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Memphis schools appeal charter revocation

The Associated Press  |  Posted  May 6th - 4:00am

Two charter school operators are appealing the Shelby County Schools board's revocation of their charters.

Lawyers, judge to discuss slayings of young Muslims

The Associated Press  |  Posted  May 6th - 3:50am

Attorneys in North Carolina are scheduled to meet with a judge to discuss the case of a man accused of killing a Muslim couple and one of their relatives.

Teen accused of shooting Phoenix student charged as adult

The Associated Press  |  Posted  May 6th - 3:40am

A teenager accused of shooting and wounding a high school student in Phoenix has been charged as an adult.

Alaska schools can make own rules on transgender athletes

The Associated Press  |  Posted  May 6th - 3:40am

Alaska's governing body for high school activities says it's leaving it up to schools to decide which teams transgender students can compete on.

Board terminates contract of Michigan school's president

The Associated Press  |  Posted  May 6th - 3:30am

The board of a college in southwestern Michigan has voted to terminate the contract of the school's new president because of unapproved spending and improper management.

Fairbanks woman named state's top secondary school principal

The Associated Press  |  Posted  May 6th - 3:30am

A Fairbanks principal has been named Alaska Secondary School Principal of the Year.

More than 700 to graduate at Mississippi College ceremonies

The Associated Press  |  Posted  May 6th - 2:40am

The leader of the Mississippi Baptist Convention will keynote Mississippi College's commencement Saturday.

LA's Getty museum recreates China's Cave Temples of Dunhuang

John Rogers, Associated Press  |  Posted  May 6th - 2:00am

For a thousand years China's Cave Temples of Dunhuang were a popular traveler's rest stop, marketplace and religious shrine on the fabled Silk Road. Now they are coming to Los Angeles, both in spirit and reality.

In California, couple's return to meat sparks vegan uproar

Christine Armario, Associated Press  |  Posted  May 6th - 1:41am

At the Cafe Gratitude restaurant chain in California, waiters serve plates of vegan rice bowls, vegetable pizzas and tempeh sandwiches with names such as "Gracious," ''Warm-Hearted" and "Magical."

NY school poised for deep clean after students get norovirus

The Associated Press  |  Posted  May 6th - 1:40am

Officials say a Long Island high school has been cleaned and disinfected after several students who recently returned from a trip to Spain contracted norovirus.

Treasure hunter's disappearance still a mystery after months

Susan Montoya Bryan, Associated Press  |  Posted  May 6th - 1:40am

Fixated on computer screens and video monitors, an army of volunteers scattered across the country has been painstakingly reviewing hundreds of images and hours of footage recorded over the last four months, desperately hoping to find a single clue to the whereabouts of missing treasure hunter Randy Bilyeu.

Boy, 14, denies charge after slew of threats to Ohio schools

The Associated Press  |  Posted  May 6th - 1:30am

A 14-year-old boy in juvenile court has denied a charge of inducing panic after a slew of recent bomb threats in a southwest Ohio school district.

Judge to consider timing of Trump University trial

Elliot Spagat, Associated Press  |  Posted  May 6th - 1:11am

U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel has said he wanted a trial by the middle of this year in a federal class-action lawsuit against Donald Trump by students of Trump University who say they were defrauded. That was before the real estate mogul appeared headed for the Republican presidential nomination.

Quotations in the News

The Associated Press  |  Posted  May 6th - 1:10am

Truck driver Stephen Onyango, after his wife, 24-year-old Elizabeth Night Odhiambo, was found alive in the rubble of an apartment building that collapsed six days ago in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi.

US Army helps set up base camps on Alaska's Denali

Mark Thiessen, Associated Press  |  Posted  May 6th - 12:50am

Three U.S. Army Chinook helicopters the size of city buses ascend higher and higher in the Alaska Range, following the 44-mile long Kahiltna Glacier, which from above resembles a frozen, mile-wide white ribbon of ice cutting through craggy mountains.

Triplets born prematurely set to graduate at top of class

The Associated Press  |  Posted  May 6th - 12:30am

Triplets born 15 weeks premature in 1997 are set to graduate at their top of their class at a western Michigan high school.

Detroit students attend construction career event in Howell

The Associated Press  |  Posted  May 6th - 12:20am

Students from Detroit are attending the 2016 Michigan Construction Career Days event in Howell to work with those in the industry and learn about careers.

Michigan State senior puts parking tickets on graduation cap

The Associated Press  |  Posted  May 6th - 12:10am

A graduating senior at Michigan State University has used parking tickets to decorate her green graduation cap in the form of a Spartan block "S."

Toxic mold shuts down Oregon City fire station

The Associated Press  |  Posted  May 6th - 12:10am

A Clackamas County fire station has closed down after toxic mold was found inside the facility, forcing firefighters to temporarily relocate.