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Plans back on for fantasy-theme park in Pleasant Grove

By Sam Penrod  |  Posted Feb 6th, 2017 @ 9:01pm

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PLEASANT GROVE — Evermore Park has been a dream for entrepreneur Ken Bretschneider for years. He calls it an adventure park with a theme of an English village in the Victorian era.

We’re building an entire, what we call, an urban entertainment park that will have several points of entertainment in it, one of them being Evermore Park, which is a personal project of mine” Bretschneider said.

The Evermore Park project seemed to stall for the past couple of years, but construction is set to begin later this week on what the founder believes will become a big attraction for Utah.

Shops, entertainment and dining will be part of the park, with different attractions depending on the season, in hopes guests will frequent the park throughout the year.

“These are immersive theatrical experiences,” Bretschneider said. “We’re using lighting, DMX-controlled devices, smells, sounds, sights. We’re using 3-D projection mapping, costuming, puppeteering and different thing to create these elaborate events.”

Evermore isn't the only attraction that will be built in the park.

“One is a high-end go-cart racing track that will have some of the most advanced electric go-carts,” Bretschneider said. “Also, the first Void location is going into the park as well.”

Interest in The Void — a virtual reality game — has already been very strong online.

“All funding is in place, all the agreements are in place,” Bretschneider said. “We have all the approvals from city and state. You’ll start seeing activity on the site.”

If all goes according to plan, the first phase of Evermore Park will be finished in the fall, just in time for Halloween. Other phases, including The Void, won't be finished until sometime in 2018.

Contributing: Xoel Cardenas


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