High 5: Kids raise money for Somalian children

By Alex Boye  |  Posted Sep 23rd, 2011 @ 11:20am


SALT LAKE CITY -- Two Utah kids were so concerned about children suffering in Somalia that they held a yard sale to raise money for the cause.

The effort won Dylan and Sasha Bills a KSL High 5. Their mother, Amy, nominated them for the honor.

She says at first the two wanted to send the Somalian children toys, ski coats and big jugs of water. But she taught them that what they really need is vaccines, portable toilets, food, water, and a safe passage zone to supplies - all of which takes money.

So they decided to sell their toys and give the money to foundations to help.

The children posted an ad and held a yard sale last month, giving up things like skis, boots, snowboards, furniture, books and DVDs.

They donated all the money to Save the Children and the Gates Foundation for the Somali Famine.

As a thank you, Dylan and Sasha received a gift basket from our High 5 sponsors, Les Schwab.

If you know someone who deserves a High 5, nominate them here.

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