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Customers Forming Long Lines at New Restaurant

   |  Posted May 29th, 2007 @ 9:43pm


Alex Cabrero Reporting

A brand new fast-food restaurant in American Fork is getting a lot of attention. At times, the drive-through line is 20 cars long. Some new restaurants wait years to pack people in. Chadders, in American Fork, waited a week.

Jared Dalton, an American Fork resident, said, "I like it. I think it's really good and I like the French fries and stuff."

Linda Wandvik says, "I think it's just the fresh food and the quickness of it, and the customer service is really good."

They're all things a brand new restaurant would love to hear, but Chadders is a fast food joint, selling only burgers, fries, shakes and drinks.

So how could a fast food hamburger place, which didn't even advertise, be so packed, it draws people in who just want to see why it's so packed?

The attraction is in the building, the menu, the colors, even the food; it's all very similar to those who've been to Las Vegas, Arizona or California.

"Actually, I'm from California, and it reminds me of In-n-Out Burger. I always loved In-n-Out Burger, so as soon as they opened up, we had to come and try it," Linda Wandvik says.

Maurine Henry said, "To me it seems like a wannabe In-n-Out, but I don't know."

Darren Vandecar said, "They have a menu very similar to In-n-Out Burger's, so I think the fact they're so busy must be that people see it as a similar experience to In-n-Out Burger."

Just whatever you do, don't call this Chadders restaurant an In-n-Out Burger franchise. People here say it's very similar. Management wouldn't go on camera with us, but they say they have nothing to do with the popular hamburger chain. However, rumor around town is that the guy who runs this place, used to have something to do with In-n-Out Burger.

Even if it's not exactly the same, people who love In-n-Out Burgers are just fine going in and out of Chadders.

We spoke with an In-n-Out burger representative in California. She told us her company does not have any franchises in Utah.

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