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LG Nexus 5X


Murray, UT | 5 Mins
Brand New condition not even a scratch on it. Unlocked for any carrier. Includes protective case, car charger, USB charger and wall charger. more
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Bose SoundTrue Headphones Around-Ear Style, Black


Murray, UT | 7 Mins
Excellent condition, very low use, comes in the protective case. Apple compatible model, can control and has microphone. 4.5 stars on Amazon from 1274 customers. Full and natural sound for all your musicSoftly padded headband and memory foam cushionsAlso available in an on-ear style more
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Fuji X100


Murray, UT | 14 Mins
Functionally perfect. No scratches on the lens. Scratch marks on the body. Comes with two lens hoods, black and silver, thumb grip, three batteries and charger. Excellent camera. Check out pictures with this camera at eatandsit.tumblr.com. Upgrading to a newer model. Excellent camera for the price. more
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PS4 Pro, game & professional hyper X Cloud Headset


Salt lake City, UT | 31 Mins
Selling my PS4 Pro it's in mint New Condition will come in original box with Star Wars Battlefront game,mint New special edition silver gray dual shock 4 controller also in original box, also is a new mint condition Hyper X Cloud professional universal gaming headset, Your welcome to come test it all out if you wish I am asking $380 for the whole bundle but open to all reasonable cash offers without the headset ($350) Please feel free to call or text me with any questions or offers at (385) 309-0179 more
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New SoftLite Flat Video/TV Monitor Case


South Jordan, UT | 31 Mins
Brand new protective carting case. SL382604 SoftLite flat case. Dimensions are 38" wide x 26" tall x 4" thick. Cheapest retail I could find is $149.95Text Please more
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LG Blu-Ray and DVD Player, Wifi Capable - $50 OBO


Salt Lake City, UT | 40 Mins
Got this Blu-ray Player for Christmas but we haven't really used it because we watch our shows on our Xbox, so this has mainly just been collecting dust. Asking $50.00 or best offer.This plays Blu Rays, DVDs, and is wifi capable and has apps like Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, and etc..Comes with the remote, power cable, and HDMI cable. more
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Bose Wireless QC35 QuietComfort 35


Provo, UT | 44 Mins
I am selling my gently used pair of Bose QC35 headphones. These ARE the Bluetooth wireless version. These are under warranty.Paid 373.92 new for it and is still under warranty. Comes with everything, box, travel case, line in cable, USB charging cable, and airplane adaptor.These are so great for flights and blocks out all the noise, crying babys, engine noise. Great for music as well.These do have a small stuff and small dent in the right earphone. It is not very noticeable. Please see the pictures for more details. No problem with functionality, only cosmetic. Trying to be as open and honest about these as possible.Located in Provo. Please text or call me. more
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American Fork, UT | 59 Mins
Samsung phones prime and s4 for parts/repair each 5 or both 8 neither has a battery more
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Samsung galaxy S7


Willard, UT | 1 Hour
This phone is in great condition, its on the T-Mobile network but unlocked for any carrier. more
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Samsung galaxy S7


Willard, UT | 1 Hour
This phone is in great condition, its a T-Mobile phone but unlocked for any carrier. more
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Sharp 27" t.v. for sale!


Sandy, UT | 1 Hour
Sharp 27" CRT t.v. for sale. Works perfectly. Measures 26"W x 23 1/2" H x 20"D. Best to text. more
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HP 693A 4-8 GHZ SWEEP OSCILLATOR for C band work


salt Lake city, UT | 1 Hour
Here is a most likely mid to late 60's vintage piece of test equipment from the highly respected HP company. I bought it years ago from an employee sale when I worked at Sperry Univac in the mid 80's . This is a sweep oscillator that covers the range of 4-8 Ghz which ham operators may recognize as the C band. I am not a ham operator but know a bit about the hobby and realized this unit covers the entire C band which is somewhat of an experimental frequency for example bouncing signals off the moon or possibly satellites. I note that the unit has provisions for external inputs that may possibly allow the output to be modulated by an audio signal. Who knows perhaps with some sort of linear amp comprising an old magnetron that is tunable to this frequency band you may have an instant C band transmitter. I have not had any equipment to verify the unit is working such as a spectrum analyzer or power meter but I have opened the top and bottom covers and the unit looks complete and is not missing anything. There are some tubes in the unit and they are in place. Unfortunately I don't have the special HP power cord but I am sure with some searching they are to be found perhaps on Ebay or the like. Please see my other items Robert 801-859-4032. more
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salt Lake city, UT | 1 Hour
Selling the pictured low voltage high current power supply. It is not a regulated supply and it uses a variac to adjust the voltage. It is well filtered with large capacitors however. I have used it occasionally to charge a dead automotive battery rather quickly . It is rated at 22 amps and up to about 35 VDC. Use possibly for filament supply or as I suggested to charge back up battery supply.Its very heavy probably over 50 pounds. Robert 801-859-4032 more
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salt Lake city, UT | 1 Hour
Selling the pictured satellite dish. There is no feed horn so you will need that. Robert 801-859-4032 more
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salt Lake city, UT | 1 Hour
I have a pair of Kimber Kable 4TC that I removed from my late fathers stereo system. This cable will make quite a noticeable difference in the clarity and detail of the musical presentation over standard lamp cord or even Monster cable. When my dad was in his 70's he heard the difference and I am sure you will too. I actually have two 2 23 foot pieces if you need that length but I figured many installations require less than this so one piece cut in half should work for many. If you want both pieces just double the price. The new cost is about $14.00 per foot and my selling price is about half. If you want to buy both pieces to do an evaluation first I will accept a return as long as pieces are uncut. Then if you need less you can buy just one piece and cut it in half for your shorter application. You can't beat that offer as your only other option would be new from the source or Ebay. Robert 801-859-4032 more
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salt Lake city, UT | 1 Hour
I am selling the pictured Audio Research D130 power amplifier. This is a true high end audiophile type amplifier. I received it on trade for some tubed equipment some time ago with the intent that I would some day fix it and either use it myself or sell it off for much more than I am asking here. The original box is included. Apparently one channel is not working. As I just don't have the time to mess around with it I am hoping there is someone out there that is handy enough with test equipment and a soldering gun to make the necessary repairs and reap the rewards. I note there are some burned resistors so probably there are some transistors that need to be replaced. This was a $2000.00 retail amp not all that long ago and is still considered top notch for today's standards. Anyone wanting to take a stab at fixing it please look at my other items as I have test equipment for sale also. Robert 801-859-4032 more
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salt Lake city, UT | 1 Hour
I am selling A Museatex Melior by ADS digital to analog converter for use with high end CD players. This unit accepts the digital output of a CD pr DVD player and outputs a very high quality analog signal which is typically much higher quality than what originally is produced by the player to which it is used with. This unit was upgraded by a former engineer of the company named Tom Wright and it is much better sounding than the stock unit. I used it for quite some time with fabulous results until I bought an Oppo 105 which I think is a bit better sounding but that is also a $1500.00 unit. You can hear it on my system if you like. Please see my other listings for an Audio Research amplifier Robert 801-859-4032 more
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salt Lake city, UT | 1 Hour
Selling the pictured Magnavox Micromatic turntable. This is a vintage unit that came from a 60's tubed console I bought for the amplifier. These turntables are now sought after by audiophiles because one can mount a good quality moving magnet cartridge on them as the tone arm can be balanced for the lighter tracking weight of this type of cartridge or otherwise just put an older ceramic type on it.I have not hooked it up and will assume it is a project as it may need cleaning and have some mechanical issues. Also it should be mounted on a wood board with spring suspension. I don't know its functionality as I never intended to use. You will see this model typically sells for more on Ebay but since the condition is unknown and there is no cartridge Robert 801-859-4032 more
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salt Lake city, UT | 1 Hour
Please see my other listings for more electronic equipment. I have for sale a HP 216A pulse generator which I have verified to be in good working order. This is a solid state unit from Hill AFB surplus and I have no need for it. Viewing the first picture it is the unit on the top. The second picture is a display of the output on a Tektronix 547 oscope which is also for sale. The scope is set to 100 nano seconds per division and is showing a good bright trace of the output. This unit may be good for trouble shooting high frequency circuits as it can provide a very fast rising pulse. Please call Robert at 801-859-4032 more
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salt Lake city, UT | 1 Hour
I have several Eimac 3cx1500A7 tubes that I will guarantee are good full output tubes. They were pulled from decommissioned RF sputtering equipment. I have personally tested them in my lab lab as the pictures show the tube under test in the pictured equipment. Tubes were tested at up to 4000VDC to check for shorts gas and cut off voltage. Then they were run at 3500V on the plate biased to 300 ma and run for some time with fan blowing on them so they would get hot enough to check for grid current. And finally the peak emissions were tested by pulsing the grid positive to 60 V with HP pulse generator and observing the peak cathode current I have several at $250.00 ea Robert 801-859-4032 more
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salt Lake city, UT | 1 Hour
I am selling the pictured high voltage power supply sitting on my work bench which is is an item I purchased quite some time ago from a silent key. This is a tube rectified with a pair of 3B28 high vacuum rectifier tubes and sports a massive 3600 VAC CT at 250 ma plate supply. After the capacitor choke capacitor filters which consist of large oil capacitors ( see second picture) the output was measured to be unloaded by means of DVM through a high voltage probe to be about 2200VDC. which should be assumed at the rating of the plate transformer at 250 ma. Sadly as can be seen the glass is broken on the voltmeter but I think I probably have a similar Simpson meter which for replacement and if not they are cheaply found on Ebay as it is probably just a standard 1 ma fs meter. Otherwise the unit should be good to go for your next linear or transmitter project.Please call Robert 801-859-4032 more
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salt Lake city, UT | 1 Hour
4 amp variac as pictured. rOBERT 801-859-4032 more
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salt Lake city, UT | 1 Hour
I am selling the pictured audio spectrum analyzer Nicolet 446B. This instrument is in good working order and it costs thousands of dollars when new most likely from the late 80's or early 90's. As you can see I have a signal on the display of the harmonic structure of the output from a signal generator. It would be a useful piece of test equipment for many audio applications including speaker and room acoustic analysis with an appropriate noise source and microphone. Please see my other listings as I am wanting to downsize my inventory of test equipment and tubes. If you don't see it ask as I may have it. Robert 801-859-4032 more
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Hp 331 DISTORTION ANALYZER for audio work


salt Lake city, UT | 1 Hour
Please see my other listings of electronic test equipment that I need to get rid of. For sale is a hp type 331 distortion analyzer in great working condition . It is the bottom unit on the stack of 3 rack mounted units. This piece works in conjunction with a low distortion sine wave oscillator to measure the harmonic distortion of audio circuits, a real bonus to someone experimenting or repairing tube audio equipment. I have as pictured in the middle a HP type 653 test oscillator which has a wide range of output from 10 Hz to 10 MHz. The output is reasonably low distortion as the 331 measures about .25 %. The second picture clearly shows the distortion waveform on the Oscilloscope which is also for sale as another item so please see that. Robert 801-859-4032 more
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