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Gunnison inmate pleads guilty to killing cellmate

By PaulNelson at 05/02/2016 6:03 pm         
The inmate accused in the 2013 killing will not go to trial after Steven Crutcher made a conditional guilty plea today.

Eagle Mountain mother claims rope on school playground nearly killed her son

By PaulNelson at 05/02/2016 5:57 pm         
An Eagle Mountain mother and educators in the Jordan School District are pleading with people not to alter playground equipment. This happens after that mother says her son was almost accidentally hanged on a piece of rope.

USU Researchers win grant to launch new rocket fuel.

By BriannaBodilyKSL at 05/02/2016 5:43 pm         
A group of Utah State University researchers are hoping a 200 thousand dollar NASA grant will get their new rocket fuel prototype off the ground. KSL Newsradio’s Brianna Bodily has the story.

Wind tosses rocks into cars; trees toppled

By kslmrichards at 05/02/2016 6:46 am         
One man is talking about his near-death experience, and the mayor of North Ogden says the whole community rallied behind the cleanup. (pic from North Ogden Mayor Brent Taylor Facebook page)

Supreme Court ruling could lead to a lot more cyber spying

By kslcleon at 04/29/2016 6:19 pm         
Scott Seeger and Tim Hughes spoke with UVU cyber security program director Robert Jorgensen about a recent ruling that could possibly allow the FBI to check many computers with just one warrant.

Some Utahns need to get ready for a windy weekend

By kslcleon at 04/29/2016 5:32 pm         
KSL meteorologist says Kevin Eubank tells Utah's Afternoon news that people in Davis County and points north need to get ready for very strong winds that could knock over trees and carry away trampolines. (Photo Courtesy Casadee Lynne.)

One man dead and one in custody after stabbing in Smithfield

By BriannaBodilyKSL at 04/29/2016 12:19 am         

State officials explain their efforts to stop rising number of opioid deaths

By PaulNelson at 04/28/2016 6:36 pm         
Officials say they're taking big steps to fight the number of overdose deaths from opioid prescriptions and heroin. But, they say this is a problem they can't tackle without the public's help.

"Big T" finally takes his Nat. Champ team to the White House

By kslcleon at 04/28/2016 6:00 pm         
Former Jazzman Thurl Bailey and his 1983 N.C. State team never made it to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue after winning the national championship. But with a little help from Sen. Orrin Hatch and a letter to President Obama, the team will finally get make it to the White House. (Photo Courtesy Deseret News)

"Big T" is finally headed to the White House with his N.C. State Nat. Championship Team

By kslcleon at 04/28/2016 5:47 pm         
Former Jazzman Thurl Bailey and his college team never made to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue after winning college basketball's biggest prize in 1983. But after a letter, to President Obama, the whole team is headed to the White House on May 9th. Cleon Wall spoke with Bailey about his letter and what gave him hope that it would happen. (Photo courtesy: Deseret News)