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Salt Lake City, UT | 7 Hours
I lost my Cell Veryzon Note 4 White. Freeway 80. more
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2 Australian Shepherd Puppies


Saratoga Springs, UT | 8 Hours
Found two puppies in River Heights subdivision. Redwood Rd and SR 73. Please text to ID more
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Sandy, UT | 8 Hours
Orange and White long-hair cat -- Adam -- still lost since September. GENEROUS CASH REWARD. Anonymity promised. Eleven years old, never been outdoors. Lost from 9800 South approx 2200 East Sandy. Also may be in Cottonwood Heights area 1300 East and Hollow Dale / Greenfield (6800 S.) because of the possibility that Adam hid in the undercarriage of my car and rode to my Vet located in Cottonwood Heights. Adam is very shy and skittish and may be hiding in your garage, shed, window well, bushes. GENEROUS CASH REWARD.. Anonymity promised. A photo of the cat you find is appreciated to help with identity. We love and miss our innocent Adam and need him home with his furry siblings and human Mom. Call/text Diana 801.710.4691. more
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Bring Cleo Home - Lost dog


South Jordan, UT | 11 Hours
My 1 year old beautiful husky mix escaped through a hole in my parents fence today 2/25. She's never ran away before and wouldn't have gone very far. I've searched and searched and realized someone must've picked her up. Last seen 2700 w 9800 s South Jordan. She'said a Blondie and should have a red collar on.She's the sweetest dog and you'll probadly want to keep her but she's all I've got! Please contact me 385-210-6429, 801-631-6199. I'll gladly pick her up! more
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Cash found at the Gateway in downtown Salt Lake


American Fork, UT | 11 Hours
We found some cash Saturday, Feb 25 while shopping at the Gateway. We couldn't find anybody in an office with a lost and found. If you lost it, text or leave a message with how much it is and we'll get it back to you. more
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Found Male Grey And White Cat


Herriman, UT | 1 Day
Found this cat in our window well this afternoon in Herriman. No tags but she is loveable. Would hate to have someone's pet. Call or text Jason 321-514-9515 more
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Leatherman Found


Fillmore, UT | 1 Day
I found a Leatherman Tool in the trailer/snowmobile parking lot of the Mountain Home Subdivision on the West side of Scofield Reservoir. If you can text or email me the model and the initial engraved into it, I'd like to return it to you. more
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Ski Boots


Salt Lake City, UT | 1 Day
I found some ski boots in a parking lot. Text me if you lost them with a description of them. 949-533-9506 more
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Cat: black and white REWARD


Smithfield, UT | 1 Day
Bernard went camping accidentally with our neighbor up smithfield canyon on May 2 evening. We think someone camping there at that time has taken him home. Bernie is black and white 3-yr cat. Whit tummy and bib with four white paws. White patch on forehead and slight white marks on upper lip. Comes to his name. Neutered, house cat. We have listed him everywhere we can think but we're slow with technology and just thought of listing him on KSL. Reward if found $500.00 Call: 770-8310 (timberline business please leave msg.)or 435-740-2949 or email. more
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Still Looking for Stolen Purple Sling Purse--Jan.


Taylorsville, UT | 2 Days
Still searching for my purple sling purse stolen out of my van n Taylorsville on Jan. 14th. It had very little cash and all cards have been replaced and/or cancelled. Had asthma inhaler and two other prescriptions in it, my glasses, some contact lenses--but I really want my old ticket stubs and a "good luck" charm (ironic) that were inside. There was also a jump drive full of photos. Please contact me with any leads--guessing it was dumped in the area of 6200 South and 3200 West after they saw it wasn't worth much. more
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Lost White and Gray Cat


Salt Lake City, UT | 2 Days
Hello, and thanks for viewing this posting. We are in search of our awesome cat 'Wasatch' who is a white and gray mix, with beautiful blue eyes, and distinct dark streaks coming from the outer corner of his eyes. He went never returned from his neighborhood cruisings Thursday, February 16th. His home is on Kensington Ave in between 4th and 5th East, so if you have seen a cat who looks like him, or have taken him in from the elements, please give us a call at either 8o1. 6four1-529four to let us know where he might be. We will provide some sort of reward or his safe return home. Thanks! more
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Honda Keys (Bonneville Trail Up Provo Canyon)


Orem, UT | 2 Days
I lost my car keys while on the Bonneville trail, they look like the ones on the picture. The map shows where it could potentially be. I would much appreciate it if you could contact me if you found it.Thank you!Victor801.735.5487 more
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Morgan I found your phone


s. Ogden, UT | 2 Days
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Missing meow meow


Salt Lake City, UT | 3 Days
He's a boy he's 9 months old came up missing from Glendale area cailfornia ave his name is meow meow if seen or have him please call me or text me any time of the night he's my best friend and i miss him thank u 385 246 7857 reward if found 25$$$ more
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Missing meow meow


Salt Lake City, UT | 3 Days
He's a boy he's 9 months old came up missing from Glendale area cailfornia ave his name is meow meow if seen or have him please call me or text me any time of the night he's my best friend and i miss him thank u 385 246 7857 $$25 dollar reward if found more
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LOST Keys - Big Cottonwood Canyon


Salt Lake City, UT | 3 Days
Lost keys in Big Cottonwood Canyon somewhere between Parking Area/Entry Gate and Donut Falls Trailhead! It has a few keys on it, a key fob, and a leather key chain with our last name "Duensing" and the GPS coordinates of where we got married stamped in the leather.We lost the keys over Thanksgiving weekend while sledding. I know it's a long shot but we thought someone might stumble upon them as the snow starts to melt this spring! I've included a picture of the leather key chain. Thank you! more
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Found Dog


Ogden, UT | 3 Days
This little guy has been running around 23rd and Jefferson ave. in Ogden since Saturday. He looks to be about 3 or 4 yrs. old. he's pretty scared and runs away when being approached. I put out food and water for him this morning, which he ate after I left the area. I noticed this morning that he is limping on his left rear leg, he may have been lightly hit by a car. He is constantly running across 23rd which has a high rate of traffic, I'm afraid he's going to be seriously injured or killed. If anyone is looking for him please contact me on Facebook. I'll do my best to try and get him used to me so I can bring him inside. He has no collar or tags. PLEASE REPOST SO WE MIGHT BE ABLE TO FIND HIS FAMILY, THANK YOU! more
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2 ladders


Salt Lake City, UT | 3 Days
2 Ladders found in downtown SLC during rainstorm today 2/21/17. Email me to describe both to reclaim, more
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Lost Family Photo album


Spanish fork, UT | 4 Days
I accidently gave to DI in Provo a family photo album. Maybe 2 years ago. I was consolidating to make fewer albums. I donated all the empty albums, but must have also given my full family album. Most photos are from the 1940's to 1970's. If you happened to buy it please let me know. I have offered a small reward to cover your expenses. more
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Found in Murray Prescription Glasses in Case by IM


Sandy, UT | 4 Days
Gray framed prescription glasses found in road off Vine Street near Intermountain Medical. Call or text only. Doug 801-450-3668 more
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iPhone 5 c


Provo, UT | 4 Days
I found this phone on a singletrack motorcycle trail on the west side of Utah lake. Text me with a description if you lost one more
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Found Ogden High class ring


North Ogden, UT | 4 Days
Found Ogden High class ring years ago, have put it in the paper 5 times since, maybe this will be better. Call or text to identify 801-791-7198 10am-7pm. more
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VW Car Keys Found


Provo, UT | 4 Days
Car Keys found in the rear parking lot of the Provo DMV/DCFS/AP&P building. Main car key flips with the push of a button & is a cut key. The set also has a Utes house key & another keyless door remote fob. Please call or text 385-230-9943 if you are missing your keys. Thank you. more
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My name is Einstein


Logan, UT | 4 Days
I lost my white capped pionus parrot a little more than a week ago. If someone in the logan utah area has seen him please call me. He doesn't know how to survive in the outside world. more
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