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Slat wall new slat wall white


Salt lake, UT | 8 Hours
This slat wall is new we have more then 6 more
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Delivery Route Business


Ogden, UT | 8 Hours
Established delivery business, delivering food products to 9 grocery stores/restaurants in the Weber County area. Delivery trailer included in sale. Approximate gross revenue $65K Per Year and Nets $50K Distributorship and territory are purchased through seller and contracted through supplier. Huge growth opportunity with this route. Territory for this route is located in the Ogden area.. Financing available of $20k for buyers who qualify. more
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Tiny homes to rent busness 50% ownership


North Salt Lake City, UT | 9 Hours
We are looking to build 3 tiny homes and we have a company that can rent them out for us from 75.00 per night to 175.00 per night, So for ever 45000 you would own 50% of that one so if you just want to do just one or a few we can get them rented. . We have right now one going out for three months and we are getting 7000.00 for the three months , They said if we can build even more they can rent them out for us , There are save guards on the home , Like gps and the tungs are removable, And we deliver them, We need help with cash to build as many of them as we can , I will not give info over the phone must meet in person at our shop . and sign a non compete form , You can go to our web at tinyhouseofutah.com more
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20% Interest on loans


North Salt Lake, UT | 9 Hours
Get 20% on your money doing loans on our Tiny Homes, We have a title company that we go thru , so they will do e debit of there account for you and pay you , They also will do all the paper work for you at the end of the year for taxs and for the customer and if the customer pays more they will do that for you to , The loan would depend on size and what they want in it. , We would give you 5% of the loan up front, We would need one to two a month , If you just want to do one to start with is fine, The tiny homes have a gps on them so we would know where they are , they also have a title on them, Come down to our warehouse and see one we are building, Office 801-936-0176 or cell 801-580-3236 , We have two right now if you want to do one come down and we can show you the loan and have you meet with them, See our web at tinyhouseofutah.com more
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30% ownership in trailer delearership


North Salt Lake City, UT | 9 Hours
We are the west coast Official Authorized Dealer for Trailer Made . We have right now 150k in innovatory , We have the Idaho , Utah , California and Montana Territory , We have two car lots that sell just tucks that we can put trailers on , And also starting to bring in some real cool Raft trailers , In Denver they sell 150 to 200 a year Please call for info . See our web at tinyhouseofutah.com more
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Sales and Marketing


Anywhere, UT | 9 Hours
Sick of making your "Boss" tons of money, Start your own sales and marketing business and be your own boss. Make more money than your thought possible with marketing opportunity.Please text your contact information to 801-330-7859 more
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Importing Business - we need strategic partners!


Provo, UT | 9 Hours
We have been importing for 12 years and we have a new office in Provo Utah and an office and factory in China. We need motivated entrepreneurs to partner with us and help grow the business here in the USA. We already have products such as fencing, solar, agriculture and many more that we have exported around the world with success. We need Partners to secure orders for these products with local companies and we split the profit with our partners 50/50. This profit share continues on for as long as the client orders. We also want our partners to look for other importing opportunities here. This is your chance to ally with a great importing company and have your very own importing business. We have partners that make over 500k per year. This can be a very lucrative business that creates long term residual income. Don't miss your chance to join us. See our website at: www.aliancechina.com more
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West Valley, UT | 10 Hours
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Super Flashy Food Truck For Sale


Tremonton, UT | 11 Hours
For sale is a 18' food trailer that will stand out in the middle of a huge crowd. We have had so much success in this food truck the last 2 years but it's time to move on to bigger things for us with our business. At this price you could pay yourself back in a couple of months with no problem we did 6 figures in 8 months in this food truck and never stepped foot in salt lake county or Utah county so the potential is definitely there for a ton of cash flow. The food truck season is just getting going so jump on this now so you can start making money now. So this truck is equipped with 2 pitco fryers a wolf 5' flat top grill a fridge freezer combo and tons of storage space inside. It also comes with a 3500 watt generator that runs the truck just fine. It also has a 50 gallon fresh water tank and a pump that gives you fresh water in the sink. Just call or text me if you have anymore questions. Everything that you see in the pictures goes with it as well. more
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Can You Hear That?


South Weber, UT | 12 Hours
It's opportunity knocking! This is a brand new nutrition parent company called vasayo and I am looking for new partners to join my team as their own company. Time to be your own boss! Don't hold yourself back. I've been working at this for 3 weeks and I already have 31 members. Be one of us and get your health back in the process! Call or text Matt for more info 801-564-2382 more
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Profit $370+/Day - Fund Mngmt - No Solicitors


Salt Lake City, UT | 12 Hours
I get tired of all the ads that seem all scammy and spammy. Let me just shoot straight with you here. Hi my name is Brandon. Like you I love to MAKE EXTRA MONEY! Back in grad school I started investing in the stock market. I didn’t know what I was doing. I didn’t have training or mentoring. I DIDN’T HAVE A SYSTEM. I just wanted to make money in the markets. I knew that there were more millionaires and billionaires created from investing and trading than any other industry. Unfortunately I didn’t figure it out on my own and LOST A LOT OF MONEY. The COOLEST PART FOR ME AND MAYBE FOR YOU - is I DIDN’T GIVE UP. I am pretty stubborn (at least my wife thinks I am) and I finally FOUND A SYSTEM THAT WORKS. It doesn’t just work a little bit, IT ACTUALLY WORKS! I told you I was going to shoot straight with you. We are based right here in good ‘ol Lehi, Utah U.S.A. We have been in business 9 years and are COMPLETELY DEBT FREE. Real money, ethical, legal, moral, and yes it is legit. NO MLM. NO SELLING. NO RECRUITING.HOW DOES IT WORK? I’m glad you asked. We provide FULL TRAINING on our System (regarded as the MOST ACCURATE and PREDICTIVE System today) and then Guarantee to FUND Your Trading Partnership with us – up to $100,000+! This simply means when you get good enough, YOU TRADE OUR MONEY AT OUR EXPENSE and we split the profits. In other words you become a TRADED FUND PARTNER. It’s not fake, it’s not demo at this point. If you have proven to be a good student, you get to use our money with NO LIABILITY to you. WHAT’S THE CATCH? That’s a good question. There has to be a catch right? There are THREE CHALLENGES you will have to overcome to qualify to be a Traded Fund Partner. Of course we'll be there to help you overcome them, but they are still your challenges. Challenge number one. It will take 1 to 2 hours per day of time. If you can’t put in that much time stop reading now. We consider this a business opportunity. Challenge number two. You've got to have your own Computer with Internet. We will not provide a computer or Internet for you. Challenge number three. You pay for your own education. NO ONE ELSE DOES WHAT WE DO – NOT EVEN CLOSE!If you went to JP Morgan Chase or Goldman Sachs the first thing they will ask you. Where did you go to school? Wharton, Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Stanford?..... They want to know how long you went and what degree you have. You paid for your education. With us, you don’t need the fancy degree (OUR PROPRIETARY SYSTEM IS REALLY THAT GOOD) You just need to overcome your own doubts and fears. We will train you, you practice and practice, and THEN YOU BETTER GET TO MAKING MONEY. In order for there to be a great business opportunity there must be a win win situation. You have to feel comfortable with us and we have to feel comfortable with you. It has to makes sense for both parties. We don’t know if we want to work with you. Maybe you don’t want to work with us. THE NEXT STEP...Here’s what you need to do - CALL OR TEXT (801)-980-0044 to set up a short interview so we can get your questions and concerns answered and resolved.Talk soon Brandon 801-980-0044P.S. I have a fourth challenge for you. Get started today by calling me already. more
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200 gal fertilizer sprayer


South Jordan, UT | 15 Hours
Lawn fertilizing sprayer, only 10 hours use. more
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Affordable & Professional Web Design


Salt Lake City, UT | 16 Hours
Hello!We are an up and coming local web design company looking for clients to build beautiful websites for!Wasatch Web Design can do it all — we’re fluent in JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 and PHP, Mix these talents with frenzied creativity and an uncanny understanding of online user behavior, and you have a Salt Lake City full-service agency that will guide your brand to glory. Together, our team builds a cohesive branding and marketing strategy that will engage your audience and create powerful consumer connections.Here are the following services we offer: • Web Design • Development • Social Media • SEO marketing • Affordable hostingPlease check us out at http://wasatchwebdesign.com/and send me an email at chris@wasatchwebdesign.comPrices vary on the amount of pages and services included, we are a new company so services will be affordable & professional. more
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Double Sided Gondolas 4 Ft X 6 Ft $65.11 Each


Orem, UT | 16 Hours
Double sided gondola Shelves more
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Murray, UT | 17 Hours
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Murray, UT | 17 Hours
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Murray, UT | 17 Hours
At Harmony Business Center we offer a static and secured location for your mail! We can offer a physical address to base your business out of, or even to just guarantee your mail’s arrival. Our mailboxes are accessible 24/7 with a secret code as well as during our normal business hours in order to provide you package pickup services. Also provided is an automated system that will notify you whenever you receive mail or a package. Starting at $18 a month with no longer term commitments, think about the safety of your mail with Harmony Business Center Today!! more
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Hamilton Coin Exchange Machine


Orem, UT | 17 Hours
This great machine works well and dispenses 4 quarters for a dollar bill. Call or text to 801-360-6921. more
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$39,900 for 6 Mobile Homes


Vernal, UT | 17 Hours
6 MOBILE HOMES for $39,900, Located in Vernal, Ut. Mobile Homes Only - No Land included - You can move the trailers or leave them in the Mobile Home Park.(1.) 1986 3bed/2ba single wide ---- (2.) 1976 2bed/2ba single wide ---- (3.) 1981 3bed/2ba single wide ---- (4). 1976 2bed/2ba single wide ---- (5). 1980 3bed/2ba single wide ---- (6). 1978 3bed/2ba dbl wide - We are selling ALL 6 trailers together, we are not selling trailers individually.801.210.8695 - HAVE AGENT more
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Spacepaste Toothpaste To Go: Chew. Swish. FRESH!


Salt Lake City, UT | 19 Hours
We just landed some HUGE Hotel accounts and we need to upgrade our machinery. We need $50k for 10% of our company. There can be multiple points purchased at $5k per point. Own a piece of a household brand.Bad breath is a serious turn-off. So what are you to do when gum and mints cannot cover strong odors, replicate that “just brushed” feeling, or is inappropriate for certain settings, but carrying toothpaste and a toothbrush around with you just isn’t practical either?We are pleased to introduce Spacepaste: Toothpaste To Go (Spacepaste). This revolutionary toothpaste tablet provides the same results as traditional toothpaste and can be used in any setting to instantly freshen your breath with or without a toothbrush (or the messy tube). Whether after meals, before that big meeting or date, at the gym, traveling, camping, etc. - simply chew the tablet, swish around in your mouth (or brush) and rinse. Now it’s easier than ever to practice good oral hygiene anywhere you go. Chew, Swish, Fresh! It’s as simple as that.Spacepaste has more than 10 years and nearly $1 million invested in R&D to achieve marketability. There is a patent pending for the product since 2011 and contains trade secrets which cannot be disclosed at this time.In addition to being both convenient and novel, Spacepaste is a product that actually exceeds expectations. In multiple focus groups the most common response noted was how clean and smooth the participants’ teeth felt afterwards and how long the fresh-feeling lingered. The two key ingredients responsible for this plaque-reducing result are Xylitol and ExoCyan® Cran (cranberry extract). Xylitol, unlike other natural or synthetic sweeteners, has been used in many dental applications because its polyalcoholic properties prohibit it from being an energy source for harmful microorganisms, effectively “starving” bacteria before they can grow and multiply.THE OPPORTUNITYThe Executive Team of Space Paste, LLC (Space Paste) currently requires growth and working capital. The funds will be used primarily for inventory, equipment, and to fund purchase orders to sustain an aggressive national rollout targeting multiple markets concurrently. A small portion of the funds will be allocated toward operating expenses, as well as toward additional intellectual property protection for our new revolutionary oral care products.As we rapidly expand into the hotel industry, there is an immediate need to purchase additional machinery so that we can fill huge volume orders with bigger profit margins.Intrigued?! Check out our website at www.spacepaste.com and then give us a call. Together we can create a innovative household brand that will make an impact on the world! more
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Ogden, UT | 19 Hours
I'm looking for work I will do housekeeping and wash and fold clothes. Make bed clean. Bathrooms and just in general all the way around housekeeping I have worked at Motel 6 , gold country and Casino Indy Quality Inn and Suites very professional just looking for work more
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Roofing Contractor


Midvale, UT | 20 Hours
Residential & commercial roofing contractor.Net Income: $213,196.00 more
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Nurse Case Management Services


Midvale, UT | 20 Hours
The company provides nurse case management services primarily for Workers Compensation Insurance companies. Buyer must be a Registered Nurse. Net: $119,457.00 more
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Silk Floral Liquidation


Bountiful, UT | 21 Hours
I have a silk floral business out of my home I am ready to liquidate and sell. I have hundreds of silk flowers, plants and fill in of the highest quality. I also have dozens of baskets, planters, ceramic, frames, and the necessary hardware to run a silk floral shop. I even have some antique containers. Everything must go including work bench cabinets, pegboard and more so make me an offer. Text is best. more
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