from 3”to 5” thick, varios from 18”to 26” wide, various from 11'to 15' long. 100 Boards in stock, about 7300BF total, Price-$10-$12 per BF. Located in Salt Lake City. Delivery available. Call 801-680-24234 Val, 801-244-9493 Eugene. more
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Large Wooden Crate


Salt Lake City, UT | 20 Hours
We got this very large crate to build a doll house but we are moving and can't take them with us. more
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riverdale, UT | 21 Hours
50 sq feet of insulationand 100 pieces of insulation support more
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40 year old cedar fence panels


West Point, UT | 21 Hours
This is beautiful wood for paneling an accent wall or other craft projects. The wood is aged and some pieces even have a nice green moss on them. $15 per panel. You loadThere are some of the panels that are pretty damaged. No charge for those.Call or text Jared @ 801-719-4769 more
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R13 insulation 450 sq feet $100.00


West jordon, UT | 1 Day
R13 insulation 450 sq feet $100.00 this is a micro light type L insulatio Eco friendly suppior to the pink for both metal studs and wood framing.desiggned to keep is form and stand filling in the full space .text 801-520-7689 more
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Red Mahogany


herriman, UT | 1 Day
I have multiple pieces of Mahogany. All 3/4 inch thick there are ( 7) 6 1/2" wide by 14' length, ( 4 ) 2 1/2" wide by 14' length, ( 8 ) 7" wide by 8' length, more than enough to make multiple projects from book cases to what ever you desire. more
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Reclaimed base and case


Morgan, UT | 1 Day
Reclaimed Case and Base from an old Victorian home -- Vertical Grain Fir 34 head blocks 1 1/4" thick x 5 5/8 " wide x 9 3/4 " tall $8.00 each33 plinth blocks 1 1/4" thick x 5 1/2 " wide x 10 1/2" tall $8.00 eachsymmetrical casing 5 3/8" wide x 5/8" thick $1.50 per foot2 piece base board 10" tall x 5/8" thick $1.75 per foot more
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Insulated panels


Slc, UT | 1 Day
I have three insulated panels 4" thick x 45" wide x 20' long. Aluminum on both sidesCash only. Thank you! more
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Mdf sheets


Slc, UT | 1 Day
I have ten half sheets of mdf. They are 3/4 x 39" x 116" approx. most have a 2" mitre edge on one side. They are all primed with conversion primer one side.Cash onlyThank you! more
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