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Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

Where to fish in Utah this weekend

By Spencer Durrant, Contributor  |  Posted May 12th, 2017 @ 11:29am



THE GREAT OUTDOORS — With warm weather and a great weekend forecast, a lot of Utah anglers are hitting the water this weekend, and they're all asking the same question: where should we go fishing?

If you're taking the whole family or just grabbing some personal time on the water, these are the best places to go fishing in Utah this weekend. Information from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources fishing reports was included in this roundup. Visit their website for more details.

Utah Lake

Utah Lake is fishing incredibly well right now. Thanks to regulations changes, you can now fish all Utah Lake tributaries. The white bass are spawning and they make a great meal. The walleye fishing is great as well.

What to use: Green tube jigs, curly-tailed jigs in white/green/gold and garlic PowerBait

Where to fish: Utah Lake State Park, American Fork Boat Harbor and the Lindon Boat Harbor

Palisade Reservoir

This little reservoir just south of Manti is a great family fishery. Rainbow and tiger trout are stocked regularly and the tiger trout can reach impressive size. There's also a golf course and paddleboats, so the entire family can find something to enjoy.

What to use: Worms, garlic PowerBait, green tube jigs, salmon eggs, Jake's Lure and gold Blue Fox Vibrax

Where to fish: The south end of the reservoir near the dam

Weber River

Fly fishermen across the state are fighting high water, but the Weber River is one that's still fishing well, in spite of the runoff. The best fishing for large brown trout is from Echo Reservoir down below Lost Creek. DWR recommended this stretch of river as the best to fish, though other sections are fishing well, too.

What to use: San Juan Worms, scuds, sow bugs, zebra midges, wooly buggers, blue winged olives and Mother's Day caddis

Where to fish: All public access points below Echo Reservoir to Devil's Slide

Jordanelle Reservoir

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources has put a ton of effort into improving the fishery at Jordanelle. So far, it's paying off this year. Brown and rainbow trout are abundant in good sizes, and some giant brown trout turned up in recent gill-net surveys.

Tiger muskie were also recently stocked, alongside kokanee salmon.

What to use: Garlic PowerBait, Jake's Lure, green and white tube jigs, Kastmasters and streamers

Where to fish:Around the boat ramp and along any shore with a drop-off into deeper water about 20 feet from the bank

Green River

The Green River below Flaming Gorge Reservoir has had its issues this spring as well, but flows are down from 8,600 cubic feet per second to 6,600. The water flow should stay that way for a few weeks, which means wade fishing above Little Hole or below the dam will be more accessible.

What to use: Blue-winged olive duns, nymphs, cripples, black or white streamers, Mother's Day caddis, cicadas and zebra midges

Where to fish: A-Section has the only real wade-fishing-friendly water. Below the dam or above Little Hole will produce, but take caution — the high water has the trail flooded in spots.

Are you headed out fishing this weekend? Let us know in the comments.

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