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Nominate someone for a High 5!

Do you know someone doing good in our community? A friend or family member building up neighbors or a co-worker giving selflessly? Recognize them with a nomination for a High 5!

High 5: From tragedy to triumph a Tooele man answers the call

Oct 20th - 7:28am

He discovered a serious need in Tooele and made great sacrifices to address that need. Along the way his efforts have saved lives and that's why KSL Today is giving him a High 5.

High 5: New neighbor sacrifices so much for others

Oct 18th - 8:38am

We were tipped off about Norm Barnes as the new man to the neighborhood who often spent his time cleaning up after others. But after meeting those who know him best, he actually does so much more than that which is why he's getting a KSL today High 5.

High 5: Probation Officer changing lives and scenery

Oct 13th - 7:25am

A classroom on the street. That's how co-workers describe the efforts of one probation officer to give troubled youth a new outlook on life.

High 5: Business manager making a difference for kids with cancer

Oct 12th - 5:47am

He was described to us as a man who knows exactly what needs to be done and how to get it done. Scott Roberts goes above and beyond to make sure families have what they need when dealing with the difficult news of cancer.

High 5: Cupcakes for an incredible cause

Oct 6th - 7:40am

She bakes thousands of cakes and cupcakes every year for kids who deserve nothing more than a treat and a smile. Kerstin James with Icing Smiles is baking a difference.

High 5: Volunteer helps bring Olympus theatre to life

Oct 5th - 8:02am

She works behind the scenes but without Dawna Rasmussen the show would never go on at Olympus High School. Her incredible work with costumes is certainly deserving of a KSL Today High 5.

High 5: Mascot Miracles delivers big smiles to sick kids

Oct 3rd - 8:04am

It's difficult finding a reason to smile when you're a child with a disabling illness. One Utah foundation is trying to give kids that reason to be happy and forget about their sickness, even if it is for a brief moment.

High 5: Tornado cleanup volunteers won't quit until the job is done

Sep 29th - 10:11am

They've been at it for just about a week straight but the volunteers cleaning up the damage from Thursday's tornado say they won't quit until the work is done and their community is rebuilt. That's why we felt they deserved a KSL Today High 5.

High 5: Volunteer gives people in a hard spot a soft landing

Sep 27th - 9:10am

She's so busy helping the homeless we had a hard time catching up with Becky Pickle to deliver a much-deserved KSL Today High 5.

High 5: School volunteer accepts payment in hugs

Sep 22nd - 9:02am

A fixture at Orchard Hills Elementary School for the past four years, but you better not call her by her first name. The students refer to Donna Baller as "Nana" a fitting name for a woman deserving of a KSL Today High 5.

High 5: The world's strongest woman delivers a strong message

Sep 20th - 8:24am

A Utah woman just won a competition that crowned her as the strongest woman in the world. It's the work she does out of the gym, however, that makes her most deserving of a KSL Today High 5.

High 5: Big Brothers Big Sisters mentor making a huge difference

Sep 16th - 7:31am

Sometimes the mentors come and go at the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah. But one woman remains faithful and she's had a huge impact on one young life. So we decided to give her a KSL Today High 5.

High 5: IHOP customer's small gesture bringing big smiles

Sep 15th - 7:21am

It's a fairly simple gesture but one this IHOP customer makes almost every time he eats at the restaurant, which happens to be a lot. We're saluting him with a KSL Today High 5.

A KSL High 5 for a woman dedicated to serving others

Sep 9th - 9:10am

Whether it's organizing a food drive to feed more than 100,000 people or creating a domestic violence program to help victims nationwide, a Utah woman is certainly deserving of a KSL Today High 5.

A Utah boy gets a KSL High 5 for his life-saving actions

Sep 6th - 9:38am

He discovered a child drowning in a pool and that's when he sprang into action to save the little one's life. That makes this Utah boy very deserving of a KSL Today High 5.

High 5: A lemonade stand for Dallas Police

Aug 26th - 11:38am

Two little boys with heavy hearts decided to take action after 11 officers were ambushed in Dallas. Their efforts are very worth of a KSL Today High 5.

High Five: Saluting a Special Olympics Champion

Aug 26th - 11:01am

Her volunteer effort began out of love for her son who was a Special Olympian. Now she's helping dozens of athletes at a time prepare for the games.

High 5: It's cool to be a law enforcement officer

Aug 24th - 9:17am

It's pretty cool to be a law enforcement officer. A Weber County Sheriff's Deputy taught a young birthday boy and his friends that lesson and now he's getting a High 5 from KSL Today.

KSL Today surprises elementary school with bus-load of supplies

Aug 23rd - 8:35am

KSL Today delivered its biggest High 5 yet, a bus-load of supplies for a needy Utah school.