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Boy gets special thanks for K-9 donation

By Andrew Wittenberg  |  Posted Aug 24th, 2012 @ 7:26am

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SUNSET — The final customer turned out to be perhaps the most meaningful for a boy in Davis County who has spent his summer selling sno cones in his driveway.

We first told you about 7-year-old Jack Stevenson earlier this summer when he started his venture, hoping to raise money for the Clinton Police Department's K-9 unit.

It started with a book.

"'Police Dog' is in my school library," he explained. "A girl in Florida raised enough money to buy bullet proof vests for every K-9 dog in Florida."

Inspired by the book, he decided to sell what his family knows best. "We have a lot of sno cone flavors because we're a sno cone family," Jack said.

Jack's mom, Peggy, known as the unpaid intern around here, says business started off slowly but then that all changed.

"At this point, we've raised almost $1,500. That's come from people buying sno cones, people making Pay Pal donations. It's come from people knocking on our door and handing us money," she said.

Now everyone is in on the act; family, friends and neighbors.

But this story took another turn last week. Orem Police Department K-9 officer Rudy died from terminal cancer. The cost to replace a K-9 can be more than $10,000, and the police needed help. Once again, Jack stepped in, offering to give half of his summer proceeds to Orem.

So, Thursday, just as he was about to close up shop, one final customer stopped by. It was Orem K-9 officer Blake Fenn and his partner, Pongo. They stopped by to visit Jack, to say thanks, and of course, to both get a sno cone.

"It's been pretty awesome what he's done," Fenn said. "He's been doing this all summer. Sounds like he's helped out Clinton Police Department and now us. It's huge."

Jack's sno cone stand is finished for the year. He returns to school next week. He raised about $1,600 this summer. That may not pay all the bills for Clinton's and Orem's K-9 units but it's certainly a big help.


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