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Inversion fact or fiction

Jan 19th - 1:17pm

Can we separate fact from fiction when it comes to the air we breathe?

2017 tech toys you can get now

Jan 12th - 2:45pm

Big stars coming to Salt Lake Comic Con FanX

Jan 11th - 3:31pm

Dan Farr tells us who you can expect to meet at the year's FanX.

Utah companies at CES: Fireflies

Jan 11th - 3:15pm

Truly wireless earbuds that still offer stereo-quality sound.

Utah companies at CES: Vivint

Jan 10th - 1:13pm

Technology to turn your home into a smart home.

Geek movies of 2017

Jan 10th - 12:57pm

Utah companies at CES: Veristride

Jan 9th - 5:47pm

Sensor technology that helps medical professionals track a patient's progress, giving them the data they need to promote healing.

Utah companies at CES: Xavier

Jan 9th - 5:39pm

Charge, transfer and stream with one cable.

Utah companies at CES: Vaporsens

Jan 9th - 5:15pm

A sensor developed to help law enforcement and people in their own homes detect the vapors from dangerous chemicals.

Utah companies at CES: Picocluster

Jan 9th - 5:10pm

PicoCluster is a new kind of computer! Affordable, flexible, Fun! Helping our next generation learn and grow with technology anyone can afford.

Utah companies at CES: MySmartBlinds

Jan 9th - 5:08pm

Turn your blinds into smart blinds you can control from your smartphone.

Utah companies at CES: MyLIFTER

Jan 9th - 5:04pm

Multi-Purpose Ceiling Lifts, all controlled with your smartphone. Get your bikes, kayaks, boxes and more off the floor of your garage.

Utah companies at CES: GoPlug Bags

Jan 9th - 4:59pm

Anything you can plug into a wall can be plugged into the GoPlug SMART Power Bank. Power or charge laptops, video projectors, tablets, phones, camera batteries, and much more-- all at the same time.

Utah companies at CES: Crazybaby

Jan 9th - 4:49pm

Levitating speakers. Yes, levitating. You gotta see it to believe it.

Utah companies at CES: Lifespan

Jan 9th - 3:59pm

New Year New Skills

Jan 9th - 12:36pm

A look ahead to CES tech

Jan 4th - 2:24pm