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Nominate someone for a High 5!

Do you know someone doing good in our community? A friend or family member building up neighbors or a co-worker giving selflessly? Recognize them with a nomination for a High 5!

High 5: Recognizing the small acts of kindness that make a big difference

Jan 11th - 10:27am

We are so thankful to have our email inboxes inundated with stories worthy of our High 5 initiative. We couldn't possibly respond to every one but here are a few we thought deserved a special mention.

High 5: Santaquin woman's special delivery to kindergarten class

Jan 10th - 10:02am

Nearly six years ago a Santaquin woman decided she needed a quilting project to stay busy. Now thousands of quilts later and at the age of 89, Grandma Epperson is still delivering a special gift to one kindergarten class.

High 5: A penny war for a great cause

Dec 27th - 7:56am

At times they've benefitted from KSL's Quarters for Christmas program that delivers shoes and other clothing items to needy families. Now they're raising money so the program can help others in circumstances they know all too well.

High 5: A surprise makeover for an elementary school library

Dec 23rd - 1:46pm

Christmas came a little early for Meadowlark Elementary School with a High 5! But this wasn't any ordinary High 5.. this required a little elbow grease on our part.. and some very generous partners. Our friends at Read Today, Deannie Wimmer, DDM, Elements Capital and America First all pitched in for this very COLORFUL and POWERFUL gift of reading!

High 5: A firefighter goes above and beyond to help the homeless

Dec 22nd - 3:01pm

During the winter season we see a lot of generous people donating to homeless shelters. But one man, a firefighter, is taking it a step taking supplies to families in need on the street.

Giving a family the gift of transportation

Dec 21st - 3:01pm

Being able to just hop in a car and go is something many people take for granted. We were there when a local organization gave one family the gift of transportation, tailor made to fit all their needs.

High 5: Celebration Project brings birthday cheer to homeless children

Dec 15th - 10:32am

Some children have no idea what a birthday present even looks like. That's because they've never been given one. One Utah organization is changing that and putting smiles on children's faces at a difficult time.

High 5: Student delivers powerful message after school shooting

Dec 8th - 7:49am

When so many of her classmates were talking about a shooting on campus, one Union Middle School student decided it was time to change the conversation and focus instead on a much more positive and uplifting message.

High 5: Hockey enthusiast giving less-fortunate a chance to learn the game

Dec 6th - 7:59am

It's an expensive sport and many families struggle to foot the bill for their kids to play hockey. One man is making it his mission to make sure money is never the issue when children decide if they want to gear up.

High 5: A community rallies behind a McDonald's worker who always has a smile

Dec 2nd - 2:33pm

A Lehi community gathers to bring love and help to a McDonald's employee who always has a smile on his face for his customers.

High 5: Breast cancer survivor giving others hope

Nov 3rd - 9:37am

Nicole Freeman has been cancer free for nine years. Her fight now serves as an inspiration for other women with the disease and for her boys on the Lone Peak High School football team.

High 5: Iranian refugee lifting desperate Utah families

Nov 3rd - 9:17am

She knows their desperation firsthand. As an Iranian refugee, she came to the United States with nothing more than $42 in her pocket. Now she's thriving but not forgetting about those who are struggling as she once did.

High 5: Their courageous fight against cancer deserves our support

Oct 27th - 12:38pm

So many men and women lose the battle with cancer. Not nearly often enough do we recognize the courage it takes to keep going during difficult treatments. We honored just a few women now fighting that fight with a KSL Today High 5.

High 5: UPD Officer and K9 encouraging kids not to be afraid of police

Oct 26th - 9:46am

A tough duo on crime but it's how one Unified Police Officer and his partner spend their time off that makes them deserving of a High 5. They're changing perceptions and fears about police one child at a time.

High 5: A lesson on love from a group of 4th graders

Oct 25th - 7:52am

They spend hours each week in her class learning about science and math. But the lesson they taught their 4th-grade teacher is one she'll not soon forget.

High 5: From tragedy to triumph a Tooele man answers the call

Oct 20th - 7:28am

He discovered a serious need in Tooele and made great sacrifices to address that need. Along the way his efforts have saved lives and that's why KSL Today is giving him a High 5.

High 5: New neighbor sacrifices so much for others

Oct 18th - 8:38am

We were tipped off about Norm Barnes as the new man to the neighborhood who often spent his time cleaning up after others. But after meeting those who know him best, he actually does so much more than that which is why he's getting a KSL today High 5.

High 5: Probation Officer changing lives and scenery

Oct 13th - 7:25am

A classroom on the street. That's how co-workers describe the efforts of one probation officer to give troubled youth a new outlook on life.

High 5: Business manager making a difference for kids with cancer

Oct 12th - 5:47am

He was described to us as a man who knows exactly what needs to be done and how to get it done. Scott Roberts goes above and beyond to make sure families have what they need when dealing with the difficult news of cancer.