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Episode 8: S.W.A.T.-ing is a Serious Crime

Mar 27th - 2:14pm

Some teenagers recently have been "" along the Wasatch Front - making prank emergency calls to embarrass other people.

Episode 7: Vacations & Social Media

Mar 10th - 8:00am

Vacations can be full of memories and fun pictures, but be careful when you post them to social media. Salt Lake County Sheriff Jim Winder explains why this can be dangerous.

Episode 6: Avoiding Identity Theft

Mar 1st - 2:46pm

One of the top crimes in Utah continues to be identity theft. With a recent sting that uncovered 150,000 victims in the Salt Lake valley, Sheriff Jim Winder lists a few simple things you can do to stay safe.

Episode 5: Help Us Solve It: Kearns Homicide

Feb 6th - 2:40pm

In the early hours of 6-10-16, a vehicle drove up to a home in Kearns and fired shots at a man and woman, killing the man. Please help us solve this crime.

Episode 4: Help Us Solve It: Murder on I-80

Dec 28th - 9:59am

On February 11, 2016, two individuals walking along the Great Salt Lake shore line discovered what they thought was a mannequin.

Episode 3: Keeping Christmas Safe at Home

Dec 12th - 11:47am

A little pre-planning will make sure that packages end up in the right hands.

Episode 2: United Not Divided

Nov 9th - 1:41pm

Law enforcement can only be successful with the support of the community which it serves. When we lose the social contract to be decent to each other, it's impossible for any of us to live in a safe and secure community.

Episode 1: Home Burglaries

Nov 3rd - 3:55pm

Is your home protected from the threat of burglary? Protecting your home--especially during the holiday season--is a major concern for Utah police department. Salt Lake County Sheriff Jim Winder shares a few tips to keep your family safe.