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Governor reviewing probation, parole system after errors

Michelle L. Price, Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 11th - 1:31pm

Utah's governor announced Thursday that his office is reviewing the state's probation and parole system after two men walked away from a state-run treatment center and later had violent encounters with police, including an officer's fatal shooting.

Connecticut officials announce Zika virus response plan

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 11th - 1:31pm

Connecticut officials have prepared a plan to respond to the Zika virus that includes in-state testing for the virus, monitoring mosquitoes and public education on how to avoid infection.

Augusta education board approves medical marijuana policy

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 11th - 1:31pm

The Augusta Board of Education has approved a policy that would allow students to use medical marijuana to manage various medical conditions.

Senate panel approves transgender student bathroom bill

James Nord, Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 11th - 1:31pm

A bill limiting transgender students' use of bathrooms and locker rooms is headed to the full Senate against the urging of transgender people who testified, some clergy members and advocacy groups.

US airstrikes target Islamic State in Afghanistan

Lolita C. Baldor, Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 11th - 1:31pm

U.S. officials say there have been about 20 airstrikes against Islamic State militants in eastern Afghanistan in the past three weeks, as the U.S. expands its fight against the insurgent group beyond Iraq and Syria.

Slain Maryland deputies were fathers, veterans of the force

Juliet Linderman, Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 11th - 1:31pm

In an emotional address, the Harford County sheriff identified two deputies who were fatally shot in the line of duty, marking the first such tragedy in the small suburban county since 1899.

Official unsure of where of Iran's enriched uranium stored

Richard Lardner, Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 11th - 1:22pm

A State Department official told lawmakers Thursday he was unsure of the precise location of tons of low-enriched uranium shipped out of Iran on a Russian vessel as part of the landmark nuclear agreement.

Aunt of teen accused in slaying charged with supplying gun

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 11th - 1:20pm

Federal prosecutors say a Chicago woman has been indicted on charges that she supplied her 14-year-old niece with the handgun the girl allegedly used to kill another teen during an argument over a boy.

Virginia school district nixes video on race after criticism

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 11th - 1:20pm

A school district in Virginia has decided not to use a video about race and affirmative action after it made students uncomfortable and drew criticism from parents who called it "white guilt."

Dems seek drug abuse funds as election-year issue sharpens

Alan Fram, Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 11th - 1:10pm

Democrats on Thursday called for hundreds of millions in emergency spending to fight drug abuse but ran into Republican resistance as another health issue began spiraling into an election-year showdown between the parties.

NY Gov: Let teens get HIV treatment without parental OK

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 11th - 1:10pm

Teens in New York don't need their parent's consent before seeking treatment for most sexually transmitted diseases. Gov. Andrew Cuomo says it's time to change the law so that HIV infections are treated the same way.

CDC ships Zika test for pregnant women; Puerto Rico at risk

Lauran Neergaard, Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 11th - 1:10pm

The government is shipping Zika virus tests for pregnant women to health departments around the country, but warning there could be temporary shortages, as travelers try to tell if they returned with an infection that could put a developing baby at risk.

Lawsuit: Glenarden principal was warned about teacher's aide

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 11th - 1:10pm

A lawsuit filed against Prince George's County Public Schools claims that the predatory behavior of a volunteer, who is now facing criminal charges, was known by students and teachers and even reported to the school's principal.

LePage says he will appoint himself education commissioner

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 11th - 1:00pm

Maine Gov. Paul LePage plans to name himself as the state's education commissioner to avoid confirmation hearings for his choice to head the department.

NYPD has used cell tracking technology 1,000 times since '08

Colleen Long, Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 11th - 1:00pm

The New York Police Department has used secretive cellphone tracking technology more than 1,000 times since 2008, according to data released Thursday by the New York Civil Liberties Union.

Suspect in shooting near school has previous gun convictions

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 11th - 1:00pm

A 21-year-old western Michigan man charged with wounding three people in a shooting outside a high school basketball game has had previous weapons convictions.

Plane lands safely in Los Angeles after declaring emergency

The Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 11th - 1:00pm

An American Airlines plane with a mechanical problem landed safely Thursday after declaring an emergency and diverting to Los Angeles International Airport.

US urges China-Taiwan talks amid uncertainty after election

Matthew Pennington, Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 11th - 1:00pm

The Obama administration is urging China and Taiwan to maintain dialogue amid concern that the election of an independence-leaning party on the island could heighten tensions in one of Asia's security hotspots.


House report says EPA knew mine spill was possible

Matthew Brown and Dan Elliott, Associated Press  |  Posted  Feb 11th - 12:57pm

A probe of a mine waste accident in Colorado that fouled rivers in three states with arsenic, lead and other toxic substances has found further evidence that government workers knew a spill from the gold mine was possible, according to documents released Thursday by a U.S. House committee.