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Holmes jury keeps execution as option as sentencing advances

Sadie Gurman, Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 3rd - 1:31pm

Jurors in the Colorado theater shooting trial declined to rule out the death penalty Monday as they move toward sentencing James Holmes.

Teen's prize-winning pig rakes in $31K for mom with cancer

Tracie Snowder  |  Posted  Aug 3rd - 1:21pm

A teen's prize-winning pig at the Morgan County Fair is helping his mom face breast cancer thanks to generous bidders.

Video: See how many iPhones it takes to stop a bullet

Natalie Crofts  |  Posted  Aug 3rd - 11:45am

An iPhone can definitely make life more convenient, but could it also stop a bullet?


Girls learn better from female teachers, but what about boys?

Shelby Slade, Deseret News National  |  Posted  Aug 3rd - 11:24am

If you're worried about the grades your daughter is bringing home, her teacher might be able to help more than you previously thought.

The woman in the next seat, other moments that made your day

Celeste Tholen Rosenlof  |  Posted  Aug 3rd - 11:15am

Goodness isn't hard to find if you're looking for it and especially if you're making it. This week, three readers share stories of times someone has reached out to them and lifted their mood.

Massachusetts woman's chicken getting $2,500 prosthetic leg

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 3rd - 10:51am

This chicken leg isn't for eating.

Power outage hits Summit, Salt Lake counties

Linda Williams  |  Posted  Aug 3rd - 10:37am

Crews worked Monday morning to repair a power outage that left 70 percent of Park City without power at one point, according to police.

New AP U.S. History teaching framework released after controversy

Wyatt Massey, Special to CNN  |  Posted  Aug 3rd - 10:36am

The College Board released its new Advanced Placement U.S. History teaching guidelines Thursday, following a year in which the previous framework was attacked for being anti-American.

Mitt Romney helps Colbert in new show promo

Josh Furlong  |  Posted  Aug 3rd - 10:19am

Stephen Colbert is taking over for the now-retired David Letterman later this year, and former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is helping him out with a show promotion.

AT&T launches first TV-phone plan after DirecTV deal

Charles Riley, CNN  |  Posted  Aug 3rd - 10:02am

AT&T, fresh off its completed acquisition of DirecTV, is already flexing its muscles as a combined company.

Mixed reaction in Utah to EPA's Clean Power Plan

Amy Joi O'Donoghue  |  Posted  Aug 3rd - 9:49am

The long-awaited, highly controversial Clean Power Plan proposed by the Obama administration is due to be released Monday, and the furor and disagreement are already in high gear over the move to cut power plant emissions.

The first GOP debate is Thursday: Here's what you need to know

Jeremy Diamond, CNN  |  Posted  Aug 3rd - 9:16am

Republican primary voters will get more insight this week into the presidential candidates vying for their party's nomination as the contenders prepare to square off in the first primary debate.

Zimbabwe accuses 2nd American of illegally hunting lion

Farai Mutsaka, Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 3rd - 8:45am

Zimbabwe has accused a Pennsylvania doctor of illegally killing a lion in April, as it seeks to extradite a Minnesota dentist who killed a well-known lion named Cecil in July.

ACLU says prisoners want improved living conditions, more opportunity

Celeste Tholen Rosenlof  |  Posted  Aug 3rd - 8:22am

Sunday, the Utah ACLU released a statement supporting the prisoners on a hunger strike in a Utah prison facility, encouraging the Utah Department of Corrections to reassess several of the issues outlined in the inmates' letter. The department said, however, that it has been working over the last several months to address those issues.

Pro-Israel, pro-peace group J Street launches in Utah

Amy Joi O'Donoghue  |  Posted  Aug 3rd - 7:59am

J Street had its official launch in Utah on Sunday at the Jewish Community Center in Salt Lake City, where its founder, Jeremy Ben-Ami, discussed the pending Iranian nuclear agreement. J Street is a growing pro-Israel, pro-peace movement.

ICYMI: 10 stories from the weekend

Angie H. Treasure  |  Posted  Aug 3rd - 7:33am

Here are 10 local stories you may have missed this weekend. As always, click on the headline to read the full story.

My spouse supports same-sex marriage and I don't

Kim Giles, Contributor  |  Posted  Aug 3rd - 6:57am

In this edition of LIFEadvice, Coach Kim gives six tips for handling sensitive disagreements with your spouse.

Utah man grows, eats weeds

Peter Rosen  |  Posted  Aug 2nd - 10:32pm

There are weeds in Mike Wood's small backyard garden that he planted on purpose. What other people call weeds, he calls lunch. And he wants to educate others on how they can eat weeds, too.

Solitude forest fire grows to 1,104 acres

Celeste Tholen Rosenlof  |  Posted  Aug 2nd - 10:32pm

A lightning-caused fire has grown to 1,104 acres since its July 19 sparking, affecting nearby areas with its plumes of smoke. Officials are managing the fire, however, as a means of cleaning up the forest.

UHP identifies woman dead, man injured in motorcycle accident

Angie H. Treasure  |  Posted  Aug 2nd - 10:26pm

A woman is dead and her husband has been flown to the hospital in critical condition after a motorcycle crash on I-80 Sunday morning, the Utah Highway Patrol said.


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