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Seeking Bassist


Ogden, UT | 1 Day
We are Out of Anger, a heavy metal band out of Ogden, we are seeking a bassist to complete the band. We practice in Ogden. We use in-ear monitors for practice, but if cab sound is important to you for practice, then we can work that in. Must have gear, own transportation, and a willingness to put on a show for the audience. This is us at Club Sound in SLC. https://youtu.be/fr6TfiyiA5wPlease feel free to call or text. more
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Park City, UT | 1 Day
~wanted for jam/rock duo .... I sing, play guitars, and live loop multiple layers creating a big sound for 2!Improv is at the heart of my music .....seeking a drummer who goes after it .....improvs, solos, plays with loops.......original music mostly with blues, funk, jazz and reggae grooves. I have gigs booked! more
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Alternative band looking for creative drummer


Clearfield, UT | 1 Day
Alternative band in Northern UT is looking for a drummer who is more than a "keeper of the beat." We do mostly originals, so we would like to set up a time to jam and see if you are a fit with what we are doing. Text please. more
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Country Fan Fest Tickets


Spanish Fork, UT | 2 Days
I have two 3 day pass to country fan fest more
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Trash Bats Seeks Drummer


Cedar City, UT | 3 Days
DEAD BOYS / JOHNNY THUNDERS AND THE HEARTBREAKERS / THE RUNAWAYS / THE STOOGES / THE VELVET UNDERGROUND / DAVID BOWIE / THE SWEET / MC5 / RAMONES / KISS (1974-1975) / THE JONESES / SEX PISTOLS / MODERN LOVERS / LOU REED / THE SUMMER HITS / ROXY MUSIC / KEVIN AYERS/ NEW YORK DOLLS / THE DAMNED (FIRST RECORD).We have it all together except for a drummer. Completely realized and arranged original material. Vaguely similar to the groups listed above except for the fact that our songs are much better. We definitely have improved upon anything BOWIE has ever done..If you are a drummer who's arms and legs can work completely independent of one another and you can remember an arrangement that's probably a good start. This is a relatively simple rock n roll outfit but it has proven itself challenging to drummers who are not accustomed to striking the high hat 64 bpm on a 128 bpm song while maintaining a steady kick pattern. I am not a drummer so I don't know the correct terminology for what I mentioned above although I have no problem actually doing it perfectly well on a drum kit.If you listen to Paul Cook's Drumming on "Nevermind The Bollocks" or better yet, his drumming anywhere on The Sex Pistol's Twelve Day US Tour, that's exactly what's needed here. It is the sacred blueprint for all our sleazy... drumming needs. Nothing more is needed. No Fancy Flourishes and No Neil Peart Worshipers Required. For example, if somebody were to show up with only a kick, snare, high hat and a crash or two and played the beats heard on our demo's below without speeding up, we would be completely blown away. No need to spice things up, just a simple fill on a lonely snare is enough. I must mention here that we are not a jam band, we don't get lit up and binge watch "Pineapple Express" and "Superbad" while taking excessive breaks. We aren't punks, rockers, or juggalos. We are working, blue collar, family oriented peoples with very cool detective pets who will screen you immediately upon your possible arrival to sense whether you are a relatively good and genuine person (or not). We own many firearms. We are old. No drug issues, flakes or power trips please. We are a true democracy with all input being unbelievably equal and this balance can not be upset be some blowhard bastard who has something to prove. This group must remain a single organism. This group will rock.Here's the demos (copy paste): https://soundcloud.com/black-magic-summer more
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Drummer looking to start or join black metal band


Herriman, UT | 3 Days
This is a project I've been meaning to be a part of for many years, but have found no luck due to the lack of commitment or lack of love and talent from other people I have tried to work with. I want to work with professional musicians who love the genre as much as I do and are talented with their instruments, but also have a creative sense of musicality. I've been playing drums for 7 years, and extreme metal for close to 4 years. I can play to a metronome even at fast tempos, which is also expected of you. My influences range from inquisition to dimmu borgir, so I'm good for raw and powerful, to epic and atmospheric. I have a practice space located in herriman. I am 18 years of age, so don't complain if you can't play at bars, because bar shows are not the priority, the priority is beautiful music. If you are interested and would like to schedule a time to jam, send me a text, or email me at metalbubba1@gmail.com. take care more
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Are 14 to 17 and love to play great 60s,70s music


Riverton, UT | 4 Days
Want to play in a fun classic rock ‘n roll band ?If you are 14 to 17 and love to play great music we would like to hear from you.We are looking for lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, and vocals.We will be playing 60's, 70's, and 80's music: Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Boston, Kansas, and the Beatles.If this sounds fun please give us a call. We will be practicing in Riverton. No charge, just a band to have a lot of fun. We may even be able to find a few gigs in the future.Ren Field 801-718-3691. more
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Looking for 18-22 Vocals, Bass/Guitar, Keys


Salt Lake City, UT | 5 Days
Looking for people to write/perform songs withI'd strongly prefer that you have a car or live in Salt Lake CityStyle revolves around The Growlers, The Black Angels, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Night Beats, DIIV, Tame Impala/Pond, Text me if you're interested more
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Seeking backup vocalist for dark prog folk band


Salt Lake, UT | 5 Days
We, Six Feet in the Pine, are looking for a backup singer to help with harmonies and choruses and even some lead. We are currently in the studio recording our 2nd album and have a busy Fall and winter planned. Just a heads up, we are a rowdy and irreverent group that likes to drink and "smoke". more
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Seeking Fiddle player for Dark Prog Folk band


Salt Lake, UT | 5 Days
We, Six Feet in the Pine, are looking for a fiddle/violin player. Bonus points if you can sing backup harmonies. We are a gigging band with a busy fall/Winter planned and are in the studio recording our second album. Serious inquiries only! more
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Guitarist Looking for a country rock


SLC, UT | 5 Days
Hey all.I'm a guitarist looking to join a band. Something in the country rock/pop generaI'm past the "I'm gonna be a rockstar" days but I do still wouldn't mind being a local celebrity. I am not looking to fully play covers. I don't mind a couple to warm up a crowd, but my main goal is to write music.Here's a couple of samples of what I'm going for. https://soundcloud.com/austinlindsay/countrypophttps://youtu.be/6itvRrDmsg8https://youtu.be/EsnFbkwN7Dkhttps://youtu.be/7hKDy_UqSkEhttps://youtu.be/HYeEZMe8RYEhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=US4zTUfYHdk more
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Vocalist Looking for acoustic Guitarist or a Band


Midvale, UT | 6 Days
I'm looking for a band or an acoustic guitarist to sing with in the Salt Lake Area.I have a relatively deep voice like Johnny Cash, but can sing falsetto like Neil Young.I want to do small gigs, parties, bars, festivals, etc.,I'm 55 and I'm not LDS. Despite my age, I AM NOT INTO PERFORMING OLD, OLD CLASSIC ROCK LIKE BEACH BOYS, BEATLES, ETC.Songs I do:STP - Plush, Interstate Love song and Velvet Revolver SlitherShinedown - Second Chance, If you only knewJudas Priest - Breaking the lawMegadeth - Symphony of DestructionAlice in Chains - It's your decision, Man in a boxSeether - Rise above thisLit - My Own worst enemyFoo Fighters - EverlongPearl Jam - Crazy Mary, Just Breathe ( I can play acoustic on these)I love Tool, Shinedown, Papa Roach, KORN, Rob Zombie, STP, Three Days Grace, Seether, etc.Ring of Fire - Johnny CashNeil Young- Like a Hurricane, Harvest, Cowgirl, Old Man ( I can play acoustic on all these)I sing and play guitar.*These aren't songs we have to play, just trying to illustrate my range.I love classic, hard rock and alternative rock. more
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drummer and singer for a indie rock band


provo, UT | 6 Days
we are local musicians looking to start a new band. we are in search for a singer and a drummer. we are both 23. were looking to have weekly practice and gig fairly regularly once we get everything squared away. hit us up if this sounds like fun to you. 435-862-0797 more
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Looking for practice space


Salt Lake City, UT | 6 Days
Hello, I'm currently in need of a space to practice with my two bands. We will pay. We've been looking for available spaces at downtown music and positively 4th street but nothing has become available. If anyone could help us out with a space, room, storage, something. Anything helps. Thanks. more
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looking for female vocal singer,gospel, soul, r and b , jazz


twin falls, ID | 6 Days
Looking for female singer to make smash hit top single mostly soul soft type r and b jazz perhaps some country and lds church gospel music also looking for drummer and piano and other music instrument players 208 227-6484 more
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Bassist Seeking Working Band


West Jordan, UT | 6 Days
I'm 18, and going to the U for jazz performance in the fall. In the mean time I'm looking to get gigging experience, and make a bit of money.I mainly know jazz and rock, but can do any genre needed. I don't mind playing originals or covers. I'm dedicated and can learn quickly, and I'm eager to work.Call or text any time. more
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Looking For A Drummer Who Wants To Record


Salt Lake City, UT | 7 Days
I got a bunch of electronic stuff, needs drums. Hit me up, I'll send a link. more
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Looking for One Riffster


Ogden, UT | 7 Days
If you’re reading this, you either have a guitar, a bass, a keyboard or some drums, and you may conceive of joining a bunch of guys every Wednesday night to jam, showing commitment and determination, and working hard perfecting your unique sound playing covers or originals. One step further and you start playing small venues and bars, using your bona fide on-stage moves, building your brand. But after a few years, you notice that those places you’ve been playing have schedules to fill each week and they seem to take almost anybody. You think about all the audiences who you’ve looked out over, and suddenly realize that except for family and friends, literally NOBODY has been to a single show to watch your band, let alone to watch YOU. All those hours spent, and you’re no further ahead than the guy who’s playing the next bar, who went to the music warehouse store last week for the first time in his life. Concluding that you’ve spent the best years of your life accomplishing nothing (and hopefully not having picked up any rare diseases or addictions, or having caused any unwanted pregnancies along the way), you do one of two things: You set your guitar aside and take up snowboarding, video gaming, mountain biking or some other hobby that’s way more fun and takes far less time. Or, you figure you’ve got nothing better to do on Wednesday nights, so 30 years later you’re still in a band making background noise for bars, parties, weddings, and other groups of people who don’t know your name and don’t want to. It’s called the “band cycle” and there is a 99.999% probability if you’re reading this, I have described either your past or your future. That’s not so say you’re not a great guy and maybe even one of my friends!Then there’s the other 0.001%. You have musical skill. You sit alone in your room picking out great little riffs that only your mother or girlfriend will ever hear. And you’re an introvert; the thought of getting together with some extroverted guys once a week to make tedious small talk and amplified noise that you don’t even like, then piling into a van twice a month to be band number 4 in a 5-band show at 10:30pm sounds like a kind of living hell. You feel like music today with few exceptions, is either unbearable industrial noise or predictable, cartoonish tripe. Hey you. Have you figured out that every great song starts with one such riff like those little gems you do? Often, these “grabber riffs” are ONLY ONE MEASURE LONG, but you have one, or maybe several. Has it occurred to you that little sound you make is more valuable than all the hours all the other bands in town are spending put together, and it provides opportunities for real fun for you that those others cannot even imagine? Well, so text me, okay? Let me make a few suggestions. See what you think. Or, forget about it, and just keep doing what you’re doing. Either way. more
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Country Bass Player Needed


west valley, UT | 7 Days
7 Day Diablo a working red dirt country band seeking a bass player to replace our guy who can no longer play with us due to time constraints. Nice guys with paying gigs booked through the year. We play 2 to 3 weekends a month on average. We need someone asap. Call or text Cory at 8016942373. more
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Salt Lake City, UT | 8 Days
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beginning rock/groove metal bands needs guitarist


davis/s.l..c,/ogden, UT | 8 Days
hi, my name is kendall, or kove..my newly forming hardrock/metalish band is looking for a guitarist,,we have been for some of us in the band that play guitar. have been writing a little ona 7 string in drops Astandard and C..our bassist is my best friend because of the music we have created together, i would really like this band to be as close as possible like not just playing music togetherwe make decisions as a band and we work hard, we also need a replacement drummer he's the exact kind of drummer or musician we don't want in this band...we love just to name a few besides all kinds off music...slipknot,stonesour,mudvayne,hellyeah,tool,apc,lolstaind especially there heavy albums in this moment,code orange, all the old grunge band's from the 90's deftones!!theres just so many i can't think of right now but wish i could anywaywe practice.m,t,wednesday unless told otherwise more
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Guitarist seeking musicians for 60's/Garage Rock


Clearfield, UT | 9 Days
Guitar player in his 50s seeking singer, guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, and drummer for a 60's and garage rock type band. This is for fun. Gigging should be the goal, but I'm not interested in "making" it in the music industry. I have a day job, so this will be for fun. Influences include Fuzztones, Gravedigger V, Smithereens, Rolling Stones, 60's pop, surf, psychedelia, spaghetti western, etc. Covers and originals are okay. All levels of experience are okay. We could even start a "School of Rock" for senior citizens! Please feel free to call or text Mike (801) 668-9422. more
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Vocalist looking to start or join metal band.


Santaquin, UT | 9 Days
My name is Kellen. I'm a 21 year old metal vocalist. I do mostly false cord vocals that range from high screams to low growls and everything in between as well as clean vocals. I'm mostly influenced by deathcore music, but I'm really into all different kinds of metal/rock. I've been a part of a few different projects and I've done a little bit of recording. I'm open to trying any type of music so feel free to hit me up regardless of what you play. I'm also a songwriter. I've written a lot of lyrics for both solo and group projects. Please keep in mind that I do live in santaquin and I would like to try to stick around Utah county. Text is the best way to contact me if you're interested. more
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We need a front person


Taylorsville, UT | 9 Days
We are a tight 3 piece, wanting to have some fun playing classic rock, rock and blues rock. Looking for someone who likes that style of music and who.really llikes singing. The three of us have been playing in bands for 30 to 40 years individually. We all like playing and dont want to.have to stop. We easy to get along with and checked our egos years ago. We practice Thursday and Sunday at Downtown music. So if you can sing and want go have fun doing it, text Bill @ 385-499-6071.Anytime, Anyday more
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