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JoJo's Chocolate Bark

Healthy chocolate curbs sugar cravings

By Amanda Taylor  |  Posted Jun 3rd, 2014 @ 8:57pm



SALT LAKE CITY — Sterling Jones’ mother was going through chemotherapy when she started getting cravings for chocolate. She and her family were trying to eat healthy, but she couldn’t shake the craving.

The answer to her cravings came from an unlikely source: chocolate.

“A man came into the doctor's office that JoJo (my mother) was working at and mentioned he had recently lost 50 pounds while being on the Paleo diet, but he mentioned that everyday he ate a piece of this dark chocolate bark to get through the sugar cravings,” Jones said.

His family started experimenting with making different kinds of healthy dark chocolate to help curb their sweet tooth and came up with a delicious but healthy solution to chocolate cravings.

“It gave my mother something to eat while she had those unhealthy cravings through chemo and helped her blood sugar level to stay balanced,” Jones said. “It also has given my mother something to take her mind off the treatments and given us a great project to work on together and spend as much time together as we can.”

Jones took his successful recipe and started a company called Jo Jo's. The Chocolate Bark is formulated with minimal sugar and maximum taste. The special recipe is designed not only to give a sweet boost to a healthy diet, but also to provide antioxidants and protein.

“We don't add all sorts of unhealthy preservatives because we believe that food is too processed in today’s world and we want to deliver a product that what you see (the nuts, whey protein, cranberries, and dark chocolate) is what you are eating,” Jones said.

The bars contain 100 percent all natural whey protein, which help with blood sugar spikes that usually accompany eating chocolate. Jones said JoJo’s has helped diabetic customers balance their blood sugar levels too.

JoJo’s has seen success selling to serious workout buffs at CrossFit gyms and online. To learn more or to order the healthy sweets, go to JoJos

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