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Crane Glass Company

Sep 1st - 3:14pm

Fred Ball Tribute

Aug 31st - 3:08pm

Passion Flour Patisserie

Aug 28th - 3:01pm

International Paperbox

Aug 27th - 2:57pm

Civil Solutions Group

Aug 25th - 2:49pm

Head Start

Aug 24th - 2:32pm

One of the great values in Utah is the ability to put our heads down and go to work, which includes volunteering. This year Utah was recognized as the No. 1 state for volunteering for the ninth consecutive year. One of the major organizations involved in this effort is Head Start.

Utah Pipebursting

Aug 21st - 2:30pm

Problem solving is something Jay Garrett innately understands. So when he opened his business, Utah Pipebursting, he knew this is a specialty service nobody understands the importance until they need it.

Love Communications

Aug 20th - 2:26pm

As the partners of Love Communications, Tom Love, Preston Wood, Rich Love and Allen Reighard work for some of the biggest brands in the Intermountain West. To keep their company fresh, they diversify activities, from those focused on the consumer to groups like the Utah Office of Tourism and political candidates. Corporate branding, consumer engagement and outreach are at the core of what Love Communications brings to the market.


Aug 19th - 2:22pm

The technology sector is a dynamic industry for the United States economy, and Utah is recognized as an important player. Salt Lake City ranks in the top 5 for markets with a tech talent base of less than 50,000. And a contributor to that industry is InnoSys in Salt Lake City.

Contender Bicycles

Aug 18th - 2:18pm

The number of bicyclists is growing rapidly across the U.S. The National Household Travel Survey showed the number of trips by bicycle in Utah has increased by up to 40 percent since 2005. Ryan and Alison Littlefield know this trend with their business Contender Bicycles in Salt Lake City and are serving cycling enthusiasts.

Ruth's Creekside

Aug 17th - 2:12pm

Next time you're in Salt Lake, head up to Emigration Canyon, and check out the Australian pies at Ruth's Creekside. This is a version of a pot pie with a pie crust shell and three different meat options: pulled pork, beef with mashed peas or chicken and bacon. And it's topped with a puff pastry.

Intermountain Healthcare

Aug 14th - 2:08pm

Today, under capable leadership, Intermountain Healthcare continues with the same founding principles of improving clinical outcomes and providing excellent and affordable patient care. Dr. Charles Sorenson is motivated by a strong sense of responsibility in doing what's right for people along with the board members, with Scott Anderson as Chairman of the Board for Intermountain Healthcare. Their mission is to help people live the healthiest lives possible. The impact of this particular not-for-profit healthcare organization is immeasurable, and this year they're celebrating their 40th anniversary.

Nuzzles & Co

Aug 13th - 2:03pm

According to the Humane Society, an estimated 6 to 8 million animals enter shelters every year. Some of these are a beloved pet and only 2 to 5 percent are reclaimed. A group in Park City saw this happening too often and wanted to help, so they created an organization to take animals from shelters and hold onto them until a permanent home could be found. Twenty-five years later this organization is known as Nuzzles & Co.

Regence BlueCross BlueShield of U

Aug 12th - 1:59pm

Today, one in five insured Utahns carry a blue card. This card, for Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Utah represents one of the most recognized insurance brands, dating back to 1944. When you've got a blue card in your wallet, you have access to locally managed provider relationships in every state across the country — and internationally.

Palace Meat Company

Aug 11th - 1:55pm

Palace Meat Company in Salt Lake City is part of an elite group. They've been in continuous operation since 1893, making them the oldest operating meat company in Utah … and are still going strong.

Old Mill Brick

Aug 10th - 1:51pm

The Old Mill Thin Brick System is gaining in popularity because it's designed with the idea of giving you the option to create a brick wall in your home or office without the weight and depth of traditional bricks. These are thin brick overlays you can attach to the wall yourself with high-density polystyrene panels. They include convenient brick alignment guides so it's simple to create thin brick veneers in a beautiful ornate design on any surface.

Dan's Tires

Aug 7th - 1:38pm

Many people serving the oil and gas industry don't survive the fluctuations. But Dan Karren of Dan's Tires learned early what it takes to support this industry, especially as a lifelong Uintah Basin resident. His company is approaching their 40th anniversary and now has two locations with almost 50 employees.

eMotors West

Aug 6th - 1:35pm

The majority of American consumers surveyed recently aren't fans of the standard car dealership experience. In fact, 75 percent said they would consider making their entire car-buying process online, if it were available. Randy Sobey and Todd Lutes tapped into this trend and are using online auto sales as the basis for their dealership,

National Ability Center

Aug 5th - 1:30pm

The benefits of therapeutic recreation are extensive. Research has shown this type of therapy helps with everything from improved cognitive and physical skills to emotional well-being and a decrease in behavioral problems. The team at the National Ability Center in Park City specializes in recreational therapy, and they witness the impact daily.

Perpetual Storage

Aug 4th - 1:25pm

Today one of the top concerns for businesses is cybersecurity, especially in light of the recent breach of federal government employees which affected over 20 million people who will need monitoring systems in place, creating a big expense. Or how about large retailers where millions of customers' information was compromised? Fortune magazine states that only 43 percent of Fortune 1000 companies have technical safeguards in place. Perpetual Storage in Sandy understands this and company owners Pat and Susi Lynch have invented a private cloud solution for backup of critical information.

Tour of Utah

Aug 3rd - 4:36pm

The Tour of Utah is an internationally-sanctioned cycling event, and is one of the top races for professional cyclists in North America. Starting today, you can see world-class cycling talent right here in Utah, as the 2015 Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah takes off in Northern Utah. It's known as "America's Toughest Stage Race".

Junior Achievement of Utah

Jul 31st - 1:34pm

When Forbes Magazine ranks Utah as the best state for business and careers, there are many reasons why. This includes organizations like Junior Achievement of Utah, which is focused on creating tomorrow's leaders today.

Habitat for Humanity

Jul 30th - 1:30pm

Ed Blake, executive director of Habitat for Humanity, would be the first to tell you this non-profit organization is changing in a remarkable way. No longer is it just creating housing for low-income families in Utah. Now it's a matter of tracking outcomes as a result of each housing project. For example, how many college educations happened because of a Habitat home or has housing

Revere Health

Jul 29th - 1:27pm

The name has changed, but their focus on providing the best possible care for their patients hasn't. After 45 years as Central Utah Clinic, this Utah-based healthcare provider has changed their name to Revere Health to better reflect the work and reach they're doing throughout Utah and now in Nevada and Arizona.

Alpine Home Medical Equipment

Jul 28th - 12:43pm

When you ask Jay Broadbent, CEO of Alpine Home Medical Equipment, why he started his own home medical business, he'll tell you it's because he needed a job. What he probably didn't envision at the time is how he'd be operating in two states with 10 locations through Utah and an office in Idaho Falls, Idaho with the headquarters in Draper. Each location has a retail operation for patients and families to have easy access to supplies.


Jul 27th - 12:39pm

This is the American dream, folks. Enes Huskic, owner of Toasters, immigrated to America from Bosnia in March 1996. He started into the construction industry, worked hard to learn English and saved his money. And when the right opportunity came, he took it, self-funding his first Toasters restaurant location at 151 S. 200 East in downtown Salt Lake City.

Zions Bank Family Business Services

Jul 24th - 11:24am

Family business is huge in the U.S. Did you know family-owned companies account for approximately 90 percent of all business in the United States, both large and small according to the U.S. Small Business Administration? And one third of all companies on the Standard and Poor 500 Index are defined as family businesses.

Tagge's Famous Fruit

Jul 23rd - 4:53pm

Utah farmers and ranchers are an important part of the Utah economy. Agriculture production contributed 1.2 percent to the GDP nationally and .6 percent in Utah in 2014. Agriculture industry production in 2014 was over $800 million. It's not an easy profession, but for first-generation, local farming family Cari and Thayne Tagge of Tagge's Famous Fruit, they wouldn't do anything else.

R.E.A.D. Program

Jul 22nd - 4:51pm

It's not everyone who can say that within three weeks of launching a pilot program, a story about the program's success appeared on the front page of Wall Street Journal. Yet, when the Reading Education Assistance Dogs, or R.E.A.D. Program, launched at the Salt Lake City Library in 1999, it took off immediately.

Linguistica International

Jul 21st - 4:47pm

Every year the U.S. government invites thousands of refugees to seek safety and freedom here. Many are forced to flee their homelands and have survived against incredible odds. They step off the plane with their dignity, hope and determination and, often, very little grasp of the English language. A non-native English speaker herself, Sabrina Morales is personally acquainted with this challenge and is acting on her passion to implement a sustainable solution through Linguistica International, which she co-founded with her husband, Rene Gomez.

Ray Quinney & Nebeker

Jul 20th - 4:45pm

Utah courts are a leader in innovation, and one of the major changes happening right now is a switch from paper into virtual and electronic records. As one of Salt Lake City's oldest law firms, Ray, Quinney & Nebeker is keeping pace with these innovations and is embracing the challenges of new technology.


Jul 17th - 4:41pm

As one of the oldest women's organizations in the state, you could say the YWCA is the story of women in Utah. Chief Executive Officer Anne Burkholder says this non-profit organization has been a voice for women, a force for change and a place for hope throughout their 109-year history. This is important work with approximately half of Utah's population being female, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Shingle Pro Roofing

Jul 16th - 4:39pm

Jason Harenberg loves the freedom and sense of responsibility of owning and operating his own family business, Shingle Pro Roofing in Salt Lake City. He feels fortunate to have his wife, Kim, as his office manager and says their partnership has only brought them closer. Their main customer base is in Salt Lake County, but they are expanding into other areas with the goal of strategic and managed growth.

The ArmPack

Jul 15th - 4:35pm

Over the past decade, running has experienced phenomenal growth. National survey results showcase how the sport continues to attract runners and reach new highs in participation. Since 2004, total running/jogging participation has increased 70 percent to nearly 42 million. A runner himself, Cameron Paul is part of this growth, and he's now supporting the industry with his innovative new product, called The ArmPack.

Karma Indian Cuisine

Jul 14th - 4:33pm

Karma is considered to be the invisible power balancing the universe, an energy that links us all together. Roma Obaid is a believer in the philosophy and wanted it to be her guiding principle when creating her restaurant, Karma Indian Cuisine in Sandy, which opened a year ago.

Days of 47 Rodeo

Jul 13th - 4:28pm

Nothing says Days of 47 like a good rodeo. Be sure to get your tickets today at Smith Tix or the EnergySolutions box office if you want to see one of the top rodeos in the U.S. Starting in 2016, the Days of 47 Rodeo Salt Lake is set to become one of the four top feeder rodeos out of 750 rodeos in the U.S., sending winning contestants to the Elite Rodeo in Dallas.

Canyon View Animal Health Center

Jul 10th - 12:03pm

Dr. Cody Faerber of Canyon View Animal Health Center in Perry would be the first to tell you that it's more than a love of animals that motivates someone to become a veterinarian. It's the whole idea of being able to heal, of taking a sick animal and helping them feel better. He learned to love animals as a teenager while working at his grandpa's farm in Southern Utah which later became his motivation to become a veterinarian. He opened Canyon View 11 years ago and now has 17 employees.

Ray's Tavern

Jul 9th - 12:00pm

This is Chris Redgrave for Zions Bank Speaking on Business. When you think of Green River, Utah, two things come to mind: fantastic melons and Ray's Tavern. Established in 1943, Ray's Tavern has seen every boom and bust in Green River. Owner Cathy Gardner bought the tavern 20 years ago, and it's been a thriving burger joint ever since.

Rocky's Place

Jul 8th - 11:56am

With summer in full swing many of us are planning a great summer vacation. Utah has many exciting destinations, especially with five national parks in the state. If your summer plans include a trip to the Uintah Basin, be sure to stop and visit Rocky's Place in Roosevelt.

Days of 47 Rodeo

Jul 7th - 11:53am

You know what's fun when you attend the Days of 47 Rodeo in Salt Lake City? Watching top athletes perform in their expertise. Did you know in Utah we have the five-time world champion in bareback, Kaycee Feild? Also, the five Wright brothers from Milford who take turns in being the champion for saddle bronc riding. Plus, there's top bull riders, calf ropers and Nancy Hunter, a barrel-racing champion.

Ruby River Steakhouse

Jul 6th - 11:51am

Folks, this is the American dream. Jason Hargett and his brother, Brandon, own the Ruby River Steakhouse franchise and believe it or not, Jason started as a busboy 21 years ago. So, two and a half years ago, Jason and Brandon approached the Sizzling Platter ownership once again because they believe in the operation and wanted to buy it. And this time management said yes.

Treasury Management

Jul 3rd - 11:19am

Today, it's not about working for your business, it's about making your business work for you, so you can maximize your dollars and reach farther. Financial experts offer advice on how to best do this, from setting goals to budgeting and investing. If you want financial impact, it's a matter of finding the right tools.

Rachel's Art School for Kids

Jul 2nd - 11:15am

Studies show there is one important thing you can do for your kids that will increase overall brain functioning, improve cognitive and creative skills, raise self-esteem levels and set foundations for healthy relationships. So, what's that one thing? Sign them up for art class! As the owner and founder of Rachel's Art School for Kids in St. George, Rachel Garner sees proof of this every day.

Fog River

Jul 1st - 11:12am

Alaska's vast waters are home to some of the most productive commercial fisheries in the world. The seafood industry contributes 78,500 jobs to the Alaskan economy and an estimated $5.8 billion annually, representing some of the largest fisheries in the world. The Alaskan waters are critical for the business of brothers Kent and John Bowen, appropriately named Fog River, located on Redwood Road in Salt Lake City.

Intermountain Therapy Animals

Jun 30th - 10:59am

Sometimes the best medicine is an animal which is what the non-profit organization Intermountain Therapy Animals believes in. Their mission is to maximize the benefits from the human/animal bond and bring relief for people in their greatest time of need.

Kamas Food Town

Jun 29th - 10:38am

It was a big deal when Kamas Food Town opened up in Kamas, Utah in June 1995, and it still is. Located at 145 West 200 South in Kamas, they're celebrating their 20th anniversary and have increased their floor space four times, so it's 33,000 square feet. The store includes a pharmacy and gas station to better serve the community where they live, work and play.

Beehive Cheese

Jun 26th - 3:34pm

It started out as two brothers-in-law looking for an alternative to the corporate lifestyle and a job closer to home. So, Pat Ford and Tim Welsh of Beehive Cheese traded in their suits, laptops and long commutes for quiet mornings with 500 gallons of farm-fresh milk to join the cheese making industry taking off in the U.S. In 10 years, they're still working on keeping up with demand and have taken home awards from around the world. You may know them as the creators of Barley Buzzed and SeaHive cheeses.

The Lotus Wellness Spot

Jun 25th - 3:32pm

Wellness is one of the buzzwords for the 21st century and, according to Yahoo Health, it's also a top trend for 2015. But when you hear it, what does it mean to you? For Stephanie DeTar, owner of The Lotus Wellness Spot in Ogden, it means a commitment to her clientele for total mind, body and healthcare.

Poison Creek Furniture and Design

Jun 24th - 3:28pm

Best friends Chris Quinones and Kim Brown knew the time was right to open Poison Creek Furniture and Design. After watching how furniture was being sold, they knew they had the right niche. Their passion has been matched by remarkable and complementary skill sets that make their partnership work. And if that isn't enough to be a successful business, they discovered the perfect location at 1255 Iron Horse Drive in Park City, which inspired their business name and launch.