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Mock Jury


Salt Lake City, UT | 3 Days
Seeking people 18 years an older to participate in Mock Jury on Saturday, June 10, 2017 from 9:00 am to 1:00 p.m. Lunch included. more
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2002 ford 150 supercrew


Cedar City, UT | 4 Days
Fair condition ford 150 161,000 miles, no trade need gone asap. Call or email more
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West Valley, UT | 4 Days
2003. 530 I. . Bmw 4 Dr. Sedan automatic , new tires 137105 miles. Very strong running car asking. 5,000.00. Will take best offer.......text me at. 385 881-3433. more
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Test, UT | 6 Days
Test McTester this is just a test. more
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Strange noises in millcreek


Millcreek, UT | 7 Days
Strange noises in Millcreek, has anyone in Millcreek Utah been hearing strange noises coming from what sounds like underground, it sounds crazy, but I need to know if anyone else is hearing this! Screams, crys for help, or just crying, or any sound that is unusual. If you have please send me a message describing what you hear to kjm.tlm@gmail.com Thank you more
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Public Notice


Woodland Hills, UT | 10 Days
This PublicNotice to to inform those interested that David Samuel Smith has resigned as a Member, Manager, Registered Agent and has abandoned all interest in Point Innovate LLC and all of its subsidiaries and will no longer have responsibility for the assets or liabilities of Point Innovate LLC or its subsidiaries. more
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Paralegal or other


Ogden, UT | 11 Days
Need paralegal or other legally trained to help with a bar complaint. 801-644-5600 more
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Seeking Bids for Auto Purchase


Ogden, UT | 13 Days
Futures Through Training, a 501(c)3 non profit is seeking bids for a vehicle with the following qualities: Clean title, clean car fax, no previous crashes, 4+ star crash rating, mileage under 40K, automatic transmission, 5 doors, AWD or 4WD, reliable/low maintenance cars, seats 5+ and cargo capacity, 20+ MPG, 7" ground clearance, prefer not white. Please submit as many bids as you like by May 31 to senders@fttinc.org. or to request a bid summary worksheet more
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Be aware of this Carpender company!!


Salt Lake City, UT | 14 Days
Delete if not allowed-Be aware of this company they will take advantage of you any way possible. This was the worst company to work with. By far! David and Cheryle are just horrible. They took advantage of me. I hired them to work for me on my motorhome and that was just a big mistake. I'll addmitt he did some alright work. He was really lazy and always was coming up with excuses to why he needed to leave early or why he couldn't make it. We signed a contract that he would work 5 days a week and 8 hours a day. For a full month. He didn't not keep to his contract at all, And that's why I say they took advantage of me. I gave them 2 grand half down to get the job finished. He took the money and didn't show up for a few days and he was supossed to start the next morning. I was worried he took my money and ran off. Then when he shows up we agreed it would be around 10, so he could have the full 8 hours of work done and a lunch break. He almost never showed up at the agreed time. He would come around 5 o'clock because he knew that he didn't have to stay long because of noise restriction laws. And he would still leave early. When he was here he was very slow. He complained that I wasn't helping and it's not my job.(thats why I paid him to do it). I said I would try to help sometimes if I could but because of my work shcedule it's hard.(plus I have a 10 month old son. So with the half down payment that was to cover his cost of gas to come down here. And he was constantly complaining saying "I dont know if i'll have gas to make it down there". And he would ask for extra money and that was never agreed to. It was half down and half when finished. And because I couldn't give it to him he would get mad and flip out on me. So not only would he come late, there were times he would bring his grandduaghter to work(to a construction site) and he had to baby sit which made him even slower, he woukd have to leave to go to the gas station so she could go to the bathroom cause she was to shy to use the bathroom provided. So I don't own my own busniess i'm 18. And hired them for a private job. No insurance or anything cause i just needed help. He fell off the ladder and got hurt(understandable) but i'm not a doctor so i have no clue what to do. He is out of breath and says "I think i'll be alright" and I told him to just take a break and chill in his car, and go get some materials he needed or something, but he was to hurt so he left and went to a doctor. The Doctor said he just bruised his ribs and to rest for a day maybe two. David took about three weeks off, and decided to finally show up again. Literally all he did was moan the whole time and said he was still really soar but hes alright. And im not paying anyone to stand there and moan. Nor to work slow. And I told him he needs to be working at a full fast pace or not to come at all. I told him to try and strech, see if he can make his back feel better. And literally because I said "try to strech it out or something" he said thats grounds for lawsuit. And I told him honestly not to come work at the job anymore and I would finish it myself. Because he just waisted my time and money. He threatened to put a lien out on my motorhome and to sue us because it was on our property. So definitely watch out with this guy. I was paying him $25 an hour for his slow, poor work attitude. His set up should have only taken like 10-15 minites cause that's how long it takes me and i'm not even experienced. He would show up clock in, sit in his car for a while and then start to set up and I would watch and count. It took him almost an hour to set up everytime. He was a snail. While he was telling me he didn't have gas money and couldn't make it out. His wife texted these exact words "stop being dramatic sweetie, I know that $20 bucks you barely put in the tank isn't even close to gone. So that just means he was lying and trying to get out of work. Theres more details to this but I can't type it all. more
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St. George, UT | 18 Days
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that, Affordable Safe Storage, 1385 East Telegraph, Washington, Utah 84780, 435-673-3700 is hereby giving notice that the rights, title and interest of the following storage occupant’s personal property will be sold online at www.StorageTreasures.com for non-payment of rent bid will close on May 30, 2017 between 8 am and 2 pm. Each unit’s contents will be sold in bulk as a single transaction. All goods are sold as is and must be removed within 48 hours of the time of purchase. We reserve the right to set a minimum bid or cease the sale. Unit numbers and occupants names are: J54-Joe Champion, E28-Chase Loveridge,D18-Derrin Pollock, J25-Manuel Miguel, F24-Dru Buchanan, J41-Kristin & Tommy Montoya more
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My co. up for sale


salt lake city, UT | 18 Days
I recycling e-waste and I'm looking to sell every thing i work so hard to build up been do this since 2006 now i just want to sell it and move out of state it has 3 domain names and a web page comes with one truck a EPA contract and a lot of big company that recycling there e-waste with me looking for someone to buy it off me it make real good money call for more info my name is Devin call me a t 801-638-0708 or 801-808-5517 need to sell. ask for $100,000.00 obo. more
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Sealed Adoption Help for Adoptees and Families


Pleasant Grove, UT | 19 Days
I am gathering information and attempting to help adoptees of sealed adoptions who are seeking to gain access to their birth information. I have started a blog to raise awareness of the difficulties involved with this process visit sealedadoptions.blogspot.comI am also seeking to gather information, opinions, experiences, advice, etc. through a survey I created and there is a link to it on my blog as well.. I have contacted our Utah representatives and have been given the green light to prepare a case for them to review in an effort to propose new legislation that better represents all involved. I will be updating the blog with relevant information and tips, etc, over the next few months. Please take a moment to fill out the related survey and share this site with others. I am a family historian seeking to help others in this situation and hoping we can find a better compromise and give everyone a voice, Thanks for getting involved. (PS, this is all done for free but for some reason I had to enter a price in order for this to post) more
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Sale of Buiness


Layton, UT | 24 Days
Mobile lube business with equipment , supplies, and customers. Run out of a trailer.Operating for 22 years. Call Paul 801 721-8744, offers considered. more
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Healthcare Reform


Albuquerque, NM | 24 Days
This post is just a legal message to the public. It doesn’t cost you anything; this site forces you to put in a dollar amount in their price box for the post to register online (ignore the price figure).The United States needs a “ONE” FULL COVERAGE NATIONAL HEALTHCARE SYSTEM. The “ONE” FULL COVERAGE NATIONAL HEALTHCARE SYSTEM healthcare letter at link:https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/united-states-needs-one-full-coverage-national-system-vahlsing-1 Everyone just spread the word and call their U.S. congressman and tell them that you want a “ONE” FULL COVERAGE NATIONAL HEALTHCARE SYSTEM. Government employees should not be given special full coverage healthcare paid for by the taxpayer when the taxpayer has mediocre healthcare or no healthcare at all. All U.S. citizens should be able to access healthcare treatment for any issue, from any doctor or hospital including full dental and vision, etc. that the U.S. government pays directly (no middlemen). more
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Notice to bidders


Slc, UT | 27 Days
ATTENTION TO CONTRACTORS: On Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017 at 10 a.m. a pre-bid meeting will be held at the site, 248 West 900 South, Salt Lake City, Utah. An inspection of the property will follow immediately after the pre-bid meeting.Work items include: Brick maintenance and painting on north, south, east, and west sideAdd parapet cap to brick topReplacement of metals rail with new metal rails on the access rampReplacement of the metal gutter with a new metal gutterWood work on main doorWood work on hardware back doorReplacement of a wood panel with a glass panel on the south sideReplacement of 4 windows panels and glass Adding new signage to the front side of the buildingAdding new metal work awnings to the windowsReplace front windows Sealed bids will be received by Jeff Taylor the Project Manager, at 248 West 900 South, Salt Lake City, Utah, until 4 p.m., on Friday, May 5th, 2017 for Urban Renaissance Group LLC, NBIP Urban Renaissance. Sealed bids will be publicly reviewed shortly thereafter, at 5 p.m., on May 5rd, 2017 by the Project Manager, or their representative. INSTRUCTIONS TO BIDDERS: Bid documents may be obtained only at the pre-bid meeting. Attendance at the pre-bid meeting is mandatory. NOTICE TO ALL PROSPECTIVE CONTRACTORS This project will be a FEDERALLY FINANCED COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROJECT. All rules and regulations governing such projects will be applicable. The contract is to be awarded to the lowest responsible and responsive bidder, whose bid meets the requirements and criteria set forth in the request for bids. Requirements for prevailing wage rates and certified payrolls apply as it is subject to the Davis-Bacon Act. Also, work to be completed under this project is subject to the requirements of Section 3 of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968, the purpose of which is to ensure employment and other economic opportunities generated by HUD-assisted projects shall, to the greatest extent feasible, be directed to low- and very low-income persons, particularly persons who are recipients of HUD assistance for housing. All contractors participating in this project must have a Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number and be registered on the federal System for Award Management (SAM) at sam.gov. For further information, contact the Project Manager at 801-580-6814 or Urbgroup@gmail.com more
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