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Gay marriage is legal but not on tribal lands

Felicia Fonseca, Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 27th - 11:40am

Cleo Pablo married her longtime partner when gay weddings became legal in Arizona and looked forward to the day when her wife and their children could move into her home in the small Native American community outside Phoenix where she grew up.

2 arrested at Vegas airport for outburst at airline agent

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 27th - 11:10am

Police say two men were arrested at Las Vegas' McCarran International Airport on Friday for yelling at ticket agents after missing a flight.

Brief bandits: drug-related underwear thefts on the rise

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 27th - 11:10am

Virginia authorities say they have noticed a rise in people trying to steal underwear in order to earn money to buy drugs.

Police say man in Mississippi Waffle House kills employee

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 27th - 11:10am

Police in Biloxi say they have arrested a man who shot and killed a woman at a Waffle House restaurant after she asked him not to smoke.

Former Virginia House speaker, Norfolk treasurer dies at 87

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 27th - 11:10am

A former speaker of the Virginia House of Delegates whose political career spanned decades has died.

EXCHANGE: Highland art teachers exhibit works on campus

Susan Vela-Standard, Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 27th - 11:00am

Visual arts students at Highland Community College have a chance to judge their teachers' work for the next month.

Las Vegas police: 3 hospitalized after stabbing

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 27th - 11:00am

Police say three people have been hospitalized after they were stabbed early Friday at a party in southwest Las Vegas.

Crabapple trees to be removed from front of Boise Art Museum

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 27th - 10:41am

The Boise Art Museum says seven crabapple trees obscuring the scene in front of the museum's facade and inhibiting outdoor seating and art placement must be removed.

Power restored to all 10 days after Washington windstorm

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 27th - 10:32am

Power has been restored to everyone in the Spokane, Washington, area who was left in the dark by a massive windstorm more than a week earlier.

More than 130 Los Angeles families relocated due to gas leak

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 27th - 10:30am

More than 130 families have been temporarily relocated from a Los Angeles neighborhood due to a leak at a massive natural gas storage facility that's causing a sickening stench.

Witnesses in case against polygamous towns revealed

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 27th - 10:30am

Witnesses set to testify in a civil rights lawsuit against polygamous towns on the Arizona-Utah line include a former bodyguard for Warren Jeffs, an ex-wife of a polygamous leader and a onetime chief of police.

Author rejects claim that records release threatens funding

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 27th - 10:30am

The attorney for "Into the Wild" author Jon Krakauer says state officials must disclose the disciplinary records of a former quarterback accused of rape for the public to understand what the University of Montana is doing to protect students from sexual assault.

Community college students, union call for president's exit

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 27th - 10:30am

Students and staff at a Rochester community college are calling for the school's president to leave, citing excessive expenses for the school's recent centennial celebration as the latest example of her mismanagement.

Mason City church's wellness programs take holistic approach

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 27th - 10:20am

A Mason City church that began its health ministry nearly 20 years ago now offers many wellness programs, including yoga, centering prayer and healing touch.

The Latest: 2nd body found after North Texas floods

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 27th - 10:11am

The Latest on severe weather hitting parts of the U.S. on Black Friday (all times local):

Feds extend comment period on plan to close areas to mining

Keith Ridler, Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 27th - 10:10am

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management has extended the public comment period on the agency's plan to withdraw 10 million acres of public lands in six western states from potential mineral extraction to protect habitat for the greater sage grouse.

Fire marshal: Seeping water caused radioactive dump blast

Ken Ritter, Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 27th - 9:50am

Rainwater seeping into corroded 1970s-era barrels buried at a radioactive waste dump caused an explosion last month at the long-closed facility about 110 miles northwest of Las Vegas, Nevada's top fire investigator said.

Chicago man, 27, charged in fatal shooting of 9-year-old

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 27th - 9:50am

Chicago Police say a 27-year-old man has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder in the fatal shooting this month of a 9-year-old boy on the city's South Side.

New normal: US police respond to harsh reality of extremism

Tom Hays, Associated Press  |  Posted  Nov 27th - 9:11am

After the Columbine High School massacre in 1999 and the Mumbai attack in 2008, police departments across the United States adopted a new mindset on how to deal with what they call "active shooter" incidents in which people are trapped in restaurants, theaters or other soft targets.