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5 Ways to avoid GMOs

By Leah Garriott, Contributor  |  Posted Mar 12th, 2013 @ 8:29pm



SALT LAKE CITY — Whole Foods just announced they will label genetically modified organisms, but how can you be sure your food from the local supermarket doesn't contain them?

When something has been genetically modified, it means that some organism has been unnaturally — or scientifically — altered at the molecular level.

With so many people not wanting to eat genetically modified organisms, here are 5 ways to make sure they aren’t part of your diet.

Know your grower

Whether you decide to grow your own food, buy from a farmer’s market, join Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), or some other source, know what seeds are being used and how the food is being raised. Make sure only non-GMO seeds are used. And, if it concerns you, be sure to ask about pesticide use as many organic farmers still use pesticides and herbicides, and these can be just as dangerous as non-organic commercial products.

Avoid at-risk ingredients

The most common GM products are: soybeans, corn, canola, cotton, sugar beets, papaya, and zucchini. If sugar is listed as an ingredient and it doesn’t say ‘pure cane sugar,’ it is probably made from GM sugar beets.

Buy organic

Since certified organic products cannot contain GMOs, when you buy products labeled “100 percent organic” or “made with organic materials” you can be sure these products do not contain GMOs.

Look for the non-GMO project seal

While this doesn’t guarantee organic, it does guarantee the product does not contain any GMOs. It is still relatively rare to find these labels, but they are becoming more common.

Consult a non-GMO shopping guide

These guides provide lists of brands that produce non-GMO foods. They can be downloaded to your computer as a pdf or are available as free apps.

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