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Correction: France-Michelin Mistake story

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 23rd - 6:00am

In a story Feb. 22 about a restaurant mistakenly given a Michelin star, The Associated Press misspelled its name. The restaurant's name is "Le Bouche a Oreille," and not "Le Bouche a Oreilles."

Man who smashed Trump star to pay damages, serve probation

Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 21st - 5:00pm

A man who destroyed Donald Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has been sentenced to three years of probation for vandalism.

Mom mails garbage to college student who didn't empty trash

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 21st - 8:42am

A Pennsylvania college student got a reminder to take out the trash when his mother sent him some garbage in a care package.

Avalanche in Arctic Norway tosses kids around, no injuries

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 21st - 8:35am

A resident in Arctic Norway says four adults and two children were inside a house when an avalanche hit, knocking the building off its foundations, but all managed to get out safely.

Trump wigs in big demand during Carnival season in Austria

Philipp Moritz Jenne, Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 20th - 11:37am

So many people want to be Donald Trump this Carnival season in Austria that some costume shops have run out of wigs mimicking the U.S. president's memorable hairstyle.

64-year-old woman gives birth to twins

Aj Willingham, CNN  |  Posted   Feb 17th - 5:18pm

No, this isn't ripped from the headlines of the National Enquirer. According to a hospital in Spain, a woman really did give birth to twins at the age of 64.

Too few flushes get legislative candidate thrown off ballot

Mark Scolforo, Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 24th - 3:07pm

A Democratic candidate's run for the Pennsylvania Legislature is down the drain — partly because he used too little water at the house he claimed as his residence.

Minneapolis women line up for 'she persisted' tattoos

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 23rd - 5:07pm

So many women showed up at a Minneapolis tattoo parlor for a permanent reminder of female solidarity that it had to turn away some latecomers.

Zoo: Live video of giraffe giving birth was labeled explicit

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 23rd - 8:57am

The owner of a New York zoo planning to live-stream a giraffe giving birth says the video feed was briefly removed from YouTube because animal rights activists labeled it sexually explicit.

Woman's sassy obit warns people to wait to claim her stuff

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 23rd - 6:35am

Relatives of a 91-year-old Ohio woman who died this week are giving her the last word with a sassy, occasionally profane obituary that starts with the basics — "I was born. I lived. I died." — and instructs people to "wait the appropriate amount of time" before trying to claim her stuff.

Iceland's president says he would not ban pineapple pizza

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 22nd - 4:41am

Iceland's president's strong views on pizza have caused an international stir.

Lieutenant governor gets resignation letter _ from husband

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 21st - 3:43pm

New Jersey's lieutenant governor has received a letter of resignation — from her husband.

Single mom dresses the part at 'Dads and Donuts' event

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 20th - 1:43pm

A single mom is generating attention online after she donned a mustache, dressed up like a dad for a school breakfast event and posed for photos with her son.

American flag has 51 stars for Pence visit to European Union

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 20th - 11:16am

The Star-Spangled Banner looked more starry than usual during one of U.S. Vice President Mike Pence's appearances in Brussels.

Cops warn of cows trying to sell dairy products after escape

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 19th - 11:23pm

Police in a Connecticut town are reminding people to not open their doors to "any unfamiliar cattle" after a pair of cows escaped from their pen and were found near the front door of a home a couple of houses away.

Misspelled note on pickup apologizes for 'anger isusesh'

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 19th - 4:43pm

Police in western Colorado say a man battered somebody else's pickup with a baseball bat and then left a note acknowledging he had anger issues.

Joggers in bras, panties, briefs raise money for sick kids

Dino Hazell, Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 18th - 7:10pm

Some joggers weren't joking when they said they were going out for a "brief run."

Man practicing Parkour falls 40 feet down chimney in Denver

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 18th - 6:20pm

A 26-year-old man says he was making an action video with friends when he fell 40 feet down the chimney of a downtown Denver apartment building.

Sanctuary holds 7 cows saved from slaughter to promote peace

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 18th - 2:31pm

An Arizona sanctuary is sheltering seven cows that were intended for slaughter as part of an effort that owners believe promotes peace and good health.

Delaware: Search on for mounted elk head missing after party

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Feb 18th - 12:30pm

Police in Delaware are searching for a mounted elk's head valued at $65,000 that went missing from a home during a party.