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Woman drowns in swift-moving stream through Tanner Park

By DanBKSL at 04/23/2017 8:43 pm         
A 58-year-old woman drowned in Tanner Park Sunday evening when she entered the swift-moving stream trying to rescue her dogs.

Hundreds march in support of science

By DanBKSL at 04/22/2017 6:26 pm         
Hundreds of scientists and their supporters joined a march in Salt Lake City Saturday afternoon.

Bernie Sanders rallies to support the Democratic Party in Utah

By PaulNelson at 04/21/2017 7:00 pm         
The Senator from Vermont visited with top leadership from the DNC, saying Democrats can win in Utah. But, the party will be making some changes to how it reaches out to certain states. (Photo Credit: Laura Seitz, Deseret News)

Smart speaks out on Tennessee kidnapping

By kslcleon at 04/21/2017 6:15 pm         
Ed Smart, the father of former kidnapping victim Elizabeth Smart, said no one should think that a Tennessee teen found in northern California with her former teacher is not a victim. (Photo: Nicole Boliaux/Deseret News)

Rock on Hayward, Jazz

By kslcleon at 04/21/2017 5:40 pm         
Deseret News columnist Brad Rock joins Jeff Caplan's Afternoon News prior to game 3 of the Jazz/Clippers NBA Playoff series to talk about why he feels that Gordon Hayward needs to play up to his All-Star status in this series and if the Jazz should use "Hack-a-DeAndre" in close games. (Photo: Jeffrey Allred/Deseret News)

Two ski resorts taking advantage of late snowstorms

By kslpetersamore at 04/21/2017 12:23 pm         
This week’s storms have been blessings to Utah skiers and snowboarders taking advantage of two resorts able to stay open just a bit longer.

Jon Huntsman Sr furious over firing at HCI

By kslmrichards at 04/21/2017 11:50 am         
Jon Huntsman, Sr. was audibly upset as he defended Dr. Mary Beckerle's leadership of the Huntsman Cancer Institute -- and he had strong words for the decision by the University of Utah.

Deputies bust suspected cross-country sexual predator in Provo

By kslpetersamore at 04/21/2017 6:30 am         
A California man was on a cross-country trip to have sex with underage girls, until he got to Provo. That’s where authorities also say they captured him.

Poll: McMullin beats Sen. Hatch in head-to-head matchup

By kslpetersamore at 04/21/2017 6:28 am         
The poll has the former independent presidential candidate besting the incumbent senator by four points, which is also the margin of error. More on the story:

Utahns have playoff fever for first time in 5 years

By kslmrichards at 04/21/2017 6:14 am         
Jazz fever is alive and well in Utah as fans celebrate the team's first playoff appearance since 2012.