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NCAA Tournament Blog: Wrapping up the SLC Regional

By Carter Williams, Josh Furlong, Sean Walker and Andy Larsen  |  Posted Mar 18th, 2017 @ 3:59pm


Saturday, 09:48pm

Wrapping up the SLC Regional

Saturday, 08:11pm

Trier's second-half effort rallies Arizona to win

Saturday, 07:49pm

Arizona's back

Saturday, 07:11pm

Halftime: Saint Mary's 30, Arizona 29

Saturday, 06:52pm

Well, that escalated quickly ...

Saturday, 05:46pm

Gonzaga holds off Northwestern rally

Saturday, 05:20pm

Northwestern tries to rally

Saturday, 04:51pm

Gonzaga holding steady in second half

Saturday, 04:15pm

Halftime: Gonzaga 38, Northwestern 20

Saturday, 03:56pm

Is Northwestern's run coming to an end?

Saturday, 03:31pm

Top-seeded Zags face road game in second round

Friday, 05:05pm

Wildcats wary of Saint Mary's defense

Friday, 03:29pm

Gaels know 'Zona

Friday, 02:18pm

Northwestern wants to be David to Gonzaga's Goliath

Friday, 01:36pm

Zags have become the hunted

Thursday, 10:40pm

Practice day at Vivint Arena

Thursday, 10:35pm

Wrapping up Day 1 live blog

Thursday, 09:32pm

Arizona defeats North Dakota, 100-82

Thursday, 10:22pm

Keeping pace with UND

Thursday, 08:40pm

Arizona running away with it

Thursday, 07:53pm

Arizona leading early

Thursday, 07:22pm

Saint Mary's wins as WCC sweeps its two games here today

Thursday, 07:02pm

VCU wins! — battle of the bands

Thursday, 06:30pm

Here comes VCU

Thursday, 05:38pm

St. Mary's having little problems with VCU

Thursday, 04:08pm

The cruelness of March

Thursday, 03:19pm

A twist in the tale?

Thursday, 02:52pm

Northwestern's offense

Thursday, 02:07pm

Mark Few done with the No. 1 seed?

Thursday, 01:57pm

Zach Collins impresses

Thursday, 01:41pm

Gonzaga cruises to win over South Dakota State

Thursday, 01:32pm

Gonzaga just cruising along

Thursday, 01:19pm

Northwestern fans piling in

Thursday, 12:46pm

Gonzaga pulling away

Thursday, 12:26pm

It wasn't easy, but Gonzaga takes lead into half

Thursday, 12:07pm

A tight battle

Thursday, 11:59am

Jackrabbits quick start

Carter Williams
Josh Furlong
Sean Walker
Andy Larsen
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