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KSL Today team gets dunked for Wednesday's Child

Aug 24th - 9:37am

Wednesday's Child: KSL joined the cause raising money to find good, permanent homes for children now in Utah's Foster Care System. Think Lori Prichard, Grant Weyman and Brittany Copeland in the dunk tank.

Self defense: Another lesson for kids headed back to school

Aug 23rd - 8:51am

Krav Maga shows off some key concepts in self defense, particularly for Utah kids headed back to school.

Utah teacher goes to space camp

Aug 22nd - 3:21pm

It's one of the busiest spots to snap a selfie in Rio

Aug 19th - 9:55am

Expect to wait in a long line if you're planning to get a picture at this now-iconic spot in Rio de Janeiro.

Test it Tuesday: Swedish Fish Oreos versus Deep Fried Twinkies

Aug 16th - 8:15am

It's all about the junk food on this Test it Tuesday. We decided to try newly released Deep Fried Twinkies and put them up against Swedish Fish Oreos.

Test it Tuesday: We're trying out new flavors of Lay's Potato Chips

Aug 16th - 8:09am

From Indian Tikka Masala to Chinese Szechuan Chicken, we put new flavors of Lay's Potato Chips to the taste test.

KSL Today's Andrew Wittenberg stumbles into Matthew McConaughey in Rio

Aug 15th - 11:05am

KSL Today's Andrew Wittenberg went to check out golf in the Summer Games for the first time since 1904. It turns out, someone else was excited about the event too. So Andrew chatted with Matthew McConaughey.

Brittany Copeland takes the highway to the danger zone with Utah Motorsports

Aug 11th - 12:46pm

Are you looking for something fun and fast to do this weekend? How about visiting Utah Motorsports Campus to see some exotic supercars up close and personal.

Brittany Copeland hangs out with some furry friends at the Utah Animal Adoption Center

Aug 10th - 1:30pm

If you've been thinking about bringing in a new furry family member the Utah Animal Adoption Center is hoping this weekends Furry Fiesta will put you over the edge.