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5 killed in Salem witch hunt remembered on 325th anniversary

Rodrique Ngowi, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 19th - 6:15pm

The Massachusetts community where 20 people suspected of witchcraft were put to death in 1692 unveiled a memorial to 19 of those victims on Wednesday, promising never to forget the tragedy.

Alabama man to display head of 820-pound hog shot in yard

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 19th - 4:31pm

Hogs aren't unusual in rural south Alabama, but Wade Seago said he'd never seen anything like the 820-pound (372-kilogram) animal he shot and killed in his front yard.

Self-described drug dealer calls 911, reports stolen cocaine

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 19th - 8:20am

Calling 911 to report a stolen bag of cocaine probably wasn't the best idea for a self-described Florida drug dealer.

Dog pulls fawn from water to save it from drowning

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 18th - 10:38am

A dog that saw a fawn in danger of drowning in New York jumped in and dragged it to shore.

US YouTube star in Thailand finds coin stunt falls flat

Kankanit Wiriyasajja, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 18th - 5:50am

An American expat in Thailand who is a YouTube star with 3.29 million subscribers is in hot water for posting a video of an age-old practice among kids: flattening coins on railroad tracks.

Florida driver survives crash when metal object falls on van

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 16th - 12:05pm

A Florida man has survived a harrowing drive after a large piece of scrap metal fell from a tractor-trailer and crushed his van.

Insect attack! US West is battling crop-killing swarms

Rebecca Boone, Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 14th - 1:44pm

Farmers in the U.S. West face a creepy scourge every eight years or so: Swarms of ravenous insects that can decimate crops and cause slippery, bug-slick car crashes as they march across highways and roads.

Cops: Customer threatened to shoot someone over bad sandwich

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 19th - 2:31pm

Police in suburban Cleveland say a fast-food restaurant customer angry about the way his sandwich tasted and looked threatened to shoot somebody over it.

Stranded fugitive arrested after flagging down deputy

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 19th - 6:04am

A fugitive who authorities say evaded capture since 2013 has been arrested after he flagged down a deputy in Louisiana.

Woman gives birth in Uber car on way to California hospital

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 18th - 1:25pm

A Southern California mom says that when she prayed her fourth birth would be a fast one, she couldn't imagine it would happen in an Uber car on the way to the hospital.

Police officer with stun gun sets naked man on fire

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 18th - 11:01am

Police say an officer using a stun gun to restrain a naked man accidentally set the man's chest hair and beard on fire.

Police: Man threatens to pull gun over wrong taco order

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 18th - 10:49am

A New Mexico man is facing charges after police say he threatened to pull a gun on a taco shop employee for giving him the wrong order.

Flood destroys entire cash contents of Wisconsin bank vault

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 18th - 7:40am

Flooding last week destroyed all the cash in the vault of a southeastern Wisconsin bank.

California judge who pocketed 2 cardholders agrees to resign

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 17th - 6:40pm

A Northern California judge who agreed to resign after swiping two art deco-style business cardholders from a judges' dinner in San Francisco said Monday that he remains deeply remorseful.

The Latest: California judge remorseful over cardholders

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 17th - 5:16pm

The Latest on a California judge censured for taking business card holders (all times local):

Timber rattlesnake caught lingering near Massachusetts home

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 17th - 5:45am

Timber rattlesnakes are known to thrive in some rural areas of Massachusetts, but finding them in urban areas is almost unheard of.

'Curious' baboon knocks out power to Zambian tourist town

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 17th - 5:18am

A baboon in Zambia has interfered with machinery at a power station in a tourist town near Victoria Falls, knocking out power to tens of thousands of people for several hours.

6 cars stolen from driveways on same night in same town

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 17th - 4:40am

Police say six cars were stolen from people's driveways on the same night in the Connecticut town of Greenwich.

Bees at center of swarm, attack moved from suburbia to farm

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Jul 16th - 3:20pm

Police say that the New Jersey beehive at the center of an attack on a beekeeper and his wife has been moved to a farm.