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Online flirting turns into real danger for Riverdale teen

By Mike Anderson  |  Posted Mar 12th, 2013 @ 10:33pm

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RIVERDALE — A Riverdale teenager had a close call with an accused sexual predator when he showed up at her front door. She's sharing her story with hopes it will help keep others safe.

Isabel Gurule, 13, met "Jon Anders" on the website, He claimed to be 15 years old.

I'm scared to walk home by myself. I'm scared to go outside by myself.

–Isabel Gurule, victim

"Basically I posted a post that said, ‘Does anyone want to talk on the phone?'" Isabel said.

The man responded to her post and the pair chatted.

"We talked for about ten minutes about videos on YouTube," said Isabel.

She said "Jon" seemed like a friend.

"He asked me if he could come over that night," Isabel said. "I took it as a joke because I know 15-year-olds can't drive."

Around 1 a.m., "Jon" — who turned out to be 27-year-old Luis Salguero — parked his car across the street from the Gurules' home and waited. Isabel's father said he felt he needed to call 911 because something didn't seem right.

Luis Salguero, 27, is accused of posing as a teenager to attract underage girls online

"My dad called the cops because he said he looked suspicious," said Isabel.

In the coming days, Isabel learned from Roy police that Salguero had allegedly used his online profile to meet underage girls. Investigators said he admitted to having sex with a 15-year-old in his car at a church parking lot. Salguero is also facing charges for another alleged encounter with a teen in Salt Lake City.

"I was scared," Isabel said. "I still am."

According to court records, both incidents and subsequent arrest in Riverdale happened within a few days. Salguero served in the Air Force, based in Hawaii. He had been visiting family in Utah.

Tiffany Gurule, Isabel's mother, said she was grateful her husband called police and that her daughter is safe.

"I was sickened," she said. "My stomach dropped and my heart went up to my throat. I couldn't believe it."

Tiffany, who used to work in a treatment home for sex offenders, said the incident with her daughter proves something like this can happen to anyone.

The Gurule family urged others to be vigilant and keep a close eye out when using the internet.

"I'm scared to walk home by myself," said Isabel. "I'm scared to go outside by myself."

Salguero was booked into the Weber County Jail. Police said he's being investigated in Hawaii for similar allegations.


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