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Delicious Free Range chicken eggs


Warren, UT | 25 Mins
We have more eggs than we can use. Our chickens are fed Layer pellets and forage for the rest of their diet. This makes wholesome, natural, delicious eggs. We would love to share our eggs with your familyPlease call or text for availability and pick upWe are just west of Freemont high school in plain city$2.50 / dozen$3.50 / 18 packCasey 801-458-6530Colette 801-624-9409 more
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Save$1250/ 20 gallon aquamate plantwater delivery.


Taylorsville, UT | 12 Hours
×SearsI have provided a description of the product below from the Sears website the product is also $1,500 plus shipping on amazon.com., two three shelf folding plant racks are included with the American Granby ..com aquamatics water tank.$3,674.13regularly$1,633.36You save $2040.77 (56%)DescriptionAmerican Granby AQM4 Aquamate Model No.4-Portable Water Delivery System-20 GallonNaturally Plants need Water. Next to Nature You re looking at the easiest way to deliver it! Plants produce and flowers need water and you need a convenient method to dispense it. It doesn t matter if they re flowers you own produce you sell or someone else s office plants it s your responsibility. Aquamate watering systems will help you care fro them better than any other method available. Gone are the days of gallon jugs cracked buckets and rusted cans. The Green polish finish and high-tech look of Aquamate machines provide watering personal with a professional image. An image that s difficult to achieve carrying a bucket full of water or pulling a 50 foot hose. And because Aqumate machines are integrated watering systems they eliminate the hazards associated with hauling those buckets and hoses. Your Liability is reduced you and your customers are protected and you look good on the job. So what sounds better to you- operating a state of the art watering system or carrying around the same old can? Portable Water Delivery System 20 Gallon Capacity - Ship Weight: 158.62 lbs. more
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Certified Black Angus Beef


Payson, UT | 13 Hours
Certified black Angus Beef for sale. 2.75$ a pound. This includes processing, available in 1/4's 1/2's or full Beef. Amazing tasting beef with wonderful marbling. 1/4 beef weigh around 200+ pounds, 1/2 a beef weigh around 450 pound. Full weigh around 840 pounds. Thanks for looking. Please call for more information. more
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Organic Pinenuts


West Valley City, UT | 1 Day
Organic Pinenuts $15 a pound and two pounds for $28. Very large Pinenuts. Willing to lower price on 3 or more pounds. Nick 801-580-4982 more
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Grow Your Own - Garden Beds


Clearfield, UT | 1 Day
These are very priced fairly to get you into Raised Bed Gardening. (Guys ? you could build these, but after pricing material and 3 trips to the hardware store ? these are a bargain) Go Green. No Chemical Leaching. Delivery Available (reasonable rates)Cedar is naturally insect and rot resistant with 80% the strength of oak / There?s a reason they put cedar on the outside of houses.Hand built with quality materials / Kiln dried Western Red Cedar resist cracking and splitting / Corners are super strong reinforced 4x4?s / Deck screws - No cheap staples / 12 inches tall / Wide top trim is Sit?able / Stain-able (outside only).Call or text. 801-643-7101NO Emails, they will be considered spam. Text scammers, save your time more
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White Salt Bricks


Layton, UT | 1 Day
I have 11 boxes of saltlick that I have no use for. more
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Farm Fresh eggs


Orem, UT | 1 Day
Farm Fresh eggs! Mostly blue and green, but I have some brown and white layers as well. Chicken eggs $4 a dozen. Duck eggs 4 for $3. Pick up in north Orem. Text 801-822-7035 more
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Awesome Art Decor


Orem, UT | 2 Days
Cute spinning optical illusion star ornament/decoration. Put outside or indoors. more
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farm fresh organic chicken eggs


Grantsville, UT | 2 Days
I have fresh eggs and im asking 2.50 a dozen more
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Organic grass fed Texas longhorn Beef


Payson, UT | 2 Days
Grass Fed Texas Longhorn Beef is lower in fat and bad cholesterol than chicken,and lower in fat than other beef breeds. Texas Longhorn Beef is high in Protein, CLA's, Omega 3's, B12, iron, and many other vitamins and minerals. This is the red meat that is good for you.If fact our animals are grass fed on range and pastures that are naturally fertilized without pesticides. We raise our own Hay to feed in the winter and our animals are never given Grain (GMO's), or fattened in unsanitary feedlot conditions No growth hormones,No steroids, No antibiotics are ever given to our Cattle. We raise our purebred Texas Longhorns with love and care just the way nature intended it. The meat is professionally processed at Circle V meats USDA inspected. 1/4's, 1/2's, and wholes. $3.50 per LB hanging weight includes the cut/wrap fee. Happy to deliver all along the Wasatch Front. Call to reserve your order today. I will answer all your questions (801) 362-6249Visit our website beerecattlecompany.com for more Texas longhorn information. Thanks, Van Beere Seller Contact InfoVanHome 801-362-6249 | Email » vbeere@response.com more
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Tomato and Lettuce plants for sale


Cottonwood Heights, UT | 2 Days
Due to the huge popularity of last years plant sale in our neighborhood, The Garden Girls will be taking orders to grow the tastiest cherry tomato plants on the face of the earth and a specialty lettuce. During the 2nd or 3rd week of May we will deliver these delicious cherry tomato plants to your location which will be almost 2 feet tall. They're indeterminate plants so you need to plan on supporting them throughout the course of the summer as they will grow to 7-8 feet tall. Each plant sells for $5. Sungolds have an outstanding flavor that's unmatched by any others cherry tomato, including Sweet 100's. They are red/gold in color and grow in small clusters of 8-10 per strand. They are heavy producers and you'll be harvesting them all the way until the first frost. Sungold can be hard to find locally, and you never know how they've been treated. We take great care to grow all or crops using 100% organic practices. Our lettuce is a variety that's not available in the U.S. You'll be harvesting over a 3-6 week time period, which pays for itself many times over. But, its the taste! Queensland is firm like a romaine lettuce. If you take care of it it properly during the warmer months, it may last up to 8 weeks. Each transplant sells for $3. As we're getting ready to order seeds, please send us a text message with your name, city of residence, and how many of each tomato/lettuce plant you'd like. Your crops will be delivered in a 100% compostable newspaper wrap so it can be planted in your garden immediately with less transplant shock. All plants will be hardened off before delivery. Thank you. The Garden Girls more
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Pork For sale!


Santaquin, UT | 2 Days
Hormone and antibiotic free! February 2nd. more
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Lotion Sticks


American Fork, UT | 4 Days
All natural lotion tubes made with Shea Butter, Avacado Butter, Coconut Oil, Mango Butter, and Vitamin E Oil. Perfect for dry cracked heels, elbows, knees, and hands. Available in Twilight woods, Citrus Lavender, Lavender, Blissful Blackberry, Spa Mint Medley, and Lavender Mint. Also work well to protect pets paws from the ice and snow. Call or text more
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Goat Milk Lotions and Soaps


Highland, UT | 4 Days
Moisturizing lotion with all of the nourishing benefits of fresh Goat Milk, Sweet Almond Oil, Kukui Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Shea Butter and Vitamin E. 8 oz lotion bottles with pump are 5.00 each and 4 oz lotion bottles with lid are 2.50 each. Available scents are Honey Almond, and unscented. I can make a batch of lotion in 4 or 8 oz bottles in the scent of your choice from my full collection on request. I also sell Goat milk soap. Rich in nutrients and moiturizers. Made with Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Goat Milk, Shea Butter, Sunflower Oil, Safflower Oil, and Vitamin E. This soap will leave your skin soft and moisturized. Available scents are Honey Almond, Unscented, Fresh Picked Apple, Honey Pear, and Twilight woods.. Soap bars are 3$ each or 2.50$ when you buy 10 or more. Call or text. more
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Tree Triming


Sandy, UT | 4 Days
Cheap more
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I will Build a "drought proof" garden for you.


Riverton, UT | 5 Days
I will Build a “drought proof” garden for you. I have a method of building a big or small garden in your back yard... which is essentially “drought proof”. You know we live in a desert. Water is precious here. I can build garden beds in your yard that soaks up water... rain water or water from your garden hose. And it holds the water for a long time. And it releases the water back into your veggies and flowers a little at a time. It’s a totally natural and does not require any fancy get-ups, electricity, or pipe work. It makes use of logs, twigs, grass clippings and leaves. How much is this worth to you – to grow your own food... natural... organic... with tasty, vitamin-packed and low maintenance?Low maintenance means you most just step outside and pick your tomatoes, lettuce, kale, flowers, melons, squash or what every you want to enjoy each day. Listen... You can do it yourself... go here to see my complete method: http://permaculturenews.org/2012/01/04/hugelkultur-composting-whole-trees-with-ease/#more-6825Or call me and let’s talk about the small investment you can make to have a beautiful, wonderful garden that needs very little water. Linwood 801-895-9598 more
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Heirloom, Organic Self Sustainable Permaculture sc


Orem, UT | 5 Days
www.permaculturedesignschool.org is starting a 6 mos. Course this First Thursday Febryary , 2017 in Orem, Utah. Not only will students collaboratively learn about Sustainable Solutions to Growing healthy food, solving world problems of air, water, soil depletion, resource scarcity and other crucial issues we face today, but students from all over the US can join our class through Live Streaming. This is a practical & holistic group social system charity school with a Student maintained Demonstration Classroom CommunityGarden. We focus on learning from, designing & rebuilding Self Sustained, Edible, Benefical, Natural, Ecosystems that will survive droughts, pollution, & other extreme climate conditions. We learn all the charastics of every element in a living ecosystem and how each link in the biological chain is important to the well being of the whole system. We collectivrly research all findings about ecological roles, benefits and applications as they are available to create a database for all to use. This database includes native plants, mycology, beneficial insects, birds, & other healthy soil building, organisms that create and sustain the balance of life in an ecosystem. We are learning how science and ecological students are discovering the positive and negative results of how we live and interact in relation to the rest of the planet elements and our responsibilty in these relationships. We aspire to not just encourage students to learn but produce teachers that will find their own personal path to educate and change the world for a healthier future for generations to come, all life on earth and the planet we all share. We hope to build a social system of people of all ages, status and other world classifications that are connected to and interested in protecting all life on Mother Earth so that we can all live a healthy, spiritual, physical and emotional life. We are all students and Nature or Mother Earth as some refer to our planet is our teacher with the DNA blue prints to this perfect system. "Permaculture Design School Utah Dates Feb to June 30th 2017 Thursdays 6pm to 8:30pm. Location: Orem, UTDescription: 6 month Permaculture intro, methods of design, landscape drafting and surveying, designing water infrastructure, drought resistant plant and guild design followed by hands on PERMA BLITZ in May. Live stream 1/2 tuition beta test of course also avail. JFeb to June 30th 2017 . Course info at www.permaculturedesignschool.orgCourse pre-registrati by Jan 30th, 2016 starting February 2017. Call for 1 of 6 slots in person course reservation due by Jan 32st , 2017. Rooms avail. at retreat homestead with demonstration gardens and greenhouse include alkaline 80/20 organic meals, yoga, herbal, and other weekly workshops.Contact utahvalleypermaculture@gmail.com or 801-808-4424. http://www.permaculturedesignschool.org" ATTN: Emergency Prep Training at UVPCGG has many survival books, resources and access to workshops if you enroll in our classes. Ask at 801-808-4424)http://www.permaculturedesignschool.org more
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Goats milk and Kefir


West Jordan, UT | 5 Days
Fresh Goats milk sold in half gallons. more
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Grass fed beef


Logan, UT | 6 Days
Home grown beef for sale. I have two black Angus and one Hereford beef for sale, whole or half. Raised on grass and finished off with barley and corn. I've raised them this way for 30 years for great tasting meat. No hormones or antibiotics. $2.50 a pound hanging weight or $2.75 a pound cut and wrapped. They weigh around 1200 lbs. which would yield around 660 lbs. for a whole or 330 lbs. for a half. I have a butcher date for 24 Feb. more
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Tooele, UT | 6 Days
We have beets that have been in the garden all winter covered. We just cooked some acouple of days ago. We just use them and its time to start getting the garden ready. more
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Garden Seeder


Bluffdale, UT | 6 Days
Precision Garden Seeder Model 1001-B. ***like New***Plant your garden this year the easy way. Just adjust for the settings/depths/distance you want and let it do the work. This model sells new for $90 to $110. more
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Fresh picked Citrus. Oranges Tangerines Grapefruit


Salt Lake City, UT | 6 Days
I recently returned from Phoenix valley, where I picked citrus from various back yards of friends I have in Mesa, Sun City, Gilbert, et cetera.No sprays were used on the trees.All fruit was picked February 12-14th.. Currently have:-Navel & Valencia Oranges-Pink & White Grapefruit-$1 per poundDiscounts on larger orders.I also have a 25 pound box of assorted for $20I'm located near the UofU stadium, but could meet elsewhere. Call or text Scott435-225-6005 more
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Farm fresh organic beef burger


Ogden, UT | 6 Days
This beef is fresh and ready to pick up this beef is from Scottish highlander breed of beef they have the leanest meat on the market and is supposed to be better than chicken for you ! Do your research on Scottish highlander 3.00 per lb it's In 1 lbs packagesThis was grass feed beef ! more
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Aloe Vera Starts


Provo, UT | 7 Days
These are Health Organic Aloe Vera Starts. Please text me at 801-310-2903 if you are interested. Thanks for taking a look. more
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