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free pie cherries


magna, UT | 39 Mins
I have a pie cherry tree with lots of ripe cherries that need to be picked within a week. Bring your own container and pick as many as you want. If interested call chris at 801-913-1106 to schedual a time. more
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Need Work Please Help!


herriman, UT | 9 Hours
Im strong and know how to fix just about anything. I need work!! Whatever you need done, call or text me and see what deal we can work out. Thank you!!!! Seriously, thank you. more
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Single Dad With A 5 Year Old And 2 Year Old


American Fork, UT | 10 Hours
Hi, I am desperately in need of some help with a down payment for a car. My vehicle just started giving me several problems and I found a quality used vehicle but the finance company is requiring $1,000 down. I work full time and on a really tight budget raising my 5 year old daughter and 2 year old Son all alone. I am so willing to pay anyone back in payments for the $1,000 to put down and get a vehicle I so desperately need for work and for my children. I apologize if anyone is offended in anyway for me asking for help, I'm just in desperate need to get this car and I'm happy to provide ALL details associated with my loan. Thank you for reading this and for your kindness! more
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JAR of Hope 4th of July Booth in Clearfield


Clearfield, UT | 15 Hours
Come visit us at our 4th of July Booth at Fisher Park in Clearfield, UT! We will be raising funds and awareness for JAR of Hope, a non-profit organization. JAR of Hope's mission is dedicated to bringing awareness and raising funds directed to ongoing research in the hope of eliminating Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy; a fatal disease. See you there!!For more information about JAR of Hope and Duchenne visit our website www.jarofhope.org more
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Charity Barking Lot Sale


Ogden, UT | 1 Day
We are holding a Charity Barking Lot Sale for the benefit of a puppy in need of life saving heart surgery. We will have everything on sale at our thrift store. Furniture, Light fixtures, dishes, clothing, snow board for kids, toys, antiques and vintage items, and so much more! We are also going to have pony rides in the evenings, a silent auction and cold drinks for sale.June 29, 30 10am to 7pm July 1 10am to 9pmPack N Pounce Thrift Store333 2nd St #8Ogden, UT 84404801-317-2969To learn more about BraveHeart the puppy that needs surgery go to youcaring.com/braveheartsbrokenheart more
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Mom very ill. Trying to keep mom at home !


Ogden, UT | 1 Day
Meet Patty Blanchard. She is 76 years young and has heart and lung failure among other ailments.I am her only child willing and able to help her.She is wanting to remain in her modest trailer for her remaining time. I have exhausted all options and we make $70.00 to much to qualify for any state aid. There are no subsidies to pay for in home care for her, The state will pay over $5,000 per month for a month if I put her in a nursing home, no options for family care at home. Been trying to sell everything possible, but keep getting taken advantaged of on prices. Unique items for sale on my FB page, 40 plus adds on other sites listed items for sale including our own burial plots!She is unable to be left alone and it is difficult to work for any length of time. I have 2 flexible jobs and still unable to meet even our basic living expenses.We are not on welfare or foodstamps. We do not recieve any help from our church because we are not LDS. Bishop said " you have assets. Sell them". So for the past 6 months I have tried to sell everything possible with no luck and keep falling further behind. I have taken 4 cargo loads of nice items to the D.I. . I got a nifty reciept for it! My 11 year old son is starting 6th grade and is an excellent student and football player and helps tend to mom when I work. That is a huge responsibility for any child to have.We are active in our community, not on drugs, don't drink and have always worked! We have no family or friends in a position to loan us anything to just catch up with expenses. I have equity in our trailer, but can not borrow against it due to medical bills and student loans. Have worked with the same home health company for over 4 years. Our hope is to have assistance in catching up with past due bills and sell enough stuff to help supplement monthly needs. Moms time is limited as are we all , and I'm down to begging for help to keep her home. Have a carport full of items for sale, but again, no luck with selling anything !Things are just a mess and we have had no one reach out to help in any way. Losing hope! Any suggestions and help welcome, as I know it is difficult for many people right now. Thank you for reading our words of desperation.I don't know what else to do! more
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Seeking Donated Scouting Uniforms


South Jordan, UT | 2 Days
I'm looking for used Boy Scouting and Cub Scouting Uniforms for lower-income families who are unable to afford them. The items I'm looking for are: shirts (of any size or color), neckerchiefs, pants, slides, or belts. Please contact me with any questions and I can make arrangements to come and pick them up. Thank you! more
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In need of food


Roy, UT | 2 Days
Im im a mom of 7 kids. A small dog and some kitties m we will take any foods meat canned boxed bagged pet food. Wr need breakfast lunch and dinners. I live in Roy so close is nice. Or if you happen to be coming to Roy you could drop it off. more
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Looking For A Car


Orem, UT | 2 Days
Looking For A CarI'm looking for cars that are Toyota, Nissan, or Honda. It has to be a working car. Max I can do is $2,000. But in payments. I can do payments of $200 every 2 weeks. So $400 a month. My credit is just not good enough yet to take a Car out of a dealer. So I'm struggling here. If you have a car for sale and you'd be willing to do payments, please send me pictures along with information about the car. Thank you. more
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Lookin for a place thang out, sleep, stay cool,etc


Salt Lake City, UT | 2 Days
My family of 4 & our two small dogs have recently been evicted. All I am looking for is a place to go during the day while hubby is at work. We are sleeping in the car because no shelters take animals. Or fur babies have been with us for so long. I am willing to watch kids during the day if need be to have a cool place during this hot summer. Hubby lost his dad April 20th. Being in Cali we fell behind. He does have a new job and gets paid on the 5th. With that we will be paying for a week in a hotel hopefully. I don't know what anyone has to offer but I am open to ideas. Even if it were to hitch a tent in your back yard. We have two vehicles we are still making payments on and are paying our phones in payments as well. This month is the only month we need help. We re waiting in a settlement. But until then we are just about out of funds. Food is hard to keep because of the heat we are limited on what we can eat. Our dogs are getting low on food as well. Oh Lord...Please any help is appreciated even if it is for showers.Or a place to rest our head until the next morning. Hubby is pretty handy as well. Please and Thanks in advance. Please no harsh words. Text message is best. more
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Chipotle Cancer Fundraiser! !


Salt Lake City, UT | 2 Days
Chipotle fundraiser for cancer, come out and support! !All you have to do is go eat at Chipotle in sugarhouse (1011 E 2100 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84106) from 5-9 p.m. on June 27, 2017 and mention that you're there to support the fundraiser.50% of the proceeds raised this night will be donated in honor of my mom Angélica to the Huntsman Cancer Institute in Utah to help families who are fighting against this horrible disease.Please help get the word out.Together we can find the cure! ! more
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Cupcake Fundraiser THIS SATURDAY!!


Stansbury Park, UT | 3 Days
PRE ORDER YOUR CUPCAKES BY WEDNESDAY JUNE 28th TO ENSURE YOU GET THE FLAVORS YOU WANT!!!! TEXT OR EMAIL!I have someone that lives in Woods Cross AND West Jordan, that is willing to pick up your order, if you pay through pay pal in ADVANCE and send me your preorders. You would just have to pick them up at a different address in Woods Cross or West Jordan. Trying to make it easier for those that want to purchase, but don't want to drive the 30-40 for cupcakes! Most people say these cupcakes need to be on Cupcake Wars. They are a MUST TRY!My husband has had almost a dozen surgeries in the last 2 ½ years ! 4 of those surgeries took place in the last 2 weeks!! This month he almost lost his leg, from one of those surgeries. He spent 4 days in ICU and another 4 days in the hospital. My husband is out of work currently, while recovering and we need to sell LOTS of cupcakes to help with our cost of living while he is healing. We have 6 children and my husbands parents live with us as well. Our story is on GOFUNDME.Pre Order your "Sweet Sixlets" gourmet cupcakes in advance!Contact Shelby to order: Shelby Hudson 801-597-2463 (text) or ShelbyAHudson@MSN.ComPRE ORDER your cupcakes (they SELL OUT FAST), means you get the cupcake flavors you want, BEFORE they sell out AND they will be boxed and ready to go, when you arrive!! Cash payments accepted the day of pick up.2pm-4pm on Saturday July 1st!!709 Country Club, Stansbury Park, Utah 84074 (quick 30-40min from most SLC area locations)Purchase cupcakes for $2.00 each/mix and match; take as many or as little as you want.Raspberry DivaMaple BaconKey Lime PieCaramel Toffee CrunchStrawberry White ChocolateCherry LimeadePeanut Butter Hot FudgeLemon BlueberryOreo ObsessionPistachio CaramelCookie DoughOrange CreamcicleBanana Cream PieFacebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/144394986124942/?ref=46**ACCEPTING DONATIONS FOR OUR FAMILY IF YOU DON'T WANT TO ORDER CUPCAKES**through PAYPAL OR GOFUNDME, gf.me/u/y7vgy more
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Single Mother Needs Work/Child needs Help


Ogden, UT | 3 Days
I lost my job and everything saved has been used... I have recently gotten​ hired at a bar but don't get paid till July 5th... And even then, it won't be much till the next one. I'm living in a motel and it's expensive... I have terrible credit.... I also have medicine I need to pay for and I haven't been able to yet... I have always been a good worker and I would love to help clean houses or something for some cash to pay for this room.... I have a resume. I really need god to answer my prayers... This struggle is almost over with.... But I don't want to finish it out at a shelter.. Someone out there please let me work for you for cash ...Please please please. And if you just want to do a good deed, I don't need the money- just take it straight to the motel office or I'll go with you for my medicine.. It's Sunday right now... And I've got my room paid for till Tuesday till 11am (two days...)... My medicine needs to be picked up tomorrow... I will work for you. I will clean your car... Please God Help Me My phone is off but I can receive incoming texts and calls... 385 298 2760If I miss the call or if you text me I will walk to wifi and reply from an app.. Please more
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I need two tires for my van for the front


Clearfield, UT | 3 Days
My name is Jeannie and I really need help too getting two tires for my van for the front and I have a disabled and I can't walk on my right leg at all and I really need my van because I'm going to the doctor all the time and I really need my van fixed so I can go to my doctor appointment all the time and if you help me out and I really appreciate it so much and I really need cash in hand for help and call me at 801-564-9972 or call my husband at 801-309-0806 and if I don't answer the phone ok god bless you so much and my husband now more about the van so if you have a questions pretty please call or text my husband about it more
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Reno, NV | 4 Days
gofundme.com/losing-my-place-to-live more
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Help save our dog's leg


Layton, UT | 5 Days
Without $4000 surgery, our dog limor would loose her leg. Please help best # to reach me by phone or text is 801-888-9993. Or help through go fund me at www.gofundme.com/save-limors-leg. more
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Friend In Need (Single Mother in Need of a Bike)


Midvale, UT | 5 Days
Hello my name is Brandon. My good friend Is single mother of several beautiful children. She is a hard working, loving, caring sweet person. And Despite her downfalls and shortcomings she is always so positive and willing and eager to help othersShe has helped and been there for me when I was in need. And I am looking to reciprocate her kindness and genurosity and help her in her time of need. It will only be a small token of what she really deserves but I know it will help. She is to prideful to reach out herself. But she currently has no means of transportation. She walks or rides buses or gets rides whenever possible and manages to get around. She has expressed how she would love a mountain bike and how much easier it would make her life and how much more she could get done. I know she has said she wants a (gear, or mountain bike) with lever shifters. Not the shifters that rotate or turn around the handle bars. She has a hard time riding those ones. If anyone is able to help me help her. Or if you know anyone that can or would be willing to asist me in getting this deserving, caring, loving single mother a bike please. Contact me. I can afford a little bit of time effort and money to work, or fix one up that needs minor repairs(tubes, cleaning, adjusting) So anyone that has a bike that that they are willing to donate. working or just needs a few repairs. Or can help in anyway, please contact me. Call or text Brandon at 801-637-0305 Thanks so much more
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Help AJ go camping


Provo, UT | 5 Days
Www.gofundme.com/help-disabled-aj-go-campingPlease consider donating to help AJ be able to go camping this summer. Thanks! more
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Stolen Equipments- LDS Business College


Midvale, UT | 5 Days
My video says everything.https://www.facebook.com/elder.francisco.33/posts/1535094496542592I need your help to get back to business and to go to school.My trailer got stolen three days after I bought it with all my equipments. Didn't have time to put it in my insurance.Thank you. more
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SALE at the Ogden ReStore


Ogden, UT | 5 Days
Come join us at the Ogden ReStore, the home improvement nonprofit thrift store. We sell donated new and gently-used items to the general public so that funds are raised for nonprofit Habitat for Humanity of Weber and Davis Counties and the building and repairing of homes in the local community. Our sale is going on tomorrow June 24th, 2017 from 10 am to 6 pm. Select furniture, dining room tables, and chairs will be discounted from their already low-prices. Proceeds go to a good cause.Come see the selection at 3111 Wall Avenue Ogden UT 84401. Call us at 801-393-3287. Donate while you shop! more
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Vacation Bible School


Murray, UT | 7 Days
Freedom Baptist Church in Murray is having a Family Vacation Bible School this June 26th 27th and 28th. It will be at 7:00 p.m. til about 8:30. The theme is Discovering the God of the Universe... It will be fun for the whole family.. If the whole family can't make it please bring your children we would love to have them. We will have treats crafts and some Bible fun about the God of the Universe. Please come and join us at Freedom Baptist Church 302 west 5400 south in Murray, thanks see you there... Please text me if you can so we can have an idea about how many we will have, thanks 801-201-6697 more
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Youth Advocates of Southern Utah - Youth Shelter


Saint George, UT | 7 Days
Credit/Debit Cards Accepted!!& Cash of course! **All donations AND PURCHASES are IRS tax deductible | IRS 501c3 pendingWe have lots and lots of NEW stuff, gently used stuff - we've got everything imaginable! Seriously. We've got it. Couch? Yep we've got it. Flat Screen? Better Believe It! AND we're GIVING AWAY FREE STUFF! We've got Gift Card Givaways and free product giveaways from LOCAL business (ranging from $5-$40 !!! So please come join us, browse, shop, and, most importantly, hear about an awesome new organization, Youth Advocates of Southern Utah (Southern Utah's First & ONLY Youth Shelter Home & Resource Center) Let's come together to help make St. George a wonderful place for everyone, starting with our kids! Please share and hope to see you there!The Washington County School District has identified nearly 1,200 homeless students; I believe it is incumbent upon all of us, to ensure that these youth' have access to the support & resources they need, in a familial environment, in order for them to lead independent, meaningful, and fulfilling lives, equipped with full confidence of their innate value to themselves, their family/friends, and to their community. Join the cause and help ensure our youth a bright future!! https://www.facebook.com/events/109907686286096/?ti=icl more
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Helping a single mom


payson, UT | 7 Days
She desperately needs tires as you can see in the pictures she has been driving on them like this she can't afford new ones or used ones her tire size is 265 75 16 if anyone can donate tires it would be much appreciated she's a very sweet woman and lends a helping hand with everything she can she deserves the help and if I could afford to help her I would I worry about her saftey thanks for reading and if anyone can help god bless more
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Get Paid to Host a Chinese Student


Salt Lake City, UT | 7 Days
SALT LAKE / SUGARHOUSE FAMILIES- GET PAID TO HOST A CHINESE STUDENT FOR THE SCHOOL YEAR, STARTING IN AUGUST.We have several Chinese students (about a dozen) coming to Utah this fall to attend school at Judge Memorial High and we are looking for paid host families. The students all speak good English. They (boys and girls) are between 14 and 16 years old and have varied interests like: piano, music, basketball, sports, reading, etc.Host families are asked to provide room/board in a private bedroom for the student. Hosts are paid $600 per month, per student and can host one or two. They would also need a ride to/from JMHS. Riding UTA is also an option. The students usually go home for summer. However, they would likely return the following year. So host families would have the option of continuing. It is best if the host family lives within 10 minutes of Judge Memorial High.If you would like more information about hosting a Chinese student please contact Sharilyn@preferredhomestayusa.com or 801-616-0540 more
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