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Clinton blames Republican leaders for a 'paralyzed' Congress

Brian Slodysko, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jun 27th - 7:46am

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton chastised Republican lawmakers on Sunday for a "paralyzed" Congress, saying they've fueled populist anger by refusing to "do their job."

Trump emails: Can you spare $10 to help elect a billionaire?

Julie Bykowicz, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jun 27th - 7:11am

The billionaire running for president now seeks to convince millions of Americans to give him money.

Odd couple: Campaign chiefs push to unite Democratic Party

Lisa Lerer and Ken Thomas, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jun 27th - 1:30am

It seemed like a surprising party of two.

Trump camp scrambles to shape up before GOP convention

Laurie Kellman, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jun 26th - 8:01pm

Republicans are sprinting to shape up Donald Trump's presidential campaign before the party's national convention in three weeks, even as leading members of the party carry a deep antipathy or outright opposition to his claim on the GOP nomination.

Millcreek set to narrow candidates for its first city leaders

Katie McKellar  |  Posted  Jun 26th - 7:31pm

Nine passionate Millcreek residents are competing to become their brand new city's first mayor, but only two will survive past Tuesday's primary.

Utah GOP brings up father's bank scandal in son's race

Lisa Riley Roche  |  Posted  Jun 26th - 7:00pm

Democratic congressional candidate Doug Owens is criticizing a Utah Republican Party email highlighting the involvement of his father, the late Rep. Wayne Owens, in the 1992 U.S. House bank scandal.

For Trump and Brexit voters, echoes of the same frustrations

Jonathan Lemire and Jill Colvin, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jun 26th - 6:32pm

At the heart of the campaign that led Britain to vote to leave the European Union was a desire to regain independence lost amid a globalized world. It's the same kind of feeling that Donald Trump rode to become the presumptive Republican nominee in the U.S., where he campaigns to put "America first" and "make America great again."

Chaffetz: I'm going to be 'kid in a candy store' as Oversight chairman with a President Trump

Lisa Riley Roche  |  Posted  Jun 26th - 6:25pm

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, said Monday that if he's re-elected to Congress, his House Oversight and Government Reform Committee would be just as tough on a President Donald Trump as it would be on a President Hillary Clinton.

Owners of AR-style firearms defend their weapon of choice

Lisa Marie Pane, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jun 26th - 4:40pm

Karen Butler still remembers the first time she picked up an AR-15-style rifle a decade ago.

'Hamilton' cast to raise funds for Clinton with extra show

Dan Merica, CNN  |  Posted  Jun 26th - 4:00pm

Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign is hosting a special performance of the Broadway smash hit "Hamilton: An American Musical" as part of a joint fund-raiser for the campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

Primary odd couple pushes to unite Democratic party

Lisa Lerer and Ken Thomas, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jun 26th - 12:40pm

It seemed like a surprising party of two.

Will 'Brexit' vote help Trump in Utah?

Lisa Riley Roche  |  Posted  Jun 26th - 8:34am

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, said during a brief congressional trip to London last week that the level of support for the referendum on Britain's exit from the European Union was palpable.

Melted dreams: Art installation to vanish during conventions

Kristen By Groot, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jun 26th - 7:21am

"The American Dream" will melt away during the Republican and Democratic national conventions.

Conservative writer George Will drops out of GOP over Trump

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jun 25th - 7:40pm

Conservative columnist George Will has parted ways with the Republican Party, changing his voter registration to "unaffiliated" because of the GOP's support of Donald Trump.

Conservative columnist George Will says he's leaving GOP over Trump

Daniella Diaz, CNN  |  Posted  Jun 25th - 3:29pm

Conservative commentator and columnist George Will says he is leaving the Republican Party because of Donald Trump -- and he's advocating that others do the same.

5 Colorado Republicans fight to take on Democrat Bennet

James Anderson, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jun 25th - 12:41pm

Not so long ago, Colorado's Republican Party relished the chance to unseat Democratic U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet in this presidential swing state. Now it's presiding over a primary featuring five second-tier candidates who are fighting just to make themselves known to deliver Bennet an opponent.

Shurtleff files motion to dismiss case

Pat Reavy  |  Posted  Jun 25th - 12:29pm

Saying he already has faced numerous unfair delays and that his due process has been violated, former Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff filed a motion Friday to have his case dismissed.

The Latest: Clinton lauds Warren at campaign rally

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Jun 27th - 9:12am

The Latest on the U.S. presidential campaign (all times EDT):

Native Americans turn focus inward for political empowerment

Bobby Caina Calvan, Associated Press  |  Posted  Jun 25th - 8:51am

Lea Whitford remembers the first time she set foot in Montana's Capitol in Helena after a four-hour bus ride from the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. She and her high school classmates marveled at the ornate rotunda before entering a large office to meet one of the state's most politically important men, the governor.