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Couple offers $500 reward for missing potbellied therapy pig

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 23rd - 10:40am

A Pennsylvania couple is offering a $500 reward for the safe return of their missing potbellied pig, who also serves as a therapy animal.

91-year-old man shoots man in the neck after attempted robbery

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 23rd - 10:03am

A 91-year-old man has shot and wounded another man who was apparently trying to rob him outside a Detroit-area store.

10-foot snake on the loose in small Maine town

Tony Marco, CNN  |  Posted  Aug 22nd - 9:53pm

Take a look at this picture and shudder.

Michigan couple weds to sweet sound of tornado sirens

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 22nd - 1:02pm

Not even tornado sirens could stop a Michigan couple from saying "I do."

Doctors remove 40 knives from man's stomach in India

Sugam Pokharel and Joshua Berlinger, CNN  |  Posted  Aug 22nd - 10:00am

A man in India spent two months swallowing knives and had 40 of them surgically removed from his stomach, according to the doctor who led the operation.

Have You Seen This? Delayed mourning for Han Solo is hilarious

Martha Ostergar, Contributor  |  Posted  Aug 21st - 2:17pm

A Provo woman was on an LDS mission when “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” was released, so her emotional yet hilarious reaction to the saddest plot point in the film is a bit behind the timely curve.

Poll: Which restaurant houses Utah's best onion rings?

Xoel Cardenas  |  Posted  Aug 19th - 10:00am

In this poll, we’re asking you to select Utah’s best onion rings. Whether it’s a local favorite or a hidden gem of a place to eat, we want you to help answer the question for the residents of The Beehive State.

Naked Donald Trump statues pop up in cities across the US

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 18th - 9:31pm

It's Donald Trump like you've never seen him before.

Hemingway home gets back antlers taken by Hunter S. Thompson

Keith Ridler, Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 18th - 4:53pm

A young Hunter S. Thompson went to Idaho to write about Ernest Hemingway and decided to take a piece of his hero home with him — a set of trophy elk antlers.

Parrot that can do wolf whistle, sounds like R2-D2 is on lam

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 23rd - 10:20am

A parrot that can do a wolf whistle and sometimes sounds like R2-D2 from the "Star Wars" films is on the loose in Maine.

Cops: Man jailed for cutting sappy tree that hit apartments

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 23rd - 9:51am

Police say a Pennsylvania man who believed sap from a tree next door was ruining his car, chopped it down, causing the tree to crash into an apartment building he owns, damaging it so badly it had to be condemned.

Health board: Decorative port-a-potties can stay by driveway

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 23rd - 8:40am

The health board in a small Massachusetts town says it can't order a resident to remove the port-a-potties flanking his driveway despite the objections of neighbors.

Maine snake with Twitter following want to give Trump a hug

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 22nd - 10:11pm

A large snake believed to be lurking along a riverbank in Maine doesn't appear to be a fan of Donald Trump.

Man kicked out of bar bites off bartender's finger in fight

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 22nd - 2:31pm

Police are searching for a man who bit off a bartender's finger after being kicked out of a San Francisco bar at closing time.

Firefighter will get back dog after it escaped, got adopted

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 22nd - 2:10pm

A firefighter who left his dog with friends as he battled wildfires in Washington state will get back his dog weeks after the animal ran away and got adopted by another family.

Police find 'elderly man' is young fugitive in Massachusetts

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 19th - 10:41pm

Authorities say an "elderly man" found at a Massachusetts home actually was a 31-year-old fugitive wearing a disguise.

Ohio woman who missed bus is charged with stealing ambulance

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 19th - 12:11pm

Police say a woman who missed the last bus for the night is accused of stealing an ambulance to get home from a hospital in Ohio.

Woman's funeral had no attendees, so 30 strangers showed up

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 19th - 10:52am

About 30 people have paid their respects to a woman they never met after responding to a call for attendees for a suburban New York funeral at which no one was expected to show up.

Tennessee infant triplets nearly break world record for size

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Aug 19th - 4:20am