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Courtesy of Localscapes

How to create a yard that stands out without breaking your back

By Localscapes  |  Posted May 18th, 2017 @ 9:00pm



In a recent survey of more than 1,000 Utah homeowners, only four percent reported being completely satisfied with their yard. Weeds, brown spots, maintenance requirements, and low curb appeal topped the reasons for landscape dissatisfaction, but experts are now saying there may be a solution.

A new movement called “Localscapes” is growing from the idea that rather than importing landscaping styles from different climates and trying to force them to fit here, Utah needs its own style of landscapingone that creates yards that work, not more yard work.

Top: Typical Utah landscape, Bottom: Utah Localscape

The premise is simple: by designing your yard to fit Utah’s unique climate, you can overcome common landscaping problems, reduce maintenance, and create landscapes that thrive here.

Localscapes teaches homeowners to landscape for where they live—wherever they live. But what does it mean to landscape for Utah? And how can “localizing” overcome common landscaping problems? Here are just a few of the benefits seen by those who have already started the process:  

1. Fewer Weeds

Utah has a naturally dry climate—which can be used to our advantage in the fight against weeds. By drip irrigating planter beds, you water the plants you want to keep while allowing the soil in between to remain drier, which discourages weeds from germinating. For significant results, top it all off with a 3-inch layer of mulch to minimize evaporation, lower soil temperature and smother weeds. There’s also this great “Weed Control Recipe” you can try.

Courtesy of Localscapes

2. Improved Functionality

If there are parts of your landscape you only visit while pushing a lawn mower, there is probably a better use for that space. Sections of lawn that are never or rarely used can be replaced with patios, outdoor seating areas, activity zones like play sets and fire pits, or even planting beds. Not only does this provide more usable space in your yard, it also minimizes areas that need constant maintenance and mowing.

Courtesy of Localscapes

3. Lower Water Bill

Utah doesn’t get much rain, so our landscapes have to rely on irrigation systems. Taking lawn out of areas where it isn’t used and drip irrigating planter beds not only reduces weeds and improves yard functionality, it also saves water. In fact, making those two changes can easily save thousands of gallons of water each year. Plus, keeping the lawn in a central open shape will allow sprinklers to work as they were designed, leading to less over-spray, fewer brown spots, and a lower water bill.

Courtesy of Localscapes

4. Enhanced Curb Appeal

Most of the gardening information found on the internet and in magazines has nothing to do with Utah and may even feature plants that won’t grow here. Choosing Utah-friendly plants to fill your landscape is one of the best ways to instantly boost curb appeal because Utah-friendly plants will thrive in our climate. Check out these Localscapes sample designs to find plants perfect for Utah!

Courtesy of Localscapes

5. Less Maintenance

Because localscapes are designed to fit Utah’s climate rather than fight it, localizing your yard will help decrease the number of Saturdays sacrificed to sprinkler systems that don’t work, plants that fail, and other menial yard maintenance. To learn more about Localscapes and how you can start localizing, visit

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